How You can Fill and Sign Contracts When Working from Home

How You can Fill and Sign Contracts When Working from Home

Are you looking for an employee who understands what you need, even while working from home? Or you may be planning to dial a remote command, but how do you arrange it correctly? The most straightforward way is to use a freelance contract template. Many professionals can work from home without downside to your business, for example: sales managers, call center operators, programmers, marketers, accountants, lawyers, journalists, support staff, and representatives of any profession for whom it is enough to have a computer and an Internet connection at home.


For many job seekers, the ability to work from home is an advantage. The queries “remote work,” “work from home,” “freelancer” are among the most popular among users searching for jobs during the pandemic. The remote work format is also beneficial for the employer: you can save money on office rent, equipment, and a special assessment of workplaces. You may be able to hire a specialist from a region where the salary level is noticeably lower than in your area, and agree with him or her on a lower salary than you would have to pay a specialist from your area. Some studies show that the level of involvement of remote workers in their tasks is even higher than for those who work in the office.


Benefits of remote contract work


In the contract on remote work, you can establish additional grounds for dismissal than those allowed in a regular employment contract. This is important because you have less real ability to control remote employees than those who work in your office. If an ordinary employee does not come to work without good reason, you can fire them for absenteeism. What if your telecommuter stops communicating? Establishing clear conditions upfront is important.


For example, one company indicated in an employment freelance contract template the following grounds for termination: violation of the procedure and the deadline for submitting reports on the work done, change in the employer’s development strategy due to the employee’s unsatisfactory performance. For these violations, she fired the employee. The court agreed with the legality of the dismissal.


Freelance contract templates are more comfortable with labor protection. It is not necessary to conduct a special assessment of working conditions in a remote worker’s workplace. This is directly stated in the law. The employer’s obligations for a remote employee’s labor protection are generally limited to only three points:


  •  Such an employee, like any other, must be insured against industrial accidents and occupational diseases;


  •  The remote worker needs to be familiarized with the labor protection requirements, most importantly if he works with equipment and tools that were recommended or provided by the employer;


  •  If a remote employee is injured while working or develops an occupational disease, the employer must investigate these incidents, like accidents at work or occupational diseases of ordinary employees.


Features of the freelance contract template for remote work



  1. Internet


This agreement is intended for cases when an employee uses the Internet to perform labor functions (that is, the work itself is connected to the Internet) and feedback from the employer. But this does not mean that it can only be concluded with representatives of the Internet professions. Even if the Internet is used for only one hour a week, and the rest of the time, the work is not connected with the Internet, you can still conclude employment for remote work using a freelance contract template. Remote contract work agreements are often made, for example, with regional sales representatives, although they spend most of their working hours traveling to customers.


  1. Remote contract work


The main feature of a remote contract work agreement is that the employee does not have a workplace under the employer’s control. It is imperative to use a freelance contract template that indicates that the work is performed remotely. The vague phrase that an employee can work remotely is not enough. You can specify, for example:” The employee performs his job outside the employer’s location (remotely).” Usually, they also write that the place of work is the employee’s location, but this is not necessary.


  1. Employee reporting


It is necessary to think over and prescribe the procedure and terms for the employee to provide reports on the work done. Online reporting has several significant advantages. First, speaking during a video conference is not as stressful for many people as it is in person, because they are sitting at their computer in a comfortable home environment. Second, if we use the many opportunities that the Internet offers us, an online-presentation can be much more informative than a traditional one. Third, along the way, you will learn many new tools that will come in handy in the future.


  1. Means of labor


It is imperative to write about the equipment, software, information security means (since work and interaction on work issues are related to the use of the Internet), and other means that the employee uses. According to the law, the employer must provide everything necessary for the employee’s work.


  1. Mode of operation


The remote worker sets the mode of working time and rest time at their discretion. But it is possible to establish “otherwise” in the freelance contract template. What does it mean? The standard condition of the working hours, for example, from 9:00 to 19:00 with a lunch break, seems comical, given that it will be challenging to control its implementation on the “remote control.”


Usually, they write the total number of working hours per week, and the details depend on the nature of the work (whether you need an employee to always be in touch during your regular working hours, or not). For example, “The employee sets the working hours and rest hours independently.” Just do not forget to indicate which time zone the time will be determined by if you and the employee are in different time zones.



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