Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Review

it is here ladies and gentlemen razors black widow X chromosome and if you haven’t heard of this little beauty you’re gonna want to stick around because this thing brings some pretty slick new features to the Black Widow line.

Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Review

Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Review

let’s take a look at this thing what is the black widow X chroma and what makes it different than the original BlackWidow chroma keyboard we all know the packaging on this keyboard like all Razer products is flawless and is a testament to razors marketing prowess no doubt packaging like this is one of the reasons Razer is one of the top gaming peripheral companies we like flashy stuff but we aren’t here to review the damn box are we I did notice this keyboard was packaged much better in the box than the Razer BlackWidow chroma and seemed more protected and secure out of the box you’ll immediately notice the weight of this bad boy Razer ditched that plastic body and went with a military-grade metal top plate giving this thing a premium quality feel you may also notice that this change gives the keys that look we have all come to expect from corsair brands while this isn’t something they can necessarily copyright one can’t help but wonder if they’re trying to go after k70 users with this product as we would expect this keyboard comes with a nice gold-plated braided USB cable which is a bit thinner than the Black Widow cromoz because of the absence of the yes it’s true there is no USB pass-through port or mic and headphone jack you could almost say this thing is a k70 clone also like the K 17 gone are the 5 macro keys on the left side of the board while it is possible to map macros to any keys using the synapse software I would have liked to see some of these macro keys and expected to see it from a company like Razer on to the key caps Razer ditched the blocky gamer font and went for a clean minimalistic font the switches are still razors mechanical gaming switch however they are advertising that the switches have been optimized and will perform up to 80 million keystrokes compared to Cherry’s 50 million while time will tell if this is true I will say that the performance of the switch to me as I’m typing out this script feels a lot better than the previous switches Razer did say that the switches will be silently rolled out onto all Black Widow keyboards made in the future if you’re interested in this I would or during your keyboard directly from Razer or check the serial number for a manufacturer date to ensure you’re getting the new switch Razer also changed the LED placement on this board the LEDs are housed behind a switch that are wrapped in a white sheath to give them better permeability and a brighter shine this thing certainly feels twice as bright as my original BlackWidow chroma as far as backlighting because of the metal backplate however there could not be the white backplate from the original so while the keys are much brighter the lights in between the keys seem much dimmer some will like this more than others so that will be up for you to decide the Razer synapse software performs as expected with a variety of preset options as well as advanced features overall the Razer BlackWidow X chroma key board is an excellent keyboard it feels like it’s a premium quality product the LEDs are bright and vibrant the metal frame and newly overhauled key switches really top off the experience and while we would have loved to see the USB pass-through an addition of a mic and headphone jack these are very minor gripes when looking at this thing as a whole in my opinion this is the best keyboard that Razer has produced in the last few years Razer has really been taking steps to improve the quality of their products over the last few years and I think this keyboard really solidifies that statement let me know what you think of this keyboard in the comments below and as always thanks for watching and please don’t forget to subscribe

This Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Review (Updated) article covers this product in details to make it easy for you to learn the pros and cons to make the purchase easy.

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