What is a Flash Drive?

Flash drive also known as USB(Universal Serial Bus) drive is a small, ultra-portable storage device which is much smaller in size and doesn’t have any moving parts like hard drives and optical drives to store data.

What is a Flash Drive?

What is a Flash Drive

These drives can be connected with the computer using built-in USB Type-A plug, that makes it a USB and cable combination device. There are several names of these like thumb drives, pen drives, or jump drives. They are the one of this type so any other name like Solid state drive SSD is for larger USB-based storage devices.

How to Use Flash Drives

Using a flash drive is simple as you can insert the drive in any USB port of the computer, laptop or even Ipads. Like other drives when you connect the drive with the computer, you will get a notification screen on your computer that pops up immediately as you insert the drive in it. The window is similar to those you open daily for accessing your files.

Available Flash Drive Sizes

Flash Drives are available in different size capacities like 8Gb, 64GB. They hardly vary in size but storage capacities are available to even Terabytes.

Unlike the first flash drive of 8 MB today a USB 3.0 drive-by Kingston is of capacity 2TB which is 2048 GB.

Flash Drives use flash memory to store data where you can write and rewrite data unlimited times. They were introduced after the floppy disks to provide a means for portable storage and today they have replaced all the larger devices like CD, DVD< BD disc for data storage and have made the storage inexpensive.

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