How To Repair Errors on a Hard Drive

Learn how to repair errors hard drive and how to check and keep your hard disk drive (HDD) errors free and healthy.

One of the many problems that can strike your PC is hard disk drive (HDD) errors. Our priceless data like Videos, photographs, music collection and critical documents are residing in the hard drive which we have collected over the years. Today you have to facility to store a duplicate copy of your entire data on the cloud to stay safe from hard drive problems.

While the best option is to always maintain your hard drive and keep it top-top to prevent the chance of losing your precious data before it gets stashed.

The HDD disk starts giving problem while it encounters logical errors. Having a logical error on the drive is unreadable and not writable are called bad sectors. A drive with a bad sector doesn’t mean it’s physically damaged and it can be repaired.

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How to repair a hard drive

How To Repair Errors on a Hard Drive

Always use the CHKDSK utility to keep your hard drive in good condition always. This program is responsible for checking disk and fixing drive errors as its name suggests its functionality. The logical errors are corrected and bad sectors are marked which the CHKDSK scans are not able to fix and moves the data to somewhere safe and at a healthy location on the hard drive. This tool is very handy but not operates automatically, users have to manually start it.

This CHDSK utility is for the PCs having hard drives, not for everyone. But if there is a solid-state-drive or SSD in your computer then you don’t need this utility.

If you by mistake run it, it won’t hurt, some people have reported that their system encountered problems with the utility. Regardless, the solid-state drives have their own built-in system to deal with all types of errors and they don’t need CHKDSK.

Over time with the new version of windows this process isn’t changed that much so feel free to use these steps in any version of windows you have. But below steps are given for Windows 10.

On the PC with Windows 10, you can check the errors by two methods. The very first method is by the disk error checking utility. Open a file explorer window by tapping Ctrl+E. Click on This PC option available at left-hand navigation and right click on your C drive or primary drive under the Devices and Drivers windows.

When the menu opens click on Properties, and a window will open select a Tools tab. At the top, there will be an option “This option will check the drive for file system errors”. Click the button labeled as Check.

Now you will see a next window gets appear. Which may say that windows could not find any errors, but still you can check your drive if you want. In that case, you have to click on Scan drive and it will start scanning.

You can also run the CHKDSK command from the command prompt. Unlike the older version of CHKDSK , there is no need to restart your PC to run the utility. To start to move on Start>Windows System and right click on the command prompt. The context menu will open and you have to select Run as Administrator. After that simply type the chkdsk and hit enter to run check disk utility. But keep in mind that this will only check
the disk errors do not fix any problems if anyone comes.

You can use switches to deal with problems. Switches are extra commands that the utility require to perform the extra task. The switches we will use are “/f” and “/r” to recover the readable information. Similarly, the command will be ” chkdsk /f /r ” don’t forget to give the spaces as
we have shown you. These are critical with command line utilities.

You can also run this command for multiple drives like C: and D:, then the command will be like ” chkdsk /f /r : D” again the spaces need to be taken care of. Now all you have to know about check disk utility has been explained, keep checking your drives health after each month.

In case your hard drive is making noise then this guide may be helpful for you.

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