How to Transfer Data to a New Xbox 360 Hard Drive

Transferring Data Between Xbox 360 Hard Drives Is Easy

If you have bought a replacement Xbox 360 system or got yourself a bigger hard drive, it’s important to transfer data from your old drive into the new drive.

It’s a quite easy and necessarily quick process and will transfer all your music, saves, videos downloaded games, achievements or Gamertags to your new hard drive.

Xbox 360 Hard Drive Replacement

transfer data to xbox 360

A Microsoft offered special transfer cable is required to transfer the data between the old drive of Xbox 360 to new hard drive.The cables are bought separately and aren’t expensive.You can also borrow the cable from your friends if they have it, but it should be of the

Important: Only the official hard drive and cables will perform better for your Xbox any third party drives may come up with backward compatibility or may not be properly formatted.

Updating the Xbox 360 Software

Must update your Xbox 360 software before your start transfer by connecting Xbox live on the internet.

1) From the controller select the button “Guide”.
2) Select System Setting from the Settings.
3) Now select Network Settings.
4) Choose “Wired Network” or the name of your wireless if asked.
5) Select Test Xbox Live Connections
6) Select Yes to update the console software while asked.

Note: In PC there is Disk Management tool for formatting the drive but in Xbox there are other ways see below.

How to Transfer Data From Old Hard To New Hard Drive

If you still didn’t then get yourself a Best External Hard Drive now.

1) Either your console is old or you are transforming it to the new just turn it off.
2) Remove the old hard drive from your Console Xbox and get a new external hard drive.
3) Now replace the hard drive which is new on the console, In case of brand new system forget this step.
4) On the destination console hard drive plugin the transfer cable and connect it with old hard drive data transferring from.
5) Now turn on the system and you will see a pop-up message asking you if you want to transfer data.
6) Now select “Yes, transfer to console.”
7) Choose Start
8) Upon the transfer completion, just disconnect the data cable and the old hard drive from the system.

Depending upon the quantity of your data this process can take several hours, so be patient. When you are finished with the transfer, simply sign in to Xbox Live.

It’s a one-way and one-time process. You only can transfer the data from the smaller hard to a larger hard. Having a 32GB of data can be transferred through a USB flash drive from one system to another.

Content License

If you are transferring the data onto a brand new system, not just on the new hard drive, it’s important for you to perform a content license transfer to be able to play easily downloaded games on your new system. But if you just swapped the hard drives, not the complete system, forget about the license. But if you didn’t perform a License while you did transfer to a new system then you might only be able to play the downloaded games only while you are connected with Xbox Live through internet only. Offline doesn’t work without a license, Follow along with these steps for transferring the content license.

1) Using the same purchased Gamertag sing into Xbox Live
2) Pick “Account” from the Settings
3) Get to “Your Billing Options” and choose “License Transfer”
4) Now keep following the onscreen prompts to complete the transfer License.

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How to Transfer Data to a New Xbox 360 Hard Drive


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