Transcend’s new 8TB hard drive with Maximum Storage

Transcend 8TB Storejet 35T3 offers the 8GB drive with new recording technology with lowest price-per-GB on the market.

Right now there are two 8TB HDDs available Seagate Active Archive and the HGST Ultrastar He8. Both are expensive than the StoreJet 5T3 while the StoreJet brings the Seagate HDD in it’s enclosure.

Transcend’s new 8TB hard drive with Maximum Storage

Transcend’s new 8TB hard drive with Maximum Storage

You get fast transfer speeds with Transcend StoreJet with up to 200 MBps compared to 190MBps of Seagate. The StoreJet uses SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) to boots the capacity with layering data tracks in stacks. This is totally different than the PMR (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) where tracks are seperated by negative space.

Unfortunately, SMR drives don’t go well with random write data, that hinders Storejet’s potential for some extra storage for casual desktop users. This setback makes the Seagate Archive HDD a backup unit and a cheap deep storage option you can get in the industry-low with much less price of 3 cents-per-gigabyte.

Similarly, the enclosure, is the important feature of the rig, comes with a One Touch auto-backup button that allows you to take the backup of the user data instantly, thanks to the Transcend Elite data management software. Data is protected more with the AES-256 bit encryption.

The three-year warranty make the drive reliable as the longer it’s warranty is the more confident the brand is about the product. Consumers looking for higher space can get 3 and 4TB variants sporting the same enclosure.

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