Razer Ornata Chroma Review – Mechanical Membrane Hybrid Gaming Keyboard

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the razor or not at chroma after some shipping delays the keyboard is finally here and I’m really excited to be bringing you a review.

Razer Ornata Chroma Review

Razer Ornata Chroma Review

The razor ornata keyboard is a 16 point 8 million color RGB perky backlit keyboard it uses Razer synapse 2.0 software and gives you all the same preset lighting effects that you can expect with the Razer BlackWidow or the Black Widow X and it also gives you the same chroma configurator so you can make your own lighting profiles now one thing that is unique to the Razer or nada chroma is a new exclusive lighting effect simply just called fire that’s a pretty nice looking lighting effect and it gives the keyboard the look that it’s got a fire smoldering inside the keyboard and I think it’s really especially nice that this keyboards coming out around the holiday season where you just want to grab a cup of cocoa put your keyboard on fire mode for a nice ambient experience and then get in game and just start whooping some ass the overall construction of the Razer or nada is pretty good and I would have liked to seen some more premium materials used in this keyboard because unfortunately it is completely made out of plastic but on the flip side of that when I was mashing down on the keys as hard as I could the keyboard didn’t really offer any flex now when I picked the keyboard up off the desk and really cranked down on it it did flex just a little bit but that is less than I’ve seen most membrane style keyboards like this flex and looking at the design of the keyboard it looks like they borrowed a little bit from what they changed on the Black Widow ex if you look on the underside they still have the cable management routing system underneath the keyboard as well as some rubberized pads and rubberized foot pads that you can flip up if you want to adjust the angle of the keyboard now flipping the keyboard over to where you will find the caps lock and unlock indicators they have indicators therefore caps num lock scroll lock as well as one for macro and for when you’re in gaming mode now the thing I like about these is they’re nice and clear and distinct and that’s one thing I really don’t like about the Black Widow and so I’m really glad that they stuck the changes from the Black Widow ex and having clear indicators there so that’s a big plus for me on the keyboard now one of the most exciting things about the or nada when we got a sneak peek was that it had a magnetic attachable wrist rest after using the wrist rest for a while I will say that it’s fairly comfortable and it is pretty sizable so that’s a good plus however the magnets on the wrist rest really don’t secure to the keyboard very well and in fact when you pick the keyboard up off the desk by the keyboard portion the wrist rest will just fall right off it doesn’t stick to the keyboard very well at all now during normal use I don’t see this being that big of an issue especially because a lot of us use wrist rests that aren’t even attached to the keyboard anyway so it’s not that big of a deal but I would have liked to have seen some stronger magnets to really accentuate the feature and make it look like something that’s more of a premium feature on the keyboard and not just something that they thought would be cool to add now the keys on the razor are not our mid height keys and this is something that compares to what you might find on an older style laptop not quite so much a chiclet style but they’re definitely a lot thinner than your normal keys the font on the key caps is nice and clean and simple and that was something I really liked that they changed on the Black Widow ex so I’m happy to see that they’re still keeping those changes with the razor or nada now when we talked about the backlighting one thing I really like about this keyboard is because it is a membrane keyboard you don’t run into any lighting problems like you do with a mechanical but having to work around that stem that goes through the keys and that’s something that I didn’t really like about the black widow or the black widow X but on the or nada they do have all of the secondary functions on the keyboard illuminated and it looks really sharp now to help accentuate the RGB LEDs in this keyboard very similar to what you’ll find with the white back plate on the Razer BlackWidow Razer went with a white plastic material underneath the key caps in the membrane mechanism part of the board to help make LEDs pop a little bit more okay so let’s talk about the mecha membrane key the one thing everybody interested in this keyboard wants to know about so when I when I first heard of this feature the one thing I thought of was going back to when we were little kids and you’d clip a baseball card to your bicycle so it hits the spokes and you sound like a motorcycle going down the street that was exactly what I was comparing this to it’s going to look and sound like the real thing but how is it going to perform compared to a real mechanical keyboard so when you’re using this key you do feel an actual tactile bump now they worked a little bit of a bump into the actual mechanism on the membrane keyboard as well as a little bit of like a metal buckle inside the membrane area where when you press down that key it’s going to hit it and make that audible click now the click sounds like quiet greens but there’s not any of the clock when you bottomed out the keyboard so I would compare it very closely to a little bit quieter razor green switch with very squishy o-rings on it it was actually really nice to type on it I quite liked it and I think this is something that I would recommend for people who a have family members that they don’t want to disturb and they like the click but maybe they’re not necessarily someone that needs a mechanical keyboard or if you’re somebody that likes to click as well and you want something for the office or something that’s not as expensive you don’t want it to be you know stolen when you’re at work this is something that’s good for that now of course has this customary on the channel I wouldn’t leave you guys without a sound test so here’s a quick sound test of the mecha membrane keys in the razor or nada so overall there were some things that impressed me about the razor or nada the Mecca membrane keys definitely performed better than I thought they would now did they feel like a real mechanical switch I wouldn’t go that far as to say that they do but I do think that it is a leaps and bounds improvement in the user experience over using a regular membrane keyboard and the LEDs are very bright and vibrant giving very deep colors much like razors other chroma keyboards so going on to some of the negatives I feel like that magnets in the wrist rest is something that they either a didn’t need to do and they could have just added clips to fasten it to the keyboard or if they really wanted to go with that feature the magnets need to be a lot more powerful now having the wrist rest pop off when you move it around doesn’t really hurt your actual user experience but I think if this is the feature they really want to hype up then they need to have much better quality magnets I also would have really liked to have seen a USB pass-through and even an audio pastor in this keyboard and I feel like if they had done that it would have made this keyboard stand leaps and bounds ahead of any other membrane competitor on the market now another thing that’s kind of borderline negative for me is the price now this keyboards depending on manufacturer and switch choice you can get a really nice quality RGB mechanical keyboard so it’s something you’ll have to figure out is it worth it for you or not now I think if they had gone with the price of the non chroma version that then this keyboard would definitely be an amazing value well that’s it for the video guys like I said in the beginning of the video I’ll be giving one of these razor or not a chroma keyboards away to one of my subscribers now all you have to do to be eligible for the giveaway is after you like this video leave me a comment down in the comments below letting me know what you think about the mecca membrane keys or about the razor or not a chroma in general I’ll be announcing the winner on Twitter and a couple of weeks as well as in my next update video so be sure to follow me on twitter at brain beam gaming and if you like this video and you want to support the channel you can find my amazon affiliate link located down in the description thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time

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