Installing a Second IDE Hard Drive

Those looking to install secondary IDE hard drive will find this article informative. I am going to discuss the step-by-step process of installing a second hard drive to your desktop computer system and how to connect it properly with the motherboard.

Installing a Second IDE Hard Drive

Installing a Second IDE Hard Drive

Let’s get started.

1. Into and Power Down

It’s recommended to power down the system before dinging any kind of interior work. First, shut down the machine from the operating system and then unplug the power switch. If you didn’t remove the AC power cord then the internal component will still be functional so it’s important to unplug the power supply.

2. Open up the Computer Case

Depending upon the manufacturing of the case the process of removing computer case varies. Most of the time cases have a side panel or door whereas the older system requires the whole cover to be removed. Sometimes there can be screws used to fasten the case need to be removed as well and they are located at safe places.

3. Unplugging Current Drive Cables

It’s not important but it can make the process of installing second hard drive much easier in your computer system. You only have to use IDE and power cables of the current hard drive (primary one).

4. Set the Drive Mode Jumper

You get documentation with the hard drive you can follow it to set the jumpers if not then there will be any diagrams on the drives which can be helpful to set jumpers to enable it to be a slave drive.

5. Inserting the Drive to the Cage

Now you can insert the drive into the cage. Few cases have a removable cage that makes the process much easier. You can simply slide the drive into the cage and then the mounting holes on the drive meet the holes on the cage. After this, you can fasten the drive and screws.

6. Attach the IDE Drive Cable

No, you have to connect the IDE cable using the ribbon cable with both ends of the drives. The old hard drive as well as the secondary hard drive. Further on the connecter need to be connected with the motherboard. The middle connector will be plugged into the secondary hard drive. If the cable cannot fit in certain directions then place the red striped portion of the IDE cable towards the pin 1 of the drive.

7. Insert Power to Drive

Now the only thing to do is to attach the power connectors inside the computer. You can use any 4-pin Molex power connector and then simply find the power supply option and plug the connector on the drive. Now you need to verify that the primary drive was removed before.

8. Replace the Computer Cover

Once connected fasten the case and replace the panel with screws.

9. Power up the computer

After the drive installation, you can plug the AC power adapter into the switch and turn on the system and done flipping the switch on the back to the ON position.

Now that the hard drive is physically installed and it’s ready for operations in your computer. You can make sure that BIOS is picking up the new hard drive. If it detects it then no issue, If it isn’t then you can make changes in the computer BIOS parameters so that the controller can detect the hard drive.

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