SanDisk Ultra II 3d Solid State Drive 1TB Review

You may notice that there have been many of SSD deals to be had recently, but if you have not pulled the trigger out to purchase then we tell you about SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drive 1TB, another great one for you. This drive is similar to SanDisk ultra 3D. The SanDisk Ultra II has the sequential write speed of up to 525MB/s. The SanDisk Ultra II maxes out at 540MB/s. this drive is so much faster than a traditional hard drive that it had to pass up such an excellent price for a component that will jack up the responsiveness of your PC.

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SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drive 1TB Review








SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drive 1TB Review

he SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drive 1TB making it a great choice for laptops and it also works for in the desktops with the right bay or adapter. SanDisk loaded this drive with nCache 2.0 technology, which is supposed to optimize performance. It also has the SSD dashboard software to show how your drive is performing in real time.

Product description:

  • Sequential write speed 525MB/s
  • Sequential red speed 545MB/s
  • nCache 2.0 technology delivers enhanced speed and endurance
  • for better multitasking and workload management NCQ support manages queue length
  • limited 3 year warranty
  • random read/write speeds of up to 98K IOPS/80K IOPS
  • Accelerated performance for app response, faster boot and shut down.
  • SSD Dashboard and cloning software download

Product specification:

  • Hard drive capacity: 1TB
  • Storage drive type: SSD
  • Internal or external: internal
  • Desktop or laptop: Both
  • From factor: 2.5’
  • Interface: SATA
  • Security feature: None
  • Product height: 0.28’
  • Product width: 2.75’
  • Product weight: 1.92 ounces
  • Manufacture warranty: 3 years

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Get accelerated performance from the brand trusted by pros. Feature of ncache 2.0 technology, the SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drive 1TB deliver an enhanced speed and endurance with sequential write speed of up to 525MB/s and sequential read speed of up to 545MB/s, for very faster boot up, quick data transfer and load application in very short time. In addition to cooler and quicker computing, the SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drive 1TB includes the technology of proven shock and vibrate resistance to protect your drive. From the company that invent the SSD technology that makes it possible, the SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drive capsulate your performance to new level. SanDisk products are constructed to the highest standard. You can be confident in the outstanding performance, reliability and quality of every SanDisk product.

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