Razer Naga Trinity Review

This is Razer Naga Trinity Review it’s a pretty cool little mouse with a little trick up its sleeve so let’s go ahead and just take a look at this one the Razer Naga has been one of the more popular gaming mice for MMO players since its release with its 12 programmable buttons which give players a ton of options for binding spells and abilities in game and while the Naga was great for MMOs the 12 side buttons weren’t as ideal for other styles of games next came the Naga hex and then the Naga hex v2 with its 7 buttons which made it a great option for those of us that found the 12 buttons overwhelming and was particularly popular with the MOBA crowd.

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Razer Naga Trinity Review

Razer Naga Trinity Review

The newest member of the Naga family the Naga Trinity takes what made all of those mice popular choices and combines it with the flexibility of being able to change these buttons configurations on the fly by including three magnetic attachments that pop on and off with ease meaning that you can now swap grips in between games and have the button configuration that you want what at first might seem like a bit of a gimmick the hot swappable grips work incredibly well the placements of the magnets and the tight-fitting design make the grips hold firmly in place my primary concern going into this review was that the grips would feel kind of flimsy or pop off at the worst of times but that just isn’t the case here the metal contacts don’t have any pins or moveable parts that seem like they would wear down as well meaning that they should last for a long time provided that you don’t lose them I also really liked that they included a grip with the standard Mouse four and five buttons and I appreciate that they kept them big as that’s one of my favorite things about the Death Adder the two button grip also has a pretty rugged feeling rubberized surface for added control the Naga Trinity is a fairly lightweight Mouse coming in at 120 grams or just 0.26 pounds it has a matte black finish much like razors other mice so you don’t have to worry about it picking up fingerprints over time it has a great ergonomic shape with two groups for your fingers that feel pretty nice and I really like the height on the palm side it’s a little higher than the Death Adder which I actually like because my hands are pretty big there’s a rest for your ring finger on the right side and a groove for your pinky so at least for me personally the mouse fit my hand like a glove I’ve been a longtime user of the Death Adder myself but the Naga Trinity may have converted me in terms Comfort mousebutton 1 & 2 use razors mechanical switches that have a nice crisp click to them it feels snappy and responsive and they do have a pretty nice sound to match just so you guys can hear what I’m talking about of course I will include a sound test as if all those extra buttons weren’t enough the Naga Trinity is sporting a 3-way scroll wheel for even more keybinds giving it a max total of 19 programmable buttons the tactile bumps when scrolling the scroll wheel are pretty aggressive which could be good or bad depending on your preference I wouldn’t call the experience smooth  but if you use your mouse wheel to click up one or two increments and precise tasks then it will certainly help you keep from under or over scrolling behind the scroll wheel there are two more programmable buttons which you can use to adjust the DPI up or down by default in terms of lighting the Naga Trinity is chroma enabled meaning that it has full sixteen point eight million color RGB illumination the Trinity has an LED scroll wheel and an illuminated logo in the grip which can be changed independently with different colors and effects via Razer synapse software it’s definitely not the flashiest Razer mouse like the lancehead or the mama for example but I get the feeling that the Trinity is more about function than putting on a light show the Naga Trinity is controlled via Razer synapse 3 software which allows you to configure the lighting surface calibration and button remapping which of course can be done on different customized profiles the Naga Trinity’s 5g optical sensor goes up to 16,000 dpi and can handle up to 50 G’s of acceleration it’ll perform at speeds up to 450 inches per second which I don’t think there’s really enough Mountain Dew or candy in the world to make you that twitchy overall the Naga Trinity takes what made the Naga line popular in the first place and couples it with the flexibility to make it a great Mouse regardless of the type of game you’re playing the grip swap function is simple yet remarkably secure and I think gamers who play a variety of genres can benefit from this design  especially if you like to bind your keys to your mouse like I do the only graph I really have with the mouse is the harsh bumps on the scroll wheel but even that could be considered kind of a plus depending on your preference at the Naga Trinity is a bit pricey but it also eliminates the need for multiple mice if you’re that kind of player it’s comfortable flexible and an all-around pretty cool Mouse that is definitely worth checking out well that’s it for the review guys let me know in those comments down below what you think about the switchable grips idea you think it’s a little bit gimmicky or is it something that’s really useful that you think that you would probably take advantage of give this video a like to be enjoyed it.

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