Review of the Epson ET2650

hi everybody I am going to do a review of my printer it is a new printer and is called an Epson 80 26:15 and I will go over some of the things I like about this printer and there’s nothing I don’t like about it but I just thought I would share how good of a printer this thing is all right let me turn the camera around this is the Epson 2650 ET 2650 I got it at the

Epson ET2650 Review

Epson ET2650 Review

what I liked about this is this is a printer and a scanner and copier and surprise it doesn’t have a cartridge you refill these buckets these containers with the bottles of ink it came with the ink it’s enough to last two years it says and the refill for the ink I mean I’ve had it since we sit I can zoom in on these levels here I’ve had this and I print it out a lot of stuff I’ve had it for a long time I’ve had it since the end of December so I guess about two months but I printed out a lot of stuff here’s the ink level of the black here’s the blue here’s the red and then the yellow and we printed out color sheets and all kinds of coloring sheets and all kinds of planners and a lot of stuff now this is a wireless printer so I can print from my telephone or from my computer or my laptop or other pickup and print from their phones to the computer that’s how you open it up and pull the it’s how you open it up and the printer the paper goes right back here right down in the back real easy and it’s worth every penny I spent on it now it’s easy and simple you just turn it on works off of Wi-Fi I’m going to print out this dietary needs checklist if you need something to keep up with your little ones nutrition let me know let’s give you the link okay so let’s see print thing pops up on my screen when it is getting ready to print and it gets you a little idea of what ink levels that you’re supposed to check it regularly it’s real easy to check just look on the side that’s it it prints out very nicely black and white color the colors are very vivid and true to the colors that I created them pretty much there’s gonna be some habit some difference I love this printer I highly recommend it do you have a favorite printer what’s your favorite printer let me know in the comments don’t forget to Like and subscribe thanks for watching bye

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