How to Update Procreate 5?

How to Update Procreate 5?

Procreate users always look forward to new software updates, and many ask how to update Procreate 5?

Procreate 5 is a digital illustration app specifically designed for iPad and apple users to put their imagination into art. The unique color options and amazing features like QuickShape, Drawing Assist, ColorDrop, StreamLine makes it easy to work, especially for beginners.

Procreate has completely revolutionized digital art, as well as the way many people create art in general.

Procreate 5 update

To create convenience in working, procreate developers constantly update their software, and that’s why we have seen users are very open towards procreate new updates and have asked when is procreate 5 coming out?

The release date for Procreate 5 was set for December 8, 2019. Since then, Procreate 5X has been published (on September 21, 2020) with new filters, optimized shortcuts, and text gestures. To optimize your art and working speed.

How to Update Procreate 5

To install new procreate updates is very easy; it is available on Apple App Store for iPad. There are two ways to get procreate 5:

  • Through iPad Settings
  • Directly through Apple App Store

Update through settings:

The Procedure is simple:

Go to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPad to update your iOS.

Tap Download and Install if a new update is available. iOS 13.2 or later is required for Procreate 5.

You only need to update your Procreate app once you’ve got the right iOS. You may already have Procreate 5 if you have automatic updates turned on.

Update Through Apple App Store


Click on your profile photo in the top right corner of the iPad App Store. This will display a list of your installed programs; scroll down to find Procreate. To update your App, click the Update button if one is available. If there is no Update button, the update is most likely already installed.

What is New in Procreate 5?

update of procreate 5

Brush Studio 

Procreate 5 has a brand-new brush studio with a variety of fascinating features. There are 100 new options in the studio, a texture creator and combining brushes. This new tool will be useful to anyone interested in creating their digital illustration brushes. Imagine your favorite art stroke, which required the use of several brushes and pencils to draw; now, you have to design it once and save it. Then your procreate App will make it available whenever needed.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to make your brushes; you can get a variety of brushed. Additionally, the Procreate 5 upgrade includes several new standard brushes, ensuring that you will discover the ideal brushes for your style.

Clone Tool 

Procreate users were impatiently waiting for this addition, and many asked how to clone on procreating, again and again, an especially digital artist who just switched from Photoshop to Procreate

Now you can copy an area of pixels inside your illustration and apply it to other sections of your canvas using the clone tool.

Photoshop Brush Support

Photoshop brush support is an incredible feature, especially for artists who work on both photoshop and procreate. They have to switch their art repeatedly to achieve specific effects in their work.

Now Valkyrie is a new graphics engine that powers Procreate 5. This allows artists to import their favorite Photoshop brushes and utilize them in Procreate. So many artists use certain Photoshop and Procreate brushes. They’ll have more alternatives than ever to produce a consistent artistic appearance now that they can flip between the two apps and use the same brushes.

Animation Assist 

Animation Assist is a real bliss for animators. Although this isn’t the first update to offer animation features, it saves a lot of time and creates convenience in work.

When you enable this function, the Animation Assist toolbar appears at the bottom of your screen. You may use the toolbar to playback your animation, inspect onion skin levels (lower-opacity versions of preceding layers), and select a playback style (e.g., loop or ping pong).

Advanced Floating Color Picker 

Many do not regard this feature as a useful update, but I believe it brings ease in work slightest in worth mentioning.

Procreate 5 adds a detachable color picker, allowing you to move your palette to wherever you want it. This is good from previous versions where you had to go to the top corner of the screen every time you tried to change colors.

Procreate Canvases Customization

Canvas-level customization is quite helpful for freelancers to work on new projects that have completely different canvas settings from each other.

Instead of altering the timelapse recording settings in the overall app preferences, you may now do it for each canvas you make, along with personalizing each canvas by adding your name, photo, and signature.

Additionally, you may also rotate your canvas using the new canvas rotation tool. This is useful if you need to correct the horizon in a computer illustration.

Color Tools Update

Procreate 5 update has many color focused features new tools that can help you work faster, be more creative, and prepare your artwork for whatever you choose to do.

Color Dynamics 

You may build a custom brush with the new Color Dynamics tool that changes color, saturation, and brightness based on stylus pressure.

Color Harmony 

Now you don’t have to close you’re procreating App to select complementary colors. Now instead of consulting a third-party color software that takes you out of the program and puts a speed breaker to your work, the Color Harmony tool allows you to select complementary colors immediately from your working screen.

CMYK Support 

The primary pigment colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) are called CMYK, which is critical for artists who want to print their illustrations. So if you design art for companies that also launch marketing campaigns physically, it’s a great addition for you.

Color History 

The Color History tool in Procreate now allows you to examine the past ten colors you used quickly; this is great if you want to use any color again and forget its composition. It is also beneficial to avoid sampling the same colors many again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get Procreate or Photoshop?

If you’re a newbie with a limited budget, procreate is an excellent choice. Procreate subscription is very low and is very easy to use as compared to photoshop. But if you are a skilled artist, Photoshop will always be your desktop application.

Does procreate support photoshop files?

Yes, Procreate supports Photoshop files, so if you have done some work on photoshop and want to apply the Procreate feature. You can import existing PSDs and continue working.

Procreate also enables you to drag and drop artwork from other apps into Procreate directly. The software supports a number of native file types, including PSD, TIFF, PNG, PDF, JPEG, and it’s own.

Do professionals use Procreate?

Professional artists and illustrators, particularly freelancers and those with more creative freedom over their work, use Procreate as it does not require a proper laptop or desktop setup along with a graphics pad. However, it would help if you had an iPad and an apple pencil to work on Procreate, thus giving freedom for travelers.

But for many companies looking to hire artists, Photoshop remains the industry standard, although procreate is becoming more popular in professional settings.


Procreate App is an incredible software and true blessing for Digital artists that lets you exploit iPads Features to the maximum for your benefit. And their new procreate update always has something for everyone.

That’s users always want to update procreate as soon as possible, but sometimes because of the auto-update feature app is already updated. They get confused How to Update Procreate 5. Otherwise, the possible update methods are mentioned above do check them

I also highly recommend you use those mentioned above to procreate new features, to do your work more efficiently.

Also, don’t forget to comment below which procreate new feature you like the most!

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