Seagate could release the first 20TB hard drive by 2021

We are excited to let you know that Seagate is going go release their 20TB hard drive making it tough for other storage companies

They have introduced a relatively new technology which is known as Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) and it consists of minuscule laser made up of smaller than grain of salt and they can recording surface heat, and reduce the energy consumption to magnetize the components.

Seagate could release the first 20TB hard drive by 2020

Seagate could release the first 20TB hard drive by 2019

HAMR can be scaled and you can increase it’s density by 30 percent. It can keep two terabytes in a square inch which is twice the density of leading hard disks using the same Perpendicular Magnetic Recording technology.

While on the other hand, WD uses Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording which uses microwaves instead of lasers which makes it more efficient, reliable.

Seagate considers HAMR is revolutionalry and the company can easily surpass the rivals and the former expects to be fielding 40TB drives by 2023 or in 2025.

That said, both companies are going to maintain their spots in the technology and the projections are optimistic as well as realistic. Therefore, Western Digital are confident to push the limits on hard drive technology over the next few years and beyond.

WD still remains on the top but Seagate 16TB is has made the debut in 2018 so the competition are in fierce form making the clear lead.

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