Seagate Innov8 Hard Drive with Biggest Capacity

If you are looking for a storage drive having higher storage space that you can easily fill it several games, movies and large files in your laptop or tablet and can take it along with your anytime anywhere. You need to get your hands on the Innov8, the biggest capacity external hard drive that allows you to store enormous amount of data and the compact design allows you to take it anywhere.

Seagate Innov8 Hard Drive with Biggest Capacity

Seagate Innov8 Hard Drive with Biggest Capacity

Most of the time external hard drives, large scale storage solutions and NAS drives require a hard-wire connection to a power socket. Those that don’t are more often than not restricted to fetch the remaining battery life.

Innov8 using the USb 3.1 can easily achieve 100w of power while connected with all other devices and power itself entirely from a single USB port to handle all data transfer requirements.

Using just a single cable, you can get the huge storage capacity device with whopping 8TB storage space that the biggest media collection will get for a photographer or videographer that is looking for extra backups.

But that’s not all, the Innov8 in the aluminum enclosure makes it easy to mount vertical, depending on the preference of the user. Consumer electronics can make Huge design, the enclosure is designed to reflect a bold image, whilst providing a large storage space functionality.

The seagate software comes with a Dashboard system that works on one-click, allows scheduled backups, on-demand and allows the consumers to save the copies of their data automatically and files as well as folders to better protect the data for the dearest digital creations.

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