Tomoko I-500 Gaming keyboard Review

It’s no secret that mechanical keyboards are expensive if you want to get something decent it’s going to cost you or is it I got my hands on a 10 keyless fully mechanical gaming keyboard that’s waterproof.

Tomoko I-500 Gaming keyboard Review

Tomoko I-500 Gaming Keyboard Review

Wait what I’m always on the lookout for new products to feature on this channel and when I came across the Tomoko I 500 mechanical gaming keyboard I knew I had to give it a shot the Tomoko I 500 mechanical keyboard is available on Amazon for only $37.99 I’ll leave a link in the description if you’re interested in checking this thing out this keyboard features an 87 key 10 keyless design with anti-ghosting and full key roll over this keyboard has a gold plated USB connector but unfortunately lacks a braided USB cable also included in the box is a small but useful key cap puller there are four good sized rubber pads to ensure this keyboard doesn’t slide around the desk during use as well as two extendable legs so you can adjust the height to your preference this keyboard has a metal backplate that’s right I said metal this keyboard features a top plateless design like that of course air the rest of the keyboard is comprised of ABS plastic it actually feels pretty solid the key caps are made out of laser engraved ABS that have a matte finish under the key cap is a cherry MX blue clone made by switch master I’d never heard of this manufacturer before and admittedly I had to look them up switch master is a relatively new manufacturer of clone mechanical switches I’ll admit I didn’t have very high hopes for this keyboard when I got it in the mail I immediately tested out the switches and it actually kind of blew me away they aren’t the best switches in the world but for 37 bucks they’re really good this switch has an actuation force of 60 grams although it does feel a little bit heavier than that compared to the Cherry MX blues 50 grams the switches are quite snappy and feel very satisfying to type on here’s a side by side sound test of the switch master blue and the Razer green in my Black Widow ex this is definitely a no-frills keyboard there’s no LED backlighting the key caps aren’t the best there’s no braided cable and it obviously lacks a 10 key but if you’re looking for a decent mechanical keyboard for dirt cheap I would absolutely recommend this keyboard maybe you want a mechanical keyboard that you can use with your gaming laptop or a mechanical keyboard that you can leave at work this keyboard is definitely cheap enough for situations like that ok guys so the last thing I want to do is show you that this keyboard is spill resistant so if you look at they actually have a picture of basically this same setup with the keyboard sitting on a glass with somebody pouring water on it you know that looks great for advertising but is it actually still going to really work so you’ll notice that there is some water in here and I actually tried this out once already and my laptop battery died because I have this keyboard running up to my laptop instead of my desktop because I’m just too chicken to have it hooked up to that and I don’t want it to short out and ruin my motherboard or something like that so we’re using the laptop so let’s go ahead and just give it a shot and I’m going to show you guys if it’s actually going to work so we’re going to take the glass and let’s just go ahead and pour a bunch of water on this thing all right now you can see the waters funneling down it has these three channels that it funnels all that water down into let’s see what’s going on here so it’s actually kind of freaking out right now the keyboard itself is it looks like it’s lost power there’s no lights on the caps lock I’m going to let it drain out because obviously if you actually did spill on your keyboard you would drain that thing out right away you wouldn’t just sit there and keep typing away on it so let’s see what happens here okay guys so at this point in the test I ran into a bit of a snag the keyboard did in fact power back on but my laptop was set to a pretty short sleep time I chose not to cut away and make this part shorter because I wanted you to see that this was in fact a real test if you don’t want to sit through the extra minute or so I take to wake up the laptop and open up Microsoft Word you can skip to the 6 minute 30-second mark alright so I’m gonna actually turn the camera and show you the screen on my laptop start a new document okay all right so let’s check it out so it does look like this keyboard is in fact still functioning properly you can see that the scroll lock and caps lock buttons are still powering on the way they should so overall I would call that a successful test it did have a bit of a restart it looked like where the lights 0urned off and it wasn’t functioning for a second and then I flipped it over drained it out and now it seems to be working perfectly I don’t see any keys that are not working so yeah I call that a successful test there you have it guys it looks like this keyboard did in fact hold up to not one but two back to back spill tests thanks to me not being prepared and charging my laptop I really did not expect this keyboard to survive.

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