Macbook Tips

MacBook Tips That Should Come in Handy for New Users

MacBook Tips That Should Come in Handy for New Users

New MacBook owners may find it difficult to get used to their new computer, particularly if they have been using Windows OS before for many years.

Of course, using the MacBook and figuring its features and other aspects is an optimal option. However, not everyone has the time to let things occur naturally because they need to master the computer for work.

In case you are looking to make more out of your MacBook, this article should be quite useful. And remember that the more of the tips mentioned below you implement into your routine, the more efficient you will be with your new computer.

Maintain Mac in Good Condition

While there should not be problems with a new computer’s performance, do not underestimate the importance of taking proper care of your MacBook. If various issues snowball out of control, using the laptop will become a bother

If you hear loud noises and notice that the computer is overheating, clean the dust inside. Too many active applications are a problem as well because they consume system resources. Knowing how to decrease ram usage mac has is necessary.

You need to quit redundant background applications and restart the computer regularly. It would also help to use applications that are not as resource-heavy. For example, an internet browser.

Freeing up drive space may also become an issue eventually. Aim to have enough free storage on the MacBook’s disk by removing old apps, downloads, and temporary storage.

Putting effort into maintaining the laptop in good condition will mean eliminating performance problems that will get in the way of your productivity.

Memorize Relevant Keyboard Shortcuts

MacBook Tips That Should Come in Handy for New Users

Go to the official Apple support site and navigate to the help section if you wish to learn more about the MacBook keyboard shortcuts. Some combinations should not be that surprising, but you may find a shortcut or a few that may take a while to memorize.

Keep in mind, though, that you do not have to learn every available shortcut. Pick those that are relevant and memorize them.

If you have to send screenshots to coworkers or clients often, Shift + Command + 4 and Shift + Command + 3 will likely be one of the first keyboard shortcuts you need memorizing.

In case you work with multiple files and have to discard them often, dragging them in the Trash Bin and emptying manually is not efficient. Instead, select a file and hit Option + Command + Delete to remove the file from the MacBook permanently.

With time, you should memorize more keyboard shortcuts and become more efficient at using your laptop.

Consider Using the Dictation Feature

The dictation feature comes in handy when you want to rest your fingers from all that typing but still need to get the work done. Using your voice to dictate the text to the MacBook may seem weird at first, but it can save you some trouble.

Take a document or another source of text you want to dictate, enable the feature, and start talking to the MacBook’s microphone.

Add Signatures to PDF Documents

MacBook Tips That Should Come in Handy for New Users

If you are tired of signing documents you receive in a digital format, create a digital signature and use it instead.

First, get a piece of paper and sign on it. Take the signature’s picture with your MacBook’s camera or your smartphone and upload the picture to the computer.

Next, launch the Preview app and open any PDF document on it. To add a signature, you will need to click on the pen icon and hit “Create Signature,” which will let you upload the signature’s photo.

Now, you can add signatures to PDFs and forget about printing those documents and scanning them after signing a document with your hand.

Look up Word Definitions

There is no need to open a separate tab to find out what an unfamiliar word or phrase means. You need to highlight the part and press Command + Control + D. A dictionary pop-up will come out, showing you the definition.

Take Advantage of Integrated Tools 

You can find many great applications on the official Apple Store. However, it is worth noting that macOS comes with a number of great built-in applications, most notably Time Machine and Spotlight.

Combining Time Machine with an external drive lets you back up the computer’s data. You could also use iCloud that lets you create a mini ecosystem between Apple devices since it becomes possible to share files between the MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. However, iCloud requires a monthly fee to get enough storage.

As for Spotlight, the tool can be used to search for files on the MacBook, definitions, calculations, conversions, local weather reports, and nearby restaurants as well as other locations.


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