Quietest Paper Shredder of 2020

Quietest Paper Shredder

Searching for the quietest paper shredder? You’ve come to the right place.

A quiet paper shredder is the need of many offices or homes. Having the right kind of security is needed to keep your information secure to prevent identitity fraud or theft. Everyone knows the importance of sensitive information of documents and wrong hands on those documents can be dangerous for an organization or a person.

Therefore, some offices or homeowners tend to get silent shredders; first because of the annoying or irritating noises generated by them, and second to dispose off the sensitive information secretly anytime they want.

Let’s take a look at some of the quietest paper shredder available on the market. I have done the research for you and this list of shredders is the cream of all silent shredders available on the market.

Quietest Paper Shredder

Fellowes PowerShred 99 Ci

  • Bin Capacity of 9 gallons with removable pull-out bin
  • 100% Jam Proof to eliminate paper jams
  • SafeSense technology using hand sensor function to prevent accidents
  • SilentShred technology minimizes sound levels
  • Energy Savings System to reduce energy consumption

The very first noiseless paper shredder on our list is Fellowes PowerShred 99 Ci, which produces sound level with just 56 decibels making it the quietest paper shredder. The PowerShred 99 Ci not only shreds in silence but offers solid performance, speed, shredding sheets of paper, and easily chews CDs, DVDs, credit cards, and staples.

You can easily shred a ton of documents with this shredder because it boasts a powerful machine inside. Plus, the large bin of 9 gallons takes time to fill up and you can easily empty it. Altogether, Fellowes demonstrates a superb heavy-duty quiet paper shredder.

Overall, the Fellowes PowerShred 99 Ci is an impressive paper shredder that works quietly but is slightly heavier and the security of the shredder requires more improvement but it’s much safe to use still.

Amazon Basics 12 Sheet

  • Auto start and anti-jam auto-reverse
  • Thermal protection
  • 4.8 gallons bin capacity with a pull out removable bin
  • Easy operation through simple interface design

When you have an option that’s inexpensive and quiet you should jump on to buy it. The Amazon Basics 12 Sheet is an affordable unit that offers solid shredding speeds but not as fast as 99 Ci but you will get a lot of micro-cutting punch with this shredder.

Credit cards along with CDs, DVDs, and staples chewed o this machine is fairly respectable. This silent shredder doesn’t cost you a dime and has a speed level of 72 pages per minute that makes it a top quiet paper shredder.

Overall, the Amazon Basics 12 Sheet offers great value for the money and offers minimal sound operation. Although the bin capacity is smaller and it takes time to cool down but that’s something every paper shredder faces so that’s not big a deal.

GoECOlife Limited Edition 12-Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder

  • 5-gallon bin with pullout basket design to conveniently empty your bin
  • GoECO Power Saving technology greatly reduces energy consumption
  • Overall design is manufactured as carbon neutral protecting the environment

The next quiet paper shredder on our list is GoECOlife, which comes with great eco-friendly design and uses micro-cutting technology to shred sensitive papers, secret documents, CDs, DVDs, and staples making it a great unit. With micro-cutting capabilities, this unit ensures secure shredding of your documents into unreadable particles.

That said, the GoECOlife is a perfect noiseless shredder that offers solid shredding into tiny particles and doesn’t take much energy to operate. The only downside of this unit is the poor capacity other than that it hits a sweet spot regarding price, features, and performance.

Fellowes 99Ms

  • SilentShred technology to offer quiet performance and minimize sound level
  • Auto Reverse to prevent paper jamming issues
  • SafeSense to stop hands when paper opening is touched
  • 9-gallon bin with LED indicator to indicate when full
  • Sleep mode feature that shuts down after 2 minutes of inactivity

The PowerShred 99Ms is another quiet paper shredder for security and endurance as a quiet paper shredder at only 56 decibels. The best part is that it effectively dispose of your financial, legal, or any highly sensitive documents and torn into small particles.

The quality design of this shredder makes it a premium quality choice. Compared with other units discussed above, the Fellowes 99Ms is a slightly expensive model but produces little to no noise while operating.

Overall, the Fellowes 99Ms offers great micro-cutting security and ensures superior and superb medium duty shredding and comes with a large bin. A downside for some consumers may be the expensive price tag and the unit may be unable to shred optical disks.

Aurora AU2280XA

  • Anti-jam auto-reverse feature that aids in clearing paper jam issues
  • Auto Power Off system designed to save energy costs
  • LED indicator to indicate when the shredder is overloaded, overheated, or open-door status
  • 8.5-gallon basket capacity

The Aurora AU2280XA is a solid quietest paper shredder that is designed for heavy capacity workload. Regarding the size, it’s one of the largest paper shredder and comes with a bin capacity of 8.5 gallons. The size and bin capacity of this shredder makes it the perfect for capacity among most shredders.

