Xbox One HDD Upgrade: How to upgrade your Xbox One storage

Well, the 500GB standard storage capacity is not enough to store tons of games. Therefore, you always go for an extra hard drive for Xbox one because today’s AAA game install sizes having 40GB sizes will fill up your 500GB in a matter of time.

How to upgrade your Xbox One storage

How to upgrade your Xbox One storage

Here’s the truth:

No one likes to delete games in order to make space for one game. Because the games of that size take an absolute aeon to download over a standard Wi-Fi connection.

Today, I am going to teach you few of the best ways to upgrade the external storage on your Xbox One.

Well, there’s no need to prepare a screwdriver like PS4, Microsoft has made Xbox One compatible with external hard drives instead.

In this quick and easy process, I am going to explain every single step of Xbox One HDD upgrade guide.

Upgrade Xbox One Storage

These steps are required for Xbox one hard drive upgrade.

1.  Choose your external hard drive

As mentioned earlier you don’t need to replace internal storage drive, you can choose an external hard drive. And there are plenty of hard drives for xbox one Console.

Microsoft’s only caveats for what the Xbox One will support is USB 3.0 compatible and 256GB minimum.

However, the Xbox One can support two of these kinds of drives, allowing you to expand your internal storage exponentially.

The best option to choose for Xbox one is WD My Passport Ultra 2Tb drive as it’s USB 3.0 and a whopping 2TB quadruples your Xbox One storage.

Here’s the best part…

This drive is much cheaper and higher in capacity making it the most affordable drive for Xbox One. However, you can get the non-metal version cheaper.

This 5400RMP drive is similar to the drive built-in inside the Xbox One, meaning there won’t by any major difference between internal and external drives.

You could have paid more for 72000 RPM drive, but they’re considerably more money than the 5400RPM options.

2. Plug in into your Xbox One

There are three USB ports available on Xbox One allowing you to attach your brand new external hard drive.

As soon as you turn on your Xbox One, just plug the drive in any USB 3.0 port. You will also get a notification that external hard drive has been connected.

Then you will receive a pop-up that allows you to quickly format the new hard drive.

3. Format the hard drive for game installations

To format, you have to go to settings, then System and choose the Manage Storage option. There are both external hard drive on the right and internal hard drive on the left clearly visible to you.

Before the format, you can only store pictures, music, and video files but no games.

In the drop-down menu pick the Format for Games & Apps option and select Format Storage Device.

You have to assign a name and then decide either you want it to be the default installation drive or just internal drive for now. It’s totally up to you and you can change anytime.

If you stick with the internal drive, as soon as the internal drive is filled up the extra content will automatically start spilling in the external hard drive.

But if you already used the external hard drive to store your games, you can take the drive while on the go to your friends home and start playing games over there. Simply sign into Xbox Live first anyway.

After you take a decision, select the Format Storage Device option and you will see a small loading circle that only shows for a moment and you have to find new locations for all your games.

4. Get the results

Now that your Xbox One storage has extended from 500GB to 2.5TB you can give or take a GB for System admin.

Now you can easily install more than 100 AAA games of 20-25GB size. Or around 50 larger games like 40GB Assassin’s Creed Unity.

You will also see a slight speed increase in game load speeds due to external hard drive. The reason behind this is the USB 3.0 connection which is much faster than the traditional SATA II connection between the Xbox One and the internal hard drive.

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