Carry Everything You Need on a Tiny USB Stick

USB flash drives are also known as thumb drives, pen drives, memory sticks. USB drives are best portable storage solution which is inexpensive, and commonly used. Sometimes you will find it as a give away with promotional items. Despite being small, cheap and ubiquitous, don’t underestimate these little storage devices. They are the best options to keep your most private data in your hand every time regardless of having power or anything else.

How USB Thumb drives are Useful

How USB Thumb drives are Useful

Let’s see the top usage of this device.

Use a USB Flash Drive to Keep Essential Files Always Available

As they are available in gigabytes as well so you can store large files and use the drive as your key chain rather than holding your projects in a heavy laptop. Either it’s images, recordings, outlook files, medical records, or any kind of information you need to access emergency. USB drives can be helpful if you move in different offices or travel a lot, you can keep them with your anywhere you go.

Before storing data on your drive, encrypt the drive for data protection because it’s prone to lost easily therefore, no one should be able to access the data without you.

USB File Management & Security Resources:

You can use TrueCrypt program to protect files on your USB drive.

Store data in emergency situation

Keep your desktop and USB files in sync using Always Sync program.

USB drive for carrying useful applications

Majority of the commonly used programs you can install on your thumb drive or other portable hardware without replacing the computer hard drive. The great advantage of pen drives is that you can use portable apps and no personal data is left behind. There’s a portable version of Firefox, OpenOffice portable and several other available.

If your USB drive is a U3 smart drive which most of the SandDisk drives are you can access several U3 smart applications which you can install in your drive using the U3 Launchpad. Many U3 drives are already installed in the drives like Firefox, RoboForm2Go, McAfee Antivirus etc.

Similarly there’s another popular platform called PortableApps which allows you to use programs on USB drives. This is an open source tool suit which comes with integrated menu and backup utility plus Firefox browser, Thunderbird email client, Sunbird calendar, OpenOffice, Pidgin instant messaging, and many games.

You can download portable apps anytime your want using the internet connection and go to software providers website for directories of USB pen drive.

USB for troubleshooting and Repairing Computer

You can use USB flash drive for troubleshooting and repairing your computer issues and then you can run diagnostics which you can run directly from the USB flash drive. AVG, is a USB-optimized antivirus application which allows you to virus scan in your drive directly from PC.

There’s a utilities kit in your drive or download these:

CCleaner: Windows optimization and privacy tool

AppCrashView: This tool shows all the details of the applications allowing you to troubleshoot them.

AVG Rescue CD for Pen Drive: This is a portable antivirus, antispyware and system recovery tool.

WirelessNetView: This tool does monitoring and detects any kind of wireless networks around you.

Use a USB Flash Drive to Make Windows Run Faster with Windows ReadyBoost

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users are free to use pen drives for the improvement of their system performance using flash drive as additional memory cache. As soon as you attach a compatible removable storage device with your machine, Windows ReadyBoost programs initiates and takes permission to use the USB to increase the performance with Windows ReadyBoost.

The amount of space Microsoft recommends for ReadBoost is three times of the total memory on your computer; So if you have 1 GB or RAM in your system, you can use 1GB to 3GB on flash drive for ReadyBoost.

It’s a fact that all the drives may not be compatible with the software. The minimum requirements for the drive are 256 MB and drives having poor read and write can fail the compatibility test. Therefore only use a compatible device with ReadyBoost program if you want to see the significant different for your loading applications and windows startup.

USB for running a separate OS

You can easily run a different Operating System on your thumb drive without modifying your computer hard drive. If you are interested in Linux you can get a Damn Small Linux already embedded USB drive and simply install Linux OS on your drive. You can also boot your Windows from USB drive which can be helpful if your PC is unbootable and you can get back into troubleshoot and repair.

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