SecretLab Titan Review Gaming Chair

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the secret lab Titan now the secret lab is a manufacturer of high-end gaming chairs and they’ve been making them for quite a while now they’ve just recently come into the US market.

Secretlab Titan Review



That said, Titan is one of their newest chairs now if you’re unfamiliar with them their philosophy has always kind of been that they provide higher quality products with less of the markup that typically goes with chairs and these types of peripherals and extras for PC setups.

So with that in mind, we’re going to be taking a look at this thing to see if it really does have the high-end features at a more reasonable price. Don’t forget to check the updated price for this product.

So with that let’s go ahead and just take a look at this thing one of secret labs newest premium gaming chairs the Titan is truly a chair designed for the taller and larger user. The Titans feature to allow it to provide optimal seating and comfort to users who are up to 135 centimeters or 6 foot 4 inches and weigh up to 130 kilograms or 297 pounds.

To accomplish this the Titan does away with the contoured sides of a more fitted chair creating 35% more area of the seat base the Titan also features larger casters and higher quality wheels to accommodate users of all sizes.

The Titan has a really nice built-in adjustable lumbar support there’s a knob on the right side of the chair that you can turn to either increase or decrease the amount of lumbar support. A nice plus here is that you don’t have to worry about keeping a pillow in just the right place like you do with a lot of other chairs.

The knob isn’t overly hard to adjust and it does provide an instantly noticeable difference in the amount of support that you have on your lumbar spine for added comfort.

The chair is padded with high-density foam that’s molded instead of being cut to form to the perfect shape. It certainly does the job it’s soft enough that it feels comfortable but dense enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s going to develop depressions over time.

The chair is wrapped in a liquid resistant 1.5-millimeter polyurethane, it’s nice and soft to the touch and gives you a real sense of luxury. One bonus of using this type of material over real leather is that it doesn’t require the upkeep that true leather does and not having to deal with any extra upkeep is definitely a plus in my book as you would expect with any high-end chair.

There’s a multi-tilt mechanism that provides a silky smooth rocking motion you can also recline the seat to be almost horizontal to the ground without tipping over.

You can also adjust the height of the chair thanks to the cloud-like pneumatic piston the armrests are adjustable in four different places these adjustments are easy to make on-the-fly with the different buttons located around the armrests.

If you haven’t noticed a pattern here yet basically any adjustment that you might need to make to this chair can be achieved in seconds without the use of tools which is a huge plus we’ve all seen these gaming chairs with the big neck pillow.

And while they all look super comfortable the Titan takes this to a whole nother level the pillow you get with the Titan is made of memory foam and comes wrapped in a very soft suede-like material there’s also a gold secret lab logo stitched in as well.

I really can’t stress enough how much this luxurious addition adds to the whole experience cosmetically the Titan looks really classy with the black leather and dark orange accent stitching all of the logos and branding are stitched in gold which in my opinion just adds to the ritzy factor.

However secret lab isn’t going to leave us without a little flair that many of us gamers like to have in our setups to add a little aggressiveness to the design the sides in the back of the seat are covered in a carbon fiber patterned leather assembly only takes about 20 minutes.

Secret lab includes a very easy to use instruction guide and provides all the necessary tools to get you up and running or rather sitting in no time a word of advice though you may want to have someone help you out in a few spots.

Because this chair is pretty heavy the Titan is available now only in pre-release for like I’ve said before when reviewing these expensive chairs this is a luxury item that’s going to be more worth it for some than others.

My advice to you guys is to upgrade your setup responsibly make sure you have your setup where you want it before going and buying something that costs way more than a decent upgrade to your system.

That said I can see this chair being a godsend for somebody who has back problems or is looking for some serious support and comfort the titan will certainly make you feel like a king just make sure you have the bankroll to match.

That’s really the only drawback for me the chair is spectacular and when you compare it to the price of other chairs on the market at least considering the current markdown price all the extra high-end features this chair brings definitely makes it one that’s worth taking a look at.

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