Because of its size, office use would greatly be beneficial to have this around. And although Aurora places as one of the larger shredders, but the narrow design will make it easy for you to fit under your desk or around the office without causing any obstruction.

Overall, the Aurora AU2280XA is a decent energy saver that is capable to handle superb workload capacity and comes with anti-jam features but the weight of the unit can be a problem for some users.

FEL3227901 – Fellowes Powershredreg; 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder

  • 100% Jam-proof technology that completely eliminates paper jams
  • Shreds credit cards, CDs, DVDs, staples, and paper clips
  • SafeSense technology stop shredding upon entry of hands
  • SilentShred technology for a silent shredding
  • Energy Savings System lowers energy consumption

Fellowes 79Ci is another silent destroyer of documents, CDs, DVDs, and staples. What makes it an outstanding shredder is the low pitched sound and superior cutting speed.

The 79Ci is the recommended option when you need something powerful to tear down paper in high volume. Thanks to the cross-cutting technology of this shredder, you will get the best value for your home and office needs without spending a dime.

Overall, the 79Ci is a decent option for you and if you think you need something different there are other options for you in this article available. The usability of this unit is awesome, safety features are great, and shredding speed is also great but it’s slightly heavier in size.

Choosing Both A Quiet and Productive Paper Shredder

The average noise level of the operation of paper shredders is between 60-70 decibels, which is considered quiet for a powerful machine.

But you need silence when shredding, right?

Those consumers who want silence while shredding are those who want to boot their productivity during the shredding operation because the shredder is making no noise and the work environment is good for work.

Understanding Shredder Score

The shredder score determines the productivity of your shredder compared with others. Each shredder provides some calculable valuable which is considered the specifications of the shredders.

Let’s take a look at all the metrics to further understanding.

  • Sheet capacity
  • Feet/Meter Per Minute
  • Run Time

Sheet Capacity

The Sheet capacity determines the number of sheets a shredder can shred in one go. This can be different from shredder to shredder. A basic shredder can take up to 3 sheets and a heavy-duty shredder can shred more than 10 sheets in one go.

The advantage of this factor is that the more capacity a shredder has the less time it will table to shred the documents which will ultimately increase productivity and maximize the efficiency of high volume document shredding.

Feet/Meter Per Minute

The Feet Per Minute is the speed rate your shredder shreds documents and converts them into waste. Almost every shredder mentions the rate of pages per minute shredding which can be converted into feet per minute using the sheet capacity metric.

This feature maximizes the run time of your shredder and higher the rate is quicker the speed of sheets per pass to feeder will be.

Run Time

Run time or duty cycle of a paper shredder is what determines the time to cool down. After some time of operation, the shredders can overheat, overload, or even can malfunction that leads to paper jams.

Therefore, the run time is the maximum amount of your shredder can operate before needing to shut off and cool down. Personal use shredders have an average of 10 minutes run time before cooling down and on the other hand professional at 20 minutes but can go up to 30 minutes.

Commercial or industrial shredders due to high heavy use can run continuously with minimal cooldown sessions. One thing to note is that a shredder with high-security level affects run time. A DIN level P-4 needs to cool down more than a DIN level P-3 or 2.

  • A higher run time allows more sheets of paper to pass through efficiently
  • A higher run time is more time saving and maximizes energy/power usage
  • A higher run time means more work or productivity done per session

Shredder Score Formula

Let’s understand how the shredder can be the reason of your productivity.

Sheet Capacity x Feet/Meter per minute x Run time = Shredder Score

Applications Using The Formula

In this section, comparing between two shredders will help grasp the concept even faster and better.

Example: Fellowes PowerShred 99 Ci vs Amazon Basics 12

Shredder Fellowes PowerShred99 Ci Amazon Basics 12
Sheet Capacity 18 12
Sheet/FPM 13 feet per minute 6 feet per minute
Run Time 30 mins. 8 mins.
Shredder Score 7,020 576

The Fellowes 99Ci with a higher score tells you its more efficient than Amazon Basics 12 and also, runs for a long time, so a higher score doesn’t make a shredder better.

For different users budget, workload, capacity, and usability can be different factors with different metrics so the priority level can depend. Therefore, you can determine your productivity level from the score and select the most suited paper shredder for you.

Among all of these paper shredder, the top pick is Fellowes 99 Ci that is best regarding performance, speed, run time, and quietness. Everything is incredible despite the lower security level of cross-cutting only.

There are other ideal alternatives as well in this list but this one is consistent, reliable and covers essential primary needs of the consumers and avoids jamming and provides safety while saving energy.

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