Razer Blackwidow Elite VS Corsair K70 mk.2

Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the Razer BlackWidow elite vs. the corsair k70 mark 2

Before we begin it’s important to mention that the k7e mark 2 comes in two varieties the white and silver special edition, which is what you’ll see in this review.

And there’s also a regular black version as well starting as always with construction and design. Both keyboards feature an exposed switch design on top of a metal backplate the black widow elite has a fingerprint resistant backplate which has sort of a matte finish fingerprint-resistant Blackwidow Elite VS Corsair K70 mk.2 in details.

Razer Blackwidow Elite VS Corsair K70 mk.2

Razer Blackwidow Elite VS Corsair K70 mk.2

While the k70 mark 2 has a really nice-looking brushed aluminum backplate, both keyboards feature an RGB illuminated logo. The k70 mark 2 has a two-zone logo at the top of the board while the Razer logo is just under the space bar.

This placement does mean that it gets covered up by the included wrist rest though razors magnetic wrist rest has a leatherette wrapped pad on it that’s really comfortable and it’s wide enough to accommodate any hand size.

The K 70 mark 2’s wrist rest is made of soft touch plastic but really to be fair it’s not that soft at all the dimensions of the rest rest are pretty good ,but compared to the quality of the wrist rest on say their k95 platinum this one just feels a little bit out of place for Corsair.

In terms of weight and flex both keyboards are solidly built the Black Widow elite is a little bit heavier than the mark 2. But both keyboards have the same minimal amount of flex when really mashing down on the keys as for the lighting both keyboards offer full perky RGB illumination.

I would argue that the special edition of the mark 2 has the best overall look to the lighting because that silver backplate reflects more light up at the user and the white key caps let more light bounce around them for an overall brighter lighting experience but if you’re comparing the Black Widow elite to the standard mark 2 there really isn’t much difference aside from the larger font on Corsairs keys which allow a little bit more light through as for the software controlling the board’s Corsair uses their cue 2 software which allows you to create custom profiles and save up to three of them on the keyboards memory was a very good software that allows you to set up really elaborate profiles it’s not as usually friendly as synapse but it does let you get a little bit more detailed if you want to the black widow elite is controlled by Razer synapse 3 software which is very user friendly and has a nice clean interface while the chroma configurator lets you create your own multi-layered effects rather easily I still think queue gives you a little bit more advanced customization but synapse also has in-game integration with many popular games which creates a whole new level of interactive experience now queue does offer this feature somewhat but it’s not nearly as readily available on the market as razors at this time and much like the mark 2 the black widow elite can save up to 5 profiles on the keyboards memory now I’m moving on to the switches Corsair continues to use the industry standard Cherry MX switches for their keyboards and they’re as good as they ever were they offer the k70 mark 2 in a huge variety of these switches including blue brown red silver and cherry MX silent but it’s important to note that the special edition will only come with the speed switch the Black Widow elite comes with razor’s newly improved switches and it’s offered in their green orange and yellow variants both boards offer a good variety of switch types that are sure to offer something for everyone but typists beware that the k70 mark 2 still has a pretty ratalie spacebar the stabilizers on the Black Widow are much better than Corsairs just so you guys can hear what I’m talking about I’ll do a quick sound test just keep in mind that in this test the mark 2 has Terry MX speeds and the Black Widow elite has razor greens not exactly an apples to apples comparison but hey it’s still fun if you guys want to hear a more elaborate comparison between switch types I’ll link below to a video I did where I use 28 different types of switches and you can hear all the different type tests together there both keyboards use ABS key caps with the exception of the special edition k70 which has white PBT key caps razer uses a clean and simple font which i like but the one thing that irritates me about razors keyboards is that the secondary characters aren’t translucent so the light doesn’t shine through this can make things a little bit difficult when gaming and low-light environments Corsair has a big bold font that lets more light through but it isn’t nearly as clean looking as razors it does take some getting used to but all of the characters are well illuminated in terms of extras both keyboards have their included wrist rests which we talked about earlier in which I think the Black Widows is the clear winner of the two as for the other features I’ll start with what they both have in common they both have a set of RGB enabled media keys the Black Widow has a set of three keys which consists of back play pause and skip and they also have their digital dial and mute button and the dial can be mapped in synapse to perform a bunch of different functions aside from volume which is pretty cool of course there’s media keys consist of 5 dedicated buttons there’s a stop back play pause forward and mute and it does offer a textured metal volume scroll wheel the lighting on Corsairs media keys is a little bit brighter while Razors is a little more recessed but overall they both perform the same functions both keyboards have a cable routing management system integrated into the underside of the board’s the black widow has a simple cable gutter that allows the cable to come out of  either side while the k70 has a cable routing channel that allows you to route something like a headset or a mouse down to the front of the board both keyboards have USB pass-through the k70 since at the back of the board while the Black Widows is all the way on the left side of the board which is a little bit strange for me but it’s still better than their previous placements of having it on the right side of their older models the Black Widow elite also has a dual 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack so you could theoretically plug in both your mouse and your headset to the elite and that’s pretty much where the similarities end the k70 mark ii does pack in a few additional features though included with the k70 mark ii is two sets of textured key caps you’ll get a set of WASD and QW ERDF and a key cap polar while razor still doesn’t even offer a key cap puller with their boards even though I don’t personally like using the textured key caps coarse hair includes I can appreciate the additional value they offer to the customer by including them in the box lastly the mark ii also has a few additional buttons for changing the onboard profiles brightness settings and activating windows lock mode now you can’t actually do this on the black widow elite as well but you have to use the function key overall these are two keyboards that aim to take the same piece of the  both keyboards are commanding a premium price and I think they both deserve it for their own reasons like I mentioned in my review of the mark 2 special edition the pbt key caps and white and silver palette make it the best value out of the  but because it only comes in speed switches it won’t really appeal to everyone making the regular k72 go-to for anyone who wants a  different switch type from Corsair and my opinion razer offers a better wrist rest and software experience and their improved switches have come a long way I just really wish that they would have included at least a key cap puller and they really need to make the secondary characters translucent on their key caps Corsairs board has a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and a nicer backplate and the choice of five Cherry MX switch options is awesome I’m just really frustrated with the ratalie stabilizers on this board that said these are both really great keyboards that are pushing the industry in the right direction and you really can’t go wrong with either one of these keyboards if you’re trying to decide between the two I recommend weighing out which features are more important to you and then going from there well that’s it for the comparison.

This Razer Blackwidow Elite VS Corsair K70 mk.2 (Updated Now) helps you understand that this product is worth spending your hard earned money or not.

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