HP officejet 5255 wireless printer review

HP officejet 5255 wireless printer review

HP Officejet 5255 wireless printer review

you guys spin up plus 66 pathetic oh they look at the HP Officejet affordable prints 52 55 so this one is a multitasking and connect affordable prints five two five five two point four two five gigahertz wireless Brendan scan copy fax instant ink mono touchscreen HP smart app I would have to definitely download this copied onto the map document feeder to set up printing okay Officejet five to five five so takes USB internet one point five year by thirty to sixty forget windows reason–i cd-rom DVD driver internet USB so let’s unbox it for you guys and sure how it looks like talk amongst yourselves okay on the inside so he’s gonna help me unpack all this so first off we got literature HP all-in-one series are done will they each be smart half pro hopefully I’ll set this up for you HP instant ink and to get your user men okay so what I’m gonna do is were friends guide hopefully you’re gonna read all these war literature and our HP cartridge okay you got your HP cartridges that’s the tricolor on the black cartridge and you get your power this for power in the printer a pigeon I you didn’t you cannot plug this into the battery anymore okay let’s seek this out here oh let’s take this out okay there it is so what you need to do is first of all to use for remove the tapes that’s covering the covering the lid the second thing you want to do is you need to go ahead and take the tape out that is covering underneath this the way covering the paper but it gets up is the printer itself okay modern design let’s take a look at the back now on the back you get your power cord that’s really plug it in power up okay okay so we got our line one line output extra line output there’s a little thing covering up to that they have two line outputs I don’t I don’t know but I have to take it to the book real quick and your USB that’s where he plug it into the printer itself now if you don’t have a USB cord purchase one from hp.com get a USB plug it into the computer you’re gonna be all set and you’re gonna be ready print print print okay so we got our fax copier machine when you open the lip out that’s where you that’s where you put the ink cartridges right in there so they’re committed they’re gonna go into the corresponding order there’s a little ginger nice little car fax copier machine okay on the front got a wireless symbol LCD touch bag display and you’ve got I think this is where paper is gonna come out where paper is gonna come out that’s part one let’s see if you got any power on this okay I’m gonna have to put this in real quick but in the meantime let’s not be over HP brand it here’s where you put your paper this is a copier machine and this is where you put a copy of machine paper here paper clip here so there’s a copy of machine there’s a fax machine here HP brand on the top HP Officejet five to five five branded okay one what I’m gonna do is let me pause the video I’ll plug this in we’ll set it up and we’ll I’m gonna see how the printer looks talk amongst yourselves alright just sort of back in now got this all plugged in now let’s power up and see what the bull upstarts process is like HP logo on the front that says loading so it means it’s gonna take its time to put all load no next thing you need to do is download the HP smart app once you open that up alright once you open up up it’s gonna start searching for printers but you see that you see that little screen it’s still loading but if you don’t know it you separately then what we need to do is we gotta go to the printer let me press alright it’s doing the diagnosis make sure printers turned on I need to set up our language English USA set up with the app visit the website this app will help you set up your printer so it’s searching for printers make sure the printer support turned on so what I’m gonna do is let me pause the video I’ll set up everything I don’t see how it sounds like okay now we’re gonna set up the printer there we go simple as that nice tomato cartridge levels okay so what I’m gonna do is let me load in some cartridges and well we’ll see how it works only Joe so we’re back in now got the printer all set up now so now let’s test it out so first thing you want to do darrel the HP smart app once you take it to that app once you plug in the printing itself press the power button and you’re gonna see a LCD display it’s gonna say English sort of everything if you having trouble shooting tips go to the HP smart app and once your printer is done it’s all set up also when your ink is running out I think it’s gonna it’s gonna end in this place it’s gonna notify you so let’s see how the printing option looks so let’s go to let me go to my photos a little quick ad up on there like and for example let’s do torta Corolla LE and all you need to do is when you’re ready to print press the print button that’s gonna say processing that’s gonna print to HB / Officejet 5200 series copies 1 press the print button and it’s gonna print and let’s see let’s see how the printing process Lutz watch the paper coming out it’s still taking time you can hear the papers coming out okay and they’re dumped that’s how it looks so you can also do copy scan and fax this will be in the later description below anyway tell me what to think about the product here if you like my channel please follow me on my Instagram snapchat or Facebook Doby many more products coming soon so that’s going to do for me guys in this video thank you for watching and I’ll see you again in the next video energize

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