Netgear Nighthawk R7000 AC1900 Review

unicorn reviews and today we’re having a look at net gears nighthawk router so this is the our 7000 or also known as the AC 1900 model basically it’s a simultaneous dual-band router so you get 600 on the 2.4 gigahertz range and then the other 1300 on the 5 gigahertz rate, of course, you still have to divide those two values because they just add upload and download up so you get 650 megabits theoretically of course download or upload.

Netgear Nighthawk R7000 AC1900 Review

Netgear Nighthawk R7000 AC1900 Review

Obviously,  you can’t quite reach these values but it’s still a pretty good thing but we’re going to go into detail about those things later.

Now, first of all what’s in the box basically this unit itself the router itself there’s also this giant power brick now as you can see the router itself is already the size of a rather large tablet so why the power brick has to be separate I don’t quite know that but apparently Netgear chose to do that what else is in the box a quick install guide now about the installation it is ridiculously simple basically just plug in the power plug in the internet cable and then you know into the modem port because it has five ports more about that later and then you just go to router login net and there your you just login with admin and then the password is password because he a screw originality and I just get a giant web interface where you can set pretty much anything there’s also an app so there’s also the Netgear genie app for your smart devices so that’s all pretty cool setup is incredibly easy although it did take me quite a while to find out where I could actually change the password from password to something a bit more personal in the setup you can also set up different protocols so for example well actually let’s put it differently this is a wireless router but actually it’s a switch and access points and the router so for the routing portion you can either turn routing off completely at which point is just a switch and an access point which is what I think most people will actually do because when you live in Belgium like I do your ISP already gives you a wireless router you just use the route the wireless router they give you you use that one as a modem and then you use your own one because their routers are usually but anyway you can turn routing protocols on and off you have access to options such as our IP you can also install different firmware on this so if you want to go with wrt you can all that sort of stuff that’s pretty cool what else do we have we have
parental controls which pretty much is the same as a custom OpenDNS where you just limit which sites are accessible that way I have to make an account for that it’s not actually built into the modem itself now next up let’s talk about the switching capabilities obviously it is a gigabit switch gigabit switches are incredibly common these days this one has 4 ports plus 1/5 1 for the modem port again more about that later and yeah it just works you know with stuff like this it either works or doesn’t work this one works that’s pretty much all you need to know so about the most important thing because we have already established that setup is incredibly easy and with a lot of
customization also something I forgot as guest networks are very easy accessible or you can also turn them on turn them off the plan decide which frequencies they use which channels they use pretty much everything you would expect from a router is in here and then a bit a few more options which you never heard of so let’s talk about connectivity another thing I should probably have mentioned before going into the wireless capabilities are the fact that it has a USB 2.0 port at the back for stuff like updating your firmware if you know you can do that through the web interface so I don’t know I don’t really see a point in it there’s also USB 3.0 port for hard
drives printers all that sort of stuff so you can use this as a DLNA server
pretty cool stuff there as well but yeah how about the range of this
thing because on their website they describe this as for very large homes
which is very very vague I would prefer to just see coverage in square meters or something else but range it is incredibly good for a router this price
some people have said that it’s a bit overpriced maybe compared to the
competition but it is great when it comes to range you get these three
antennas you can change the angle of them Netgear recommends you put them in
a v-shape or a 45 degree angle of course you know this is the 45 this is the 90 done and yeah basically anywhere in the house on the first floor I was getting maximum coverage so the 100% they actually have the Wi-Fi analyzer app for that if you use it with a smartphone I of course did my testing you know with my laptop or hybrid or tablet whatever you want to call it so coverage is great even at three levels higher here still great coverage and for me the most surprising thing was that with this router sitting here me walking all the way to the garden house 50 meters away from here I was still getting a quarter of the reception it could possibly give you and we were still getting to boats of 30 megabytes a second which is pretty insane so you only need one of these if you live in a large house which I guess is why Netgear described it as that let’s do a conclusion here as I said I don’t know if I if I said it actually but this is my first router review so I can’t really compare it to anything else and so I went online to compare it to
other things obviously and what I pretty much have to say about it is that it is ridiculously good very easy to set up everyone’s pretty happy with it I didn’t really notice any major problems that anyone had with this model but people do describe it as a bit oversized for what it is and a bit expensive for what it is but then you do get good support and despite the fact that the web app looks pretty much like it came right at it in 90s it does all work it’s very stable and what else do you really need from a wireless router so anyway guys thank you all very much.


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