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So for us, information, knowledge, and the ability to communicate and pass it on to others is incredibly important.

GMDrives $1000 ScholarShip Program

The entire team at GMdrives was fortunate enough to be able to attend 4-year universities. It’s our hope that we can help support others to pursue their dreams through higher education and life-long learning.

How to Enter

To enter for a chance to win the Gmdrives $1,000 scholarship please create a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) answering the following questions:

  • While you were growing up, what aspects of your home felt modern?
  • What technological trends do you think will most dramatically impact the way the modern home runs in the future?
  • What aspects of the home do you feel are most in need of modernization? Using current and / or near-future technology, how would you modernize it?

Please upload your video to YouTube and email at scholarship@gmdrives.com.

The winning video submission will be the video that best answers the above questions in the most interesting, entertaining, informative, creative, and engaging way. Below are a few other tips for your submission:

  • The video should be a maximum of 5 minutes long.
  • Video production quality counts. Don’t film on portrait (unless you have a good reason).
  • Don’t simply talk into a web cam or your cell phone for 5 minutes straight. Mix it up a bit with interesting elements, change shooting angles, and use creative graphics to help engage the viewer.
  • Don’t read off of an obvious script in front of you.
  • Make it fun!



To be eligible to win the Gmdrives scholarship applicants must be:

  • A currently enrolled high school (or home-schooled) senior planning on attending an accredited post-secondary institution in the US in the following year OR an undergraduate student currently enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution in the US
  • Anticipating completion of high school diploma at the time of this application (or already enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution in the US)
  • Grade point average of at least 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • US Citizen

The winner applicant must be able and willing to verify their acceptance or concurrent enrollment into the school of their choice. The winning applicant must also be able and willing to verify their grade point average, diploma (if necessary), and US citizenship status.

Applicants must not be:

  • Children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, or any other immediate family member relations to Gmdrives.com employees, officers, or owners

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the entry deadline?

July 15, 2019

How much is the scholarship?


How many scholarships are available?

One each year

How is the winner selected?

The winner is selected by the Gmdrives team. All entries will be evaluated based on the above criteria. The one entry that best completed the entry criteria will be awarded the scholarship.

How do I enter?

Complete the video based on the instructions above. Upload your video to YouTube. Email a link to your submission video to scholarship@gmdrives.com.

How will the scholarship be distributed?

Gmdrives will reach out to the winner’s school’s scholarship or financial aid departments. The scholarship funds will be transferred to your college or university, who will ultimately distribute them to the winner.

I have other questions, help!

Please contact us here.

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