Razer Goliathus Chroma VS Firefly Cloth Edition

hey what’s going on guys its brain bean here again and today we’re gonna do a little bit of a comparison video now what I have in front of me is both of racers RGB cloth mouse mats we have the Razer Firefly cloth Edition and the new Razer Goliath is chroma and I thought it would be cool because they both kind of seem similar to kind of delve into it and see what the real differences are because if it’s somebody looking from the outside trying to figure out which RGB cloth mouse mat to get the may seem kind of similar with looking at them online.

Razer Goliathus Chroma VS Firefly Cloth Edition

Razer Goliathus Chroma VS Firefly Cloth Edition

But there’s actually quite a few differences between them so I want to start with the first most obvious differences now when you look at them size-wise they’re actually about the same now there are a couple of differences in the construction that you’ll probably notice right off the bat if you look at the front of both mouse mats where they actually connect into the computer they both have a little bit of plastic hub to them and the glide this hasn’t off to the left side or the Firefly has it right in the middle now

I like the placement on the glass a little bit more because when you’re playing with your mouse if you move up too far forward if you keep your mouse more in the center of the mat you’re less likely to hit and bump into that which is gonna be a little bit distracting it might throw you off your game a little bit whereas the Firefly it’s right there in the middle of the mousepad so you tend to bump into it a little bit more than you would with the Goliath

this now another big difference between the two is while they both have the same feeling cloth surface the Goliath is actually is a proper cloth mouse mat you can actually roll it up it’s nice and soft and you can move it around like that whereas the the Firefly is still a hard Mouse mat with just a cloth textured surface another difference is that the Firefly has an illuminated Razer logo in the top right corner now this logo is not embossed into the material like it is with the hard version and that’s just because it’s the cloth surface so you can’t really have LEDs coming through it like you could with the hard material

now it raises up a little bit which makes it so that if you slide your mouse over it it’s gonna feel bumpy and you’re gonna notice that change in texture now that’s probably not gonna happen because where it is all the way up in the top right corner but it’s still something to be mindful of another cool thing that the Goliath s has is that up in the top where it connects to that little hub there it does have a little bit of a spot to attach your cable for your mouse to it now this won’t work exactly like a mouse bungee but it will help keep your cables in order and it will still kind of give you a little bit of that Mouse bungee effect but not nearly as much as if you had a proper Mouse bungee

now on to the real reason that we’re looking at these mouse mats and that is the difference between the RGB lighting because like I said they’re both chroma enabled but there is some pretty big differences to the lighting now if you look at the Goliath this you can see that it’s pretty much made up of a single LED light pipe that goes all the way around the mousepad now you can see that lighting from looking straight at it from the top or sides or anywhere where as the Firefly gives you more of that underglow effect and so looking directly at the mousepad from the top down you’re not really going to see the lights like you do with the Goliath is

now there are some  differences as far as what you can actually do with the RGB as well on the Goliath is you’re pretty much limited to single effects so you can have reactive effect you can have static you can have spectrum cycling and breathing other than that though that pretty much what you’re limited won’t have that kind of wave effect that we’re used to seeing from the Firefly where the rainbow kind of goes all the way around now with synapse 3

the Firefly mouse pads have 15 distinct lighting zones that you can change independently you can also layer effects on them and the Firefly also has access to more of the kind of classic razor effects like starlight the fire effect the wave effect all of these are available on the Firefly so there’s definitely some distinct differences between the lighting you get a little bit more of the flashy effects from the Firefly cloth addition but the glide this is going to give you more ambient lighting all around kind of pop a little bit more on your desk

the price difference between these two mouse pads is only about how you find it on Amazon they both have a nonstick grippy surface on the underside no I think the Firefly is probably less likely to move around on you because I client this isn’t rigid like the Firefly is so you may have some issues where it will kind of curve up on you that sort of thing but overall guys that’s pretty much it for the differences I wanted to try to make this video short and sweet for you and just kind of cover the important differences between the two mouse pads if you’re looking at making a purchase.

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