How To Wipe A Hard Drive Completely Erase Everything

How To Wipe A Hard Drive

If you have decided to wipe out your hard drive completely then this guide of how to wipe a hard drive and completely erase everything. But you should know that deleting all information does not wipe a hard drive and nor formatting. So to wipe the hard drive completely follow these extra steps.

When you delete a partition or format hard drive, the file system doesn’t get deleted. So it shows that data is gone but it’s image still exists which is invisible, so data is no longer blatantly indexed but still can be recovered by recovery software.

How To Wipe A Hard Drive Completely

So follow along these steps to wipe a hard drive using special software if you want to say goodbye your private information forever. This guide will also help you wipe information using simple format command on windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10. Don’t be in a hurry because depending upon the software/method you choose and how big the hard drive is in size this wiping process can take several minutes to several hours without deleting windows. Also, don’t mess with BIOS for this.

How to wipe a Computer Hard Drive

Without further ado follow the easy steps below for how to a wipe hard drive completely.

1) Before starting wipe must take back up of your desired information you want to keep. After this is finished there will be absolutely no way of getting that data back.

Important: In case you have multiple drives on a single drive use Disk Management tools to view the volumes in the drive.

2) You need a free data destruction program. In this list, the first eight programs will be perfect to wipe hard drive outside of windows which is great. Our favorite program is DBAN and best pick for this task. Also the probably most widely used tool for wiping hard drives. Here is a detailed walkthrough tutorial about how to wipe a hard drive with DBAN if you are feeling nervous about this.

Note: Data destruction software is the best and easiest way to completely erase a hard drive and preferred than several other ways to do this task. Also allows the hard drive to be used again.

3) Now follow the necessary steps to install the software, if you are using bootable program DBAN then simply get an ISO image on a DVD disc, CD or a USB flash device. If you are using a USB drive like a flash drive then burn the ISO image to the USB device and boot from the USB drive to get started. If you are using DVD or CD then you will be burning the ISO image to a disc and then boot the disc to run the program.

4) Keep following the program instructions to wipe the hard drive. To know more about the several other data destruction methods for effectiveness or to know the methods see Data Sanitation methods.

5) When you are finished wiping hard drive, take a deep breath and be confident that all the hidden data and information is gone forever. Simple install windows and create new partitions, also forward the hard drive to others or sell it, dispose of it or recycle it all depends on you.

Try this guide of best external hard drives 2018 to pick a best for you.

Tips & More Information on Wiping Hard Drives

For Operating System independent wiping you can use boot-able tools. So simple use this general process if you are on Linux, Ubuntu, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or any other PC OS.

Beginning in Windows Vista, the process of format changed and a single writer zero passes are applied to each non-quick standard format. Or a basic hard drive wipe is processed during a format.

If you are ok with single zero passes then your driver wiped in a regular format with windows 10, through windows vista. For more secure way follow along with the instructions given below to wipe the hard drive. This process is being done for a single partition you are formatting, for more partitions on a physical hard drive you will have to format those additional drives to consider the entire physical disk “Wiped”.

To make sure the files are really gone then a wiping tool is always what you needed. Also, the Free File shredder software programs are another way to destroy your desired individual files on needed basis. These shredder programs do free space wipe which sides all free space on the external hard drive which may contain previously deleted files. Look for a guide on Wipe vs shred vs Delete vs erase difference if you are still confused about wiping your best external hard drive.

Check Out How To Clone A Hard Drive if your hard drive is filled and you want to empty it but also want to store data on some secure place.

How To Wipe A Hard Drive ( Step-By-Step Process ) Updated

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