WASD Keyboards V2 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Review

Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the WASD keyboards v2 custom mechanical keyboard now the cool thing about this is that you can pretty much customize this keyboard to be exactly the way that you like it and there’s a bunch of different ways you can do this so to start the video off we’re gonna just talk about how you can customize it and what options there are available.

WASD Keyboards V2 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Review

WASD Keyboards V2 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Review

The v2 is available in many varieties from 404 or hundred and five key ten keyless and 61 key layouts. From there you have the option of choosing one of any of the comments which type Cherry MX makes including the MX silent switch.

The only one they don’t carry is the Cherry MX speed and some of the more obscure switches next you can specify if you want them with or without rings installed. They offer two versions 0.2 millimeters and a point four-millimeter travel reduction.

You can also choose what kind of OS key you want where the v2 really starts to get interesting is the custom painting looking at my keyboard. You can obviously see that I designed it with the style of my channel WASD z’ custom printing allows you to literally put any image on the keyboard.

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You can think of combined that with being able to put any combination of their 21 different color key caps and you can really make some nice two-tone effects.

The resolution on the printing is very sharp the lines are nice and crisp and I think that the printing on this thing came out a fantastic one concern I do have is that because these images are printed onto the keys they’re subject to wear down over time.

However, the keys do appear to have a protective coating on them that should help the keys hold up for quite a while even though the custom aesthetics on the keyboard are the main selling point. I do want to go over the rest of the v-2 now included with this keyboard you also get a detachable USB cable you also get a ps2 to USB adapter which is nice because since this keyboard doesn’t use any extra software.

You can free up the USB slot by plugging this directly into the ps2 port you also get one of WASD keys very nice signature wired key cap pullers. Which I think is one of the best key cap pullers out there and I highly recommend it.

So you get a lot of really great extras with this keyboard the construction of the WASD V – feels nice and solid the keyboard is comprised of a metal backplate that’s housed in a plastic case to give you a truly blank slate in which to customize the casing itself is pretty plain as are the LED indicators like the WASD code which I also reviewed.

One of the coolest things about this keyboard is the dip switches located on the underside of the keyboard the dip switches allow you to toggle between different keyboard layouts such as Cole Mac Dvorak and QWERTY they also allow you to disable functions on the keyboard such as the Windows key.

For example, this is a great feature that gives you a lot of options on a single keyboard also on the underside of the keyboard are six rubberized pads and two rubberized extendable legs to ensure the keyboard stays firmly in place during use the keyboard also features a detachable USB cable which can be routed through either the left-right or Center of the keyboard.

Like I mentioned before the v-2 uses Cherry MX switches I chose to get mine in my favorite the Cherry MX brown here’s a quick sound test of the Cherry MX brown in the WASD V – okay so let’s talk about the negatives as you’ve probably already noticed the b2 is not a backlit keyboard the big trade-off here is the customizable printed key caps versus having backlighting.

It’s a bit of a compromise and it’s one that I can see most people probably had a pretty strong opinion about I also would have liked to have seen the inclusion of a USB pass-through and an included wrist rest although I don’t personally use them it is something I take into consideration when making reviews.

I think the v2 is very much a keyboard for typists professionals and keyboard enthusiasts the ability to switch this keyboard to more ergonomic layouts and the plethora of premium Cherry MX switch options makes this a keyboard perfect for those applications.

I definitely see this keyboard being more attractive for touch typists as well because the lack of backlighting would make typing in low-light situations more difficult now that said there’s no reason that you can’t use this keyboard for gaming as well after all Cherry MX switches are considered to be the industry standard for quality and are used in some of the best gaming keyboards out there.

Add to that the fact that you can customize the look of this thing to reflect your favorite game your in-game avatar or just about anything that suits you this makes the v2 a great option for anyone who wants a keyboard that’s truly unique the v2 retails for the 61 key.

So you’re not really gonna save very much money by getting a smaller keyboard so I would suggest just go with the layout that you like the best I think the price of the v2 is very fair when you consider the amount of work that goes into manufacturing a custom keyboard and all of the premium quality materials and switches.

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Well, that’s it for the video guys let me know in the comments below what you think about having a custom keyboard printed exactly to your liking and if you think it’s worth it.

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