OWC 500GB 3G SSD and HDD DIY Review

OWC 500GB 3G SSD and HDD DIY ReviewIf you own a MacBook and looking of upgrade Hard Disk Drive by yourself then here comes the solution for you. OWC 500GB 3G SSD and HDD is now available in the market.

The OWC’s is the in-line solution which lets you enjoy the third-party SATA drive to be installed in your iMac. OWC 500GB 3D SSD & HDD is really an innovative device specially designed for the iMac.

No need to install any software and it also ensures the high compatibility with built-in processes of the Apple.

OWC 500GB 3G SSD and HDD DIY Review

It is the perfect time to add the Solid State Drive in your iMac to experience the fast and instant booting process, instant application launches, and fast data transfer rate. The OWC 500GB 3G SSD & HDD is really offering an incredible data transfer speed. To be more precise and accurate it is highly capable to provide 100X greater data protection & speed as compared to the enterprise-class HDD. Implementation of the RAISE technology for the RAIN is offering maximum data protection and reliability. There is nothing wrong to say that OWC 500GB Mercury 3G SSD is offering unbeatable performance.

Note: It is highly recommended to go through the user manual and proper installation instructional videos in order to install the drive properly. Because OWC is not responsible of any damage during installation.

Features of OWC 500GB 3G SSD & HHD

Finally, here comes the features list of OWC 500GB 3G SSD & HHD which you will experience once you grab it in the palm of your hand and install it in your iMac. Have a deep insight look at the features offered by this drive.

An ultimate solution for the 2009 & 2010 iMac

Get ready to enjoy the best performance of the OWC 500GB 3G SSD with the easy DIY Solid State Drive and hard drive changing kit. It is the perfect time to experience the upgradation iMac hard drive to enjoy ultimate booting, instant application launches, and fast data transfer speeds.

Highly reliable & Optimized SSD

You can experience 100X greater data protection than any traditional enterprise-class Hard drive. There is no match of the OWC 500GB 3G SSD & HHD in term of performances.

Update your iMac with the Confidence

Now you can easily upgrade the hard drive of your iMac with the third-party SATA drive installed in your iMac. The package comes with the plug & play cable & a digital thermal sensor which is highly efficient to remove the fan noise and keep the whole system cool.

No software & Drivers

The whole system is specially designed for the iMac and it doesn’t require any software hack & drivers for the proper installation to work compatibility with the built-in Mac diagnostic processes.

Maintain Highest Performance with extreme Ease

The NewerTech AadptaDrive has fully benchmark test proven in order to deliver the same data throughput rates as when it is connected directly with the SATA data bus. The Adaptative actually doesn’t create a bottleneck to the performance of the drive.

Things Include in Package

It comes with 1 OWC Mercury 3G SSD, 1 AdaptaDrive 2.5’’ to 3.5’’ drive converter Bracket, 1 OWC in-link Digital Thermal Sensor Cable, 2 OWC 2-1/4’’ Suction Cup, 1 Torx T10 driver, 1 Torx T* driver, Nylon Pry Tool, 1 OWC Blue Microfiber screen cleaning cloth.

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  • Highly Compatible with iMac.
  • Super Speedy performance.
  • Highly reliable & durable.
  • DIY Complete Bundle Upgrade kit for iMac 2009- 2010.


  • Lack some of the superclass factors.


All in all, if you really want the speedy, & reliable performance of your iMac then instantly upgrade your HDD with OWC 500GB SSD by yourself. While reviewing this product we found that most of the users are highly satisfied with the performance of the OWC 500GB 3G SSD & HDD. Rush now & add it in your cart.

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In this OWC 500GB 3G SSD and HDD DIY Review you will learn everything about the drive. OWC 500GB 3G SSD and HDD DIY Review (Updated)

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