What Is a Floppy Disk Drive?

The floppy drive is another kind of storage media which is basically computer hardware which read and write data to a small disk. It ranges from 3.5″ drive to 5.25″ drive.

It’s the first ever device used to transfer data between computers or take backups externally, from the late 1900s to the 21st century. But they have become obsolete today.

What Is a Floppy Disk Drive

What Is a Floppy Disk Drive

It’s mostly replaced by the portable devices or built-in computer hardware because the latest drives are capable to store much more data compared to floppy drives for longer times as well.

Like floppy drives, people had been using optical disk drive with CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays to store date.

There are different names of floppy disk like a floppy disk drive, floppy diskette, diskette drive and so on.

Floppy Drive

Floppy drives are still used but rarely as computer components, as they are obsolete and are replaced by flash drives which are much more inexpensive and larger in size plus some other portable media drives. But in new computer systems, they are not longer used as standard equipment.

Even they are not available to find easily. So using a floppy disk on a computer that comes with not one can be attached with an external one.

There are USB floppy disk drives available which you can use with a USB port like any removable storage drive, for example, USb drive or external hard drives.

Floppy Drive Description

Generally, the floppy drive is about 3.5″ and weighs less than a decks fo cards. Even external USb versions are larger in size compared to floppy disks themselves. From the front side, you can insert a disk and it also contains a button from where you can eject it.

The sides are pre-drilled already and there are threaded holes on the sides of the floppy drive allowing you to mount them in a 3.5-inch drive bay inside the system case. You can also mount it on a 5.25-inch drive bay using a 5.25-to-3.5 bracket.

The front side is outside while the backside goes inside the computer and the connections can be made for the connection. You can connect the drive with the motherboard and with power supply from the back side.

An external floppy drive allows certain connection using USB Type A connector. Power of an external floppy drive is taken from the USB connection.

Floppy Disks and New Drives Comparison

As mentioned earlier, the floppy disk is capable to hold a small amount of data compared with newer storage drives like external hard drives, SD cards, flash drives.

Floppy drives can store data from 1.44 MB which can hardly store a picture of an MP3 file. While on the other hand, 8 GB USB drive is capable to store 8,192 MB and can store 5,600 times more data than floppy drives.

What’s more on that is the 8GB is the minimum storage of flash drives. Because there are drives which can hold up to 512 GB as well as 1TB of data which proves that floppy drives are outdated.

Similarly, SD cards are not behind, they are the smallest memory cards we can use in phones, cameras, and tablets and are capable to hold as much as 512 GB data.

Most of the modern laptops and computers come with a disc drive for loading or burning software installation disc, Blur-ray movies, DVD videos. The CD has maximum capacity of 700 megabytes, DVD can hold about 4.7GB of data, Blue-ray Disc can manage about 128GB with a quadruple-layer disc.

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