RAZER Ornata Chroma VS Logitech G213 Prodigy

I really love that some of the bigger gaming companies are starting to see the value in developing more mid to entry-level products and with two of these products coming out within a very short timeframe of each other the Logitech G 2:13 prodigy and the razor Ornata and Ornata chroma.

Razer Ornata Chroma Review

RAZER Ornata Chroma VS Logitech G213 Prodigy

I thought it would be really fun to put these two keyboards head-to-head so let’s take a look and see how these two keyboards stack up both of these keyboards are made entirely of plastic keeping that in mind the razor or nada definitely feels like it has better overall materials and construction I found the g2 13 had a lot more flex during use than the or nada both keyboards have an almost identical desk footprint when the wrist rest is on the or nada of course as someone who doesn’t particularly like wrist rests I really like that the or nada gave you the option to use it with or without the wrist rest I found the inability to remove the wrist rest in the prodigy a bit of a disadvantage the or nada also has a padded wrist rest while the g2 13s is simply plastic both of these keyboards do have sixteen point eight million color RGB backlighting controlled by their company’s respective gaming softwares and both keyboards do have all of the secondary functions on the keys illuminated which is something that I always like to see but that’s where the similarities in the lighting ends the g2 13s RGB lighting is incredibly limited when compared to the or nada chroma which has perky illumination and after the addition of the exclusive new fire effect now has the most lighting options of any razor keyboard the g2 13 unfortunately does not have perky illumination but instead has five dedicated lighting zones and only a handful of lighting effects the quality of the LED lighting in both keyboards is pretty even however the keys in the g2 13 don’t illuminate as well as the or na’toth I don’t think this is an LED issue rather than the plastic used in the keys speaking of the keys the or nadas mid-height keys appear to float over the keyboard under a bed of light that looks really stylish there’s really no contest between the two keyboards when it comes to the lighting in terms of extra features the Logitech G 213 does come with dead gated media keys there’s also a key to toggle the lights and gaming mode the g2 13 also has an illuminated G logo above the Escape key the Razer or nada on the other hand does not have an illuminated logo or dedicated media keys but you can easily toggle them via the function key both keyboards offer a spill resistant design but the or nada does have four drainage holes while the g2 13 does not okay so let’s talk about what you really want to know about let’s talk about how these keys compare it’s important to address that a lot of people consider the Logitech’s mecca dome key to be a mechanical membrane hybrid the logitech mecca dome keys are simply just sliders over domes these rubber domes are designed to offer 50 grams of actuation force a four millimeter travel distance and simulate the tactile feel of a mechanical keyboard its fancy wording but in reality it really is just a membrane keyboard the Razer Jornada on the other hand does use some new innovative tech to bring you a true hybrid typing experience like I said in my review of the or nada I was pretty skeptical but the Mecca membrane keys offer a really nice experience giving you audible and tactile feedback I compared the feeling to using something like Razer greens or Cherry MX blues while using very squishy o-rings so you can hear for yourself here’s a quick sound test of both keyboards back-to-back so by now it’s probably pretty apparent that the or nada is simply better than the G 213 in almost every way now you could argue that this is appropriate because the or nada costs more at with the non RGB model costing you the Logitech G 213 comes in at a slightly more reasonable  although to be honest with you guys if you’re trying to stay on a budget out of these options I would get the non RGB or nada over the G 213 anyways because it has a much better typing experience and the RGB in the G 213 is so limited that it isn’t a good enough reason to go with the G 213 over the non chroma or nada well that’s it for the comparison guys let me know in the comments down below which keyboard you think is the better pick give this video a like if you enjoyed it to show your support and be sure to subscribe to the channel if you’re new here because I’ve got plenty more content coming your way in the near future you can also follow me on twitter at brain bean gaming and as always thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time

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