How Do I Replace the Memory (RAM) in My Computer?

If your RAM is facing a hardware failure then it’s important to replace Random Access Memory in your computer or desktop. Or you can increase your RAM by inserting more components of RAM memory to increase the speed of your operating system.

There’s a difference between the memory of RAM and hard drives. RAM manages the temporary read and writes needs while the hard drive stores data permanently which can be accessed anytime. While the data in RAM is erased when we turn off the computer.

How to Replace RAM

How to Replace RAM

In many computers, there are strict requirements for RAM and types for motherboard compatibility. Therefore, it’s important to know which RAM you need and what slots are available in your laptop or desktop. Before purchasing RAM head to the system manual you are going to use the RAM for.

How to Replace the RAM in a Computer

Replacing the RAM is a very simple process. First, make sure you bought the correct chips for your system and then simply open the computer or laptop case and insert the RAM in the required slots and remove the previous ones. Though the steps to replace RAM memory in desktop and laptops are different.

Overall, it’s a simple process which only requires a screwdriver and patience.

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