Is IPS Monitor good for eyes?

Is IPS Monitor good for eyes?In this age of modern technology, not only adults but also kids spend a lot of time gazing at screens of PC’s or monitors for work or gaming without considering that it would affect their eyes badly. If you need to keep your eyes sound, you ought to be picky about the screens you look at. You have likely to think about which screen is not causing harm to your eyes even if you increase your screen time and which will cause stress on your eyes even if you look at it for an hour.

While picking a screen to use with a work area or PC or a gaming console, You should think about its consequences for your eyes. You will be gazing at a screen for a long time but you are unaware of the signs that are affecting your eyes. If children are using PC this turns out to be more significant because kids are more defence less against eye issues like eye strain and eye exhaustion. If you are a constant user of the screen then you must have probably experienced eye strain. This is called “Digital eye strain”. Before choosing a good computer screen, you should be aware of the digital eye strain so that you can be able to select a good monitor screen that would not cause vulnerable eye problems.

Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain is just a piece of “Computer Vision Syndrome”.

 According to research by NCBI, it is estimated that the prevalence of Digital eye strain is among 50% or more computer users.

It is not an eye disease, it disappears once you rest but it is a symptom we experience when most of the time we sit for hours in front of screens and eyes get exhausted. It happens when eyes become weary of extreme utilization. If you may feel inconvenience in the wake of looking for something quite a while, it implies you have eye strain.

The research done by the Vision Research council proved that more than 59% of digital owned people were harmed by symptoms of digital eye vision.

Side Effects of Eye Strain

  • Weakness around the neck
  • Torment around eyes
  • Migraine
  • Obscured vision
  • Affected sensitivity to light
  • Distorted Concentration

How to Avoid Digital Eye Strain?

So, what is advisable to avoid this strain? What would it be advisable for you to consider when purchasing another screen for your eyes? How should you sit to use it?

The best screens for eye strain those that are simple on the eyes, so a simple method to counter the hurtful impacts of gazing at your PC all day is to utilizing a bent screen. Bended screens give less twisting, more extensive field of view, and better review points to keep you wearing out your eyes.

According to research by American Harvard Medical School, people get less eye strain by using curved monitors irrespective of those who use flat monitors.

What are Curved Computers?

Curved Computers are curved screens monitors. These curved screens can give a wider angle to look at and help the viewers to get less stress on their eyes. These help to remove the distortion of image quality. They are a new technology constantly taking place of flat monitors. Their main benefit is reducing ee strain and providing a wider angle.


  • They help viewers by
  • Removing distortion
  • Providing comfort angle to eyes
  • Providing superior field view

Best curved monitors

While looking for Curved Computers we should go for the IPS panels.

Are IPS good for eyes? So yes, If you want to protect the eyes, you must go for a monitor with IPS panel.

What is IPS?

IPS is an In-Plane-Switching panel. This a screening technology used for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) providing a lot of color in different patterns. LCD can be shifted to a horizontal position for a better view by providing good angles.

IPS screens are truly incredible worth in regards to shading execution and super-wide survey points. The sweeping survey points given by IPS screens help to convey exceptional shading when being seen from various points. These have the highest color gamut presenting realistic graphics if games.

IPS Monitor Advantages:

Here is a list of its benefits of using IPS monitors:

Outstanding colour gamut and consistency

On the off chance that you need to show a bigger subset of shadings, IPS are the best approach. It can expand the scope of tones it can show precisely from your photographs(Indeed most screens can show all the tones in your photographs.

Viewing Angles

It means if you are viewing from different angles you can still get an appropriate colour range. It helps a lot in preventing strain because you can use it in your most comfortable zone sitting at any angle and looking at it through different directions. Still, it will give the same quality video.

Sufficient response time.  

In general, they have quicker reaction times, the times it takes for an offered pixel to change conceal as fast as could be expected (normally estimated from dim-white or white-dark).

Best Insight

The different quality designs fabricated with IPS are innovating to a better and faster experience. Hence increasing the viewing and focusing quality.

Color Contrast

Virtually eliminates color contrast seen with VA displays. The contrast ratio is efficient for the quality of the display. Hence reducing pressure on the eyes.

IPS GLOW and Eyestrain

The IPS panel used of low quality may affect your eyes. Sometimes it is bearable but most of the times cause itching into the eyes. If you want to improve it, you have to follow the following tips:

  • Use a panel of high quality doesn’t matter it is expensive but it wouldn’t affect your eyes in case of using a superior quality panel.
  • Adjust the brightness and keep it low so that your eyes will not get the great intensity of brightness.
  • Adjust the monitor height and place it at a safe distance.
  • Clean the panel if it is containing dirt or you can use an alternative of a flame panel construction way.
  • Improve the contrast ratio if the previous one is causing harm to your eye.

Precautions while using any IPS

To protect your eyes completely, while using any IPS you should also consider the following factors to keep your health of eye good.

Resolution of screen

Keep the resolving power at optimum. Do not minimize or extend it. It should not be too high or low.

Blue Light

Blue light is the main factor in screens causing harms to eyes. Its long term exposure may cause issues. Must buy a computer with a blue light filter. It has solutions like blue light filter glasses or software like flux.

Non-Ergonomic computers

Ergonomics and a good posture while using the monitor is damn as important as considering other factors. The monitor should be highly adjustable regarding length, height and width and its adjustments can be done horizontally and vertically.

Display Flicker

The backlight of the monitor automatically turns off and on automatically to adjust brightness leading to causing harms to the eyes. Constant changes in intensity cause headaches and eyes fatigue.

Glossy screen

When the screen is too much shiny it can lead to the effect of reflecting the light which can irritate while watching or looking at the screen.



So, considering the above details you are now able to consider an IPS monitor to best to avoid Eye Strain. IPS monitors have different versions do check it out before buying. Also, keep the checkpoints mentioned above for eye care while using any version of IPS or any other computer screen.

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