Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 with Yellow Switch Review

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the all-new Razer BlackWidow chroma V2 with razors all new yellow switch I’m really excited to be bringing you guys this review.

So, let’s go ahead and just take a look at this thing the newest keyboard from Razer the Black Widow be two updates their flagship keyboard with some new features that greatly improve the original design.

Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 with Yellow Switch Review

Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 with Yellow Switch Review

Personally, I’m really happy to see Razer making the changes that a lot of us have been wanting to see and it shows that they’re listening to what US consumers have been saying.

Starting with the overall design at first glance it may seem like the v2 doesn’t do much to change the classic look of the original Black Widow.  The keyboard still has the same plastic top cover of the previous models but is now smudge resistant which is a welcomed improvement over the fingerprint magnet that was the original the v2 feels very solid and has a weighty feel to match.

I did not experience any flex during normal use and only minimal flex would really mash down on the keys the v2 has 10 key rollovers. I would have liked to have seen a full n key roll over from Razer but really one key for each finger is all you really need.

Anyways, you still get a row of macro keys on the left side of the board which I always appreciate and of course, you still have your USB and audio pass-through.

Although, I really wish they would put it on the back of the board instead of on the right side and unfortunately we still don’t have dedicated media keys. But, you still get media control by way of the function key which also allows you to swap between lighting profiles, record macros on-the-fly, and toggle a gaming mode.

One of the most noticeable additions to the v2 is the inclusion of a wrist rest, I was really happy to see Razer start including wrist rests with the release of the or nada and it’s great to see that this seems to be a trend for them going forward.

The wrist rest is almost identical to the one that came with you or nada it’s nice and padded and covered in leather that’s embossed with the Razer logo and like the or nada the b-2s wrist rest is also magnetic so it can be attached and removed with ease unlike the or knotted.

Though the magnets are strong enough that you can pick up the keyboard without the wrist rest falling off and I’m really glad to see that Razer changed it and added stronger magnets. This is one of the most comfortable wrists rests I’ve ever used with the amount of time we spend gaming and using our keyboards.

I’m kind of surprised that other companies still choose to go with the hard wrist rest over a more soft and premium feeling one like razors doing the old Black Widow had absolutely horrible LED indicators. I guess they were going with a more stealthy design having the LEDs under the top cover.

But thankfully the v2 does away with this design and instead uses crisp clear indicators that remove the guesswork that came with the original design. This was probably one of the biggest complaints I would see about the old one so it’s nice to see that Razer wised up and changed the design.

Much like the original BlackWidow chroma, the v2 has stunning perky sixteen point eight million color RGB backlighting and the v2 still has the white backplate behind the switches to allow the LEDs to really pop the lighting is still controlled the erasers synapse 2.0 software.

However, the v2 comes with more preset lighting options than the original, with each new keyboard release razer added a new preset effect that was unavailable to the original Black Widow.

The Black Widow ex got starlight in your nada got the fire effect. Thankfully, the v2 brings all of these new effects back home to the Black Widow speaking of the lighting I can’t talk about how great the lights look without addressing one of my favorite revisions to come to the v2.

The key caps Razer ditched their signature font in favor of a more minimalistic approach like we saw with the Black Widow ex in the or nada unfortunately like the original. The secondary functions still aren’t illuminated this was such a major letdown for me just when I thought the v2 was going to answer all of my keyboard prayers.

They went and dropped the ball of one of the most simple things one of the most exciting things about the v2 when we first heard it was coming soon with the announcement of razor’s yellow switch. This switch is the first linear switch to be offered from Razer and you can bet this is a direct effort to compete with Corsairs rapid-fire keyboards.

That’s because like the cherry MX speed switches the Razer yellow also has an actuation distance of one point two millimeters and an actuation force of 45 grams with a slightly longer travel distance of three point five millimeters versus the speeds three point four this reduction in the distance makes the yellow switch considerably faster than razors other switches it will take some getting used to.

Though the linear switch combined with the shorter actuation distance will make accidental keypresses very easy to make until you get used to it and it takes almost no effort to register a key press and like all Razer switches the yellows are also rated to last 80 million keystrokes.

Now in terms of performance, the yellow switch is buttery smooth going back and forth between a real cherry MX feed in the razor yellow I find that the yellow doesn’t have the very slight abrasiveness that comes with cherries linear switches.

If you’re a fan of linear switches I can confidently say that you will absolutely love the feel of the new yellow switch. Looking at the underside of the keyboard you still have your standard rubberized tabs and rubberized extendable legs to keep the keyboard in place.

During use the cable of the b2 is much like the old black widow with a fairly large braided cable that splits into two USB connectors and audio jacks the b2 is definitely a step in the right direction.

Sure, it’s not the perfect keyboard the USB pass-through placement is still not the best and for the love of God, the secondary functions on the keys still aren’t illuminated. But the addition of the fantastic wrist rest the clean new LED indicators and the minimalistic fonts certainly make the v2 a noticeable upgrade from the original.

Of course, the addition of the fantastic new yellow switch also makes this keyboard stand apart from the previous offerings from Razer.

Overall the v2 is a great keyboard Razer seems to be going in the right direction with their last three keyboard releases and the v2 is by far the best keyboard they’ve ever released if you already own a BlackWidow chroma it’s going to be up to you whether or not these new features warrant the upgrade whether upgrading your existing Black Widow or simply looking for a new gaming keyboard the b2 is one that seriously deserves your consideration.

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