Razer Blade Pro 4K Review and Benchmarks

hey what’s going on guys its brain beating here again and in this video we’re gonna be taking a look at the razor blade Pro 4k Edition and I’m really excited to show it to you so let’s just take a look at this thing starting as always with construction and design the razor blade Pro features a cnc aluminum chassis that comes in at just under an inch thick at 0.88 inches when closed the aluminum chassis gives it a solid feel.

Razer Blade Pro 4K Review

Razer Blade Pro 4K Review

But it will pick up fingerprints over time aesthetically it has a super sleek design that makes it look professional while the illuminated triple headed snake logo on the top reminds anyone who would be fooled that this is a laptop that was built for gamers the razor blade Pro comes in two major varieties with a few minor configurations per variation I’m reviewing the 17 inch 4k version which weighs seven point six nine pounds which is about a pound heavier than the 1080p version I think it’s important to really highlight just how slim this thing is especially when you consider what’s under the hood which we’re gonna talk about here in just a second one thing you should keep in mind early on is that the razor blade Pro commands a premium price even at it’s more affordable configuration the razor blade Pro starts at for the 1080p version which features a hundred and twenty Hertz display gtx 1060 16 gigs of ram and an i7 7700 k processor the version i’m reviewing for you guys today is the top of  line configuration which starts at and goes all the way up to four thousand nine hundred depending on how much storage you want this configuration also has an absolutely beautiful 17.3 inch 4k display which has 100% Adobe RGB with a hundred and seventy degree viewing angle it has 120 Hertz per refresh rate with g-sync and a multi-touch screen as well but when you use the touchscreen with that glossy finish it’s definitely going to show the finger prints now whether you’re playing games or doing work with photos or video the blade pros display is incredible to say the least keep in mind though that while it is a gorgeousscreen its glossy finish can make using it outdoors or around bright lighting a pain with all of the glare the 1080p version though does come with a matte screen powering this beast is an i7 7820 h-k processor which can be overclocked all the way to 4.3 gigahertz and NVIDIA GTX 1080 and 32 gigs of DDR for at 2667 megahertz as you can imagine with specs like this the blade Pro 4k can get some pretty impressive benchmarks for any PC but when you consider that it’s a laptop and a thin one at that it’s quite remarkable just check out some of these benchmarks there’s some serious thermal management going on inside this thing as you can imagine having all of these powerful components crammed together in such a tight space can make for some serious heat generation but the blade Pro manages it well enough that you can actually overclock the CPU just keep in mind that the fans do get a bit noisy when it’s really chugging along it’s not the loudest laptop that I’ve seen though and if you throw on a headset while you’re gaming you won’t be able to hear it at all as for battery life the blade Pro can deliver up to four hours under load of course all of this depends on a variety of factors like screen brightness keyboard lighting and how hard you’re running the components so depending on your choice of game on the go your mileage may vary also because this beast takes so much power the power brick is quite large and it’s gonna take up a little bit more space than your traditional brick in your bag in addition to its beefy internals the blade pro 4k Edition comes with some pretty awesome extras my personal favorite is the low profile mechanical keyboard which gives you that sweet clicky tactile experience on the go and of course I wouldn’t leave you guys without a sound test so here is a quick typing test of the Razer Blade pro for K’s low profile mechanical keyboard the font on the keys is nice and simple and the chroma enabled lighting looks bright and vibrant as we’ve come to expect from Razer the keyboard trackpad and multimedia keys are all chrome enabled with sixteen point eight million color RGB functionality which can be controlled via Razer synapse software like I mentioned the Blade pro does have a set of dedicated media keys complete with metal volume scroll wheel positioned just above the trackpad I like that the large trackpad is positioned to the right of the keyboard instead of underneath however it does take the place of a number pad but I feel like most gamers won’t mind that but if you do use it a lot for productivity you will need to get an external number pad in terms of connectivity the blade Pro has an SDXC card reader 3 USB 3 ports a Thunderbolt 3 port and an HDMI port it has killer doubleshot Pro wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and a Gigabit Ethernet port with brazzers acquisition of thx it should come as no surprise that the blade pro has some seriously impressive speakers the built-in stereo speakers deliver punchy sound with crisp eyes and phat lows they’re far and away the best speakers that I’ve ever heard in a laptop overall the Razer Blade pro is a serious piece of hardware it’s certainly not the most accessible laptop out there in terms of price and really that’s the only major drawback I can see in going with the blade Pro that said it is an impressive bit of engineering with its powerful specs in that beautiful screen the Razer Blade pro is a great laptop for both gaming enthusiast and multimedia professionals alike as it gives you the ability to do even the most demanding editing tasks with true color representation on the go that’s not to say that I think the price is unfair though if you’re looking for an ultra-thin laptop with the true power of the gaming desktop then I highly recommend considering the Razer Blade pro well that’s it for the review guys let me know in those comments down below what you think about the Razer Blade pro.

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