HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Review HP vs Epson vs Canon Printers Comperison

hi guys in today’s video I’m gonna review my HP printer which I got a few weeks ago and as you may know if you watch my previous videos I already had an Epson printer and also Canon printer I got them a few months ago and you probably wonder wired up a third printer why well that’s because first of all the camera printer which I got first unfortunately failed yeah.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Review

HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Review

I got basically a broken printer the first page which I printed unfortunately was terribly unaligned and that wasn’t something I could fix I tried believe me but unfortunately it was some kind of a manufactured defect so I returned a printer and I got an Epson printer which I actually used for over a half a year and I liked it but unfortunately the ink was so expensive that I decided to sell the printer and got an HP printer yes eggs were aroundthe printer costs around I think and Jesse collar eggs  and I think there was  extra for the black ink I don’t know but unfortunately they said that it’s supposed to last 300 pages and definitely it didn’t last that long oh no I had a feeling they even they didn’t even fill out the inks fully so maybe I got like half full ink I don’t know it was just such a waste of money so even though I really liked that printer it was kind of big and bulky but it was printing fast it took a while to turn it on and turn it off but it was alright but yeah because of the incas I decided to just going by the HP printer because basically it was actually cheaper to buy a new with aims that buy eggs for my Epson printer yeah that’s that’s really great I mean really sad some things are so expensive that it’s actually better investment to buy another new printer with new inks that’s really great unfortunately I cannot support it but I decided to sell my absolute printer so someone else is happy now with it hopefully I give them a big discount so they got it for 20 bucks okay so why HP printer that’s because the end customers to be a lot less out I actually bought new eggs for my printer which came with already new eggs but I decided to just go and buy another set of eggs just to make sure that I won’t run out and I bought new inks at Costco and a full set of colorings cost about plus black eggs set up to cost around the set of black eggs last for 3000 pages so you pay but it’s not gonna last 300 pages like Absinthe guarantees even though it’s like I would say maybe a hundred pages are actually less with absent eggs so HP guarantees 3000 pages with these black inks we will see I’ll let you know but so far so good I printed quite read documents color document us black and white documents and I didn’t see any difference in the ink amount so hopefully that’s a good sign we will see another advantage of this HP printer which I’ve noticed is definitely a lot easier to set it out with Canon printer was definitely artists there was no screen so you had to do it all with you know computer art and that it was just a really frustrating process so yeah Karen was divorced what every printer was alright but definitely the HP printer was the easiest printer to set it up so that was a plus and I also noticed that an HP printer takes a lot less time to turn it on and turn it off which is also you know an advantage compared to excellent Canon printers another thing it’s as fast or even faster than the Epson printer Canon printer was definitely the slowest like I would say 70% slower than the epsilon and HP printer like it was a big difference but maybe that was you know because of this – manufacturer defect who knows but yeah I wasn’t really happy with it so I’ve been really liking this HP printer because it prints as fast if not even faster than my absolute venture and it also it’s a lot smaller than Epson printer looks like more sleek and looks better basically and you know more modern it was actually cheaper than absent furniture inks are a lot cheaper – and was easier to set up and it’s easier to use yeah I didn’t have any problems connecting to my computer on my phone with the Epson printer some things it wouldn’t be visible on my computer I don’t know why but I would have that problem you know from time to time with HP printer I didn’t have that problem yet it scales it copies I think it also has a fax I’m not sure but I think it does and it prints pretty fast and the quality is amazing it’s as good as Epson printer if not even better so that was a good choice I’m very happy with that the printer was actually cheaper than any other printers I got and it performs really well so for now I can recommend this printer I also forgot to mention that I got the inks actually on sale and cost for like cheaper than I normally would buy them so that’s also a good thing if your bangs check any kind of coupons and promotional websites because you can save a lot of my starter ends all new manual what else instant in okay so now I’m gonna install cartridges which are here okay and I can see that this thing it has super small you can actually install a lot wider ink I think it’s the Excel one so yeah I can see yeah you can get regular ink number 902 or the Excel version and the same with 906 Excel so it’s gonna be a little bit cheaper which is nice and that’s why I actually decided to get this printer because of the price of the ink I used to have the Absinthe printer which was a great but the ink cost it was just too high and it would run out a lot earlier than expected and I just I can’t recommend the Absinthe printer if you care about the cost of printing and the HP printer should supposed to be very economic it shouldn’t cost a lot to get the ink and they should last a lot longer like for these ends I read that post is supposed to last for 800 pages and compared to Epson ink or which one ink what cartridge would last up to 300 pages so it is a big difference okay and I’m just gonna close this and keep setting it up now scanning the alignment page and everything looks great so far I’m just gonna set it at 4 with my computer to see it’s gonna be easy to connect but so far so good I like happy with this printer it’s actually pretty easy to set up compared to for example Canon or even absolute printer yeah so I think that’s all I wanted to mention if I don’t forget about something it’s gonna be in the description box as well as all the links to this printer so make sure you check it out and if you have any questions then please leave them down below in a comment section and I will see you soon in the next video

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