What is Disk Management Detailed overview

What is Disk Management ? Disk Management is an extension by Microsoft Management Consoles which allows the full disk-based hardware management by windows.It’s used for managing the drives installed on the computer, drives like flash drives, optical disk drives, hard drives external or internal.

Also to perform the process on the drives like format the drives, partition drives, assigning letters to the drives and much more. Read it as Disk or Disc the meaning is the same. But don’t mix up Disk management with device manager both are different.

What is Disk Management

What is Disk Management

How To Open Disk Management

The popular way of accessing the disk management is by Computer management Utility, or open the command prompt and type diskmgmt.msc to execute Disk Management.

How To Use Disk Management

There are two main sections in Disk Management a bottom and a top.

In the top section, there is a list of all the partitions, either formatted or not formatted, that window has recognized.
Disk Management’s bottom section contains a graphical representation of the physical drives currently installed on the computer.

By using these section you can perform certain actions on the drives and partitions which will become available and unavailable to windows and also configures them for able to use by windows in many ways.

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These are some common processes or things you are allowed to do in Disk Management

  • Partition a Drive
  • Format a Drive
  • Changing Drive’s letters
  • Shrink a Partition
  • Delete a Partition
  • Change File System of drive

Disk Management Availability

In Microsoft Windows most versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 2000. While the DM(Disk Management) is available in the multiple version of Windows OS but you may occur with some Utility differences from windows to windows.

More Information About What is Disk Management

Like regular programs the Disk Management tools also have a graphical user interface, but functionality is similar to like in command line utility and replaced with dfisk utility.

To check free hard drive space and total storage capacity of all drives along how much space is occupied and how much is remaining, shown in units like GB and MB with percentage all this with Disk Management.

In windows 8 and Windows 10 you can create and attach virtual hard disk files with help of Disk Management. These single files act like hard drives which can be stored easily on the hard drive or on your best external hard drive. To create a virtual disk file with VHDX or VHD extension, use Action> Create VHD menu. Remaining is done through attach VHD option.

Disk Management Alternatives

You can perform similar tasks like Disk Management in some free disk partitioning tools and you would not need to even open the Microsoft tool at all. These tools are much easier to use than the Disk Management tool.

As a tool is MiniTool Partition Wizard Free, allows you to make a bunch of changes with your disks to see how the size will affect and apply the changed when you are satisfied.

With this tool using DoD 5220.22-M, you can wipe a partition or erase a complete disk, basically, it’s a data sanitization method and is not supported by the Windows Disk Management Tool.

This tool has nothing to deal with replacing a hard drive or anything etc.

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