Mushkin TRIACTOR-3D – 1TB Internal SSD Review

Mushkin TRIACTOR-3D - 1TB Internal SSD Review

The Mushkin Triactor 3D 1TB Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) is the one which takes your computer to the next level. It is fast and reliable and boots much faster than the other normal hard drives. It is based on the modern 3D NAND mechanism which delivers excellent performance and the huge storage capacity allows you to store a lot of data in your computer and allows your computer to perform and execute faster than ever.

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Mushkin TRIACTOR-3D 1TB Internal SSD Review

Some professionals mostly work in half resolution before finalizing any project due to output limitations. The Mushkin Triactor 3D allows working even in full resolution without compromising the performance. It delivers exceptional performance and speed even in full resolution.

It provides the users best experience as compared to external hard drives which are costly and noisy and generates a lot of heat. It generates low heat even if you are working on multiple projects. So, now you can focus on your work instead of your hardware.

The Mushkin Triactor 3D features M.E.D.S (Mushkin Enhanced Data Protection Suite) which offers:

  • Internal flash array which delivers ultimate data protection like RAID.
  • Strongest data correction with the help of built-in LDPC ECC.
  • Data shaping mechanism which increases tolerance.
  • Ensures data integrity with StaticDataRefresh.
  • Strong block remains in use.
  • Remove counts for blocks to extend forbearance.

Mushkin Triactor 3D NAND helps your computer system to run multiple programs at the same time. It optimizes and boosts your productivity in daily computing tasks. It is ready to use for multiple years with built-in error handling techniques and protect your data from all the threats.

The Mushkin Triactor 3D 1TB Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) makes your computer faster and reliable to use even it is an older computer or the latest gaming system. It is compatible with desktop computers, laptops, work-stations, Xbox, and PlayStation.


Mushkin is the company which is dedicated to its work to supply efficient solutions in the market. It delivers the leading performance in all means of the working environment. Some of its key features are pinned below:

  • Data protection suite included.
  • 4KB random read and write speed.
  • Dynamic SLC caching.
  • SATA 3.0 interface.
  • Low operating temperature.
  • Maximum shock resistance.
  • SMART support.
  • Temperature sensor included.
  • Static data refreshing ability.

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  • Super-fast speed
  • Less expensive
  • Data protection suite available.
  • High shock resistance.
  • Low power consumption and generates minimum heat.


  • Low digital storage capacity.


The Mushkin Triactor 3D 1TB Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) is really fast and reliable to boost your computer’s performance and abilities. The 1 TB large space offers to store more data to your SSD with the fastest read and write speed. Overall, it makes your computer pleasant and quick to use either it is an older system or the new generation gaming system. It is perfect for those who want to attach some extra space at a cheap price. It is based on the latest NAND technology which ensures the best performance and durability which actually takes your system to the next levels.


You can explore more external hard drives and for fast storage get SSD drives but if you are confused to choose then see the difference between SSD and HDD.

This Mushkin TRIACTOR-3D Review covers everything about this SSD. Mushkin TRIACTOR-3D – 1TB Internal SSD Review (Pros/Cons)

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