Razer Huntsman Elite vs Huntsman | Whats the Difference?

hey what’s going on guys its brain being here again and with racer coming out with the new Huntsman line of keyboards I wanted to do just a real quick comparison for you guys to talk about the differences between the two flavors¬†¬†of Huntsman keyboard the Huntsman elite and the regular Huntsman keyboard and I think the easiest way to do that is to just talk about what comes with the Huntsman elite because that will make talking about what you get with the Huntsman a lot easier so.

Razer Huntsman Elite vs Huntsman

Razer Huntsman Elite vs Huntsman

The Huntsman elite the main things you’ll notice right off the bat is that it comes with the magnetic detachable wrist rest very similar to what you get with the Black Widow v2 and the or nada the only difference here is that it has the under glow baked into the wrist rest and also that comes around the entire board as well just like this I know so you’ll also get the media keys up top as well as the volume scroll wheel slash digital dial that you can bind to a bunch of different functions as well as the optomechanical switches which is really kind of the big thing that’s new with the Huntsman keyboards now another thing that’s worth mentioning as well is that by going with the Huntsman elite and having the wrist rest here it has the pogo pins that attach it that I talked about in my review do you guys haven’t watched that full length review I’ll have it linked down in the description below but essentially the idea here is that you can use those pogo pins to add additional accessories down the line so maybe a wrist rest with the touchscreen baked into it or maybe something like wireless phone charging who knows I mean it can take pretty much everything as far as transferring data that a USB 2 can and that’s why this has the two USB cables so coming on over to the Huntsman pretty much the only thing that you’re gonna get with the Huntsman versus all the extras here is the optomechanical switches otherwise it’s pretty much just a nice clean minimalistic board it’s got the open switch design with the metal backplate it’s very similar to the Black Widow X just minus the logo that you got in the Black Widow X board otherwise it’s a pretty simple clean board and just just basically doesn’t have any of the extras it just gives you the optima Kanaka keys now the big thing here though is the price difference and the Huntsman Elite the keyboard you might as well go with the Huntsman elite because you do get all of those extras and you also get the ability to have those few expansions later on by having the pogo pins for the wrist rest now of course if it’s more of an aesthetic choice and you just don’t like all the flashy extras but you want to try out the new switch you like the nice clean design especially if you’re a fan of the black widow X then going with the regular Huntsman definitely isn’t a bad choice and the optomechanical switches definitely perform really well you guys are unfamiliar with those the main differences between the green switches is that they’re a little bit less of a key press at 45 grams versus the greens 50 they have a 1.5 millimeter actuation distance and a 3.5 millimeter total travel distance so a little bit shorter key press overall another big thing obviously is that their optical switches so they don’t have those metal contact points and I also have a full length switch comparison video as well of all four razor switches now that I’ll have link down below in the description as well but anyways guys that’s it for this video I wanted to keep it clean and simple and just talk about some of the differences for those of you that might be trying to decide.

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