How to Turn on the Wifi on Toshiba Laptop

how to turn on the wifi on Toshiba laptop

Having a Toshiba laptop and you can’t figure out how to turn on the wifi on a Toshiba laptop don’t worry it’s not a big issue. There are several ways to ensure your network connection enables on Toshiba laptops. You can easily turn on wireless connections through your laptop hardware and operating system.

Turn on the Wifi Through the External Wireless Switch

Step 1

First, check out the body of your laptop, especially on the edges. There are some indicating lights blinking on there helping you to identify the wireless indicator besides you can find out the wireless switch which has an on/off option. 

Step 2

Check whether your switch is on or off. Restart your wireless adapter.

Step 3

Now check your wireless connection, go to the “wireless” placed in a start menu and you get a list of networks appearing on screens simply choose your network, enter your password, and click on connect button.

This method is quite simple and good as well but there are some Toshiba laptops that do not have any external switch for wireless connection. So don’t worry about that. You can go for the on-screen wireless option to turn on your wifi.

Turn on the Wifi Through the On-screen Wireless Switch

Step 1

First, open our desktop screen then press the “Fn” function key located on the laptop keyboard in a lower-left corner.

Step 2

Then, click on the corresponding hotkey which is usually “F8” on the Toshiba laptop. you can also identify the wireless hotkey by its logo or you can also click on the wireless icon on the screen.

Step 3

A list will be appearing in front of you. There is an option whether you can select your wireless on or wireless off in the results your wireless connection will be activated or deactivated.

Step 4

Now, you can easily connect with your wifi by simply choosing a network, entering a password, and click on the connect button.

Turn on Bluetooth Feature in Toshiba Laptop

Also, there are many people who wonder about how to enable the Bluetooth feature in a laptop. Simply follow these steps given down below.

  • Click on a start button.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Open Devices.
  • Add Bluetooth or other devices.

Turn on and off your Bluetooth option then the list of devices appears down below. If your Bluetooth is not working and can’t find devices there is an option to “Add devices”.

Make sure your Bluetooth button appears on the action center, if it does that great but if you do not see any Bluetooth button in the action center so you need to update your drivers or adding a Bluetooth driver. 

  • Click on start, enter device manager, a list appears in front of you
  • In device manager, you easily update your drivers, and the best part is you can go for Search automatically for updated driver software.

If your Bluetooth is on and the driver is up to date and still your Bluetooth is not working you have to remove the device and try to pairing again.

How to Turn on the Wifi on a Toshiba Laptop Windows 7

There is a big difference between window 7 or window 10. If your Toshiba laptop having windows 7 and their wifi is turning off so follow these simple steps to turn on the wifi.

  • Click on the start menu and open the control panel.
  • Click on the network sharing center.
  • Click on change adapter settings.
  • Now enable the wifi by right click on the icon for “Wireless Connection”.

How to Fix Wifi on Toshiba Laptop 

  • Ensure that your laptop wi-fi is on if it does not so turn it on and Restart your laptop.
  • Also restart your router and make sure that the WLAN light is on or blinking and check out the router settings too.
  • Remove all the connected wireless profiles on the laptop for better performance.
  • Now connect your network by simply put in your password.

Network Adaptor is Not working in Toshiba Laptop

When your wifi adapter is not working and you only have an option to put your wired lane to run the internet and rather than that you have to take some action.

There are some actions that you can take to fix the network adaptor in your Toshiba laptop.

  • Update your network drivers.
  • Using the Network troubleshooter option.
  • Make Changes in adapter settings.
  • Reset your network adapters.
  • Reinstall the network adapter
  • Reset your router
  • Update your router firmware
  • Clear all the apps and hardware that disrupt your wifi signals.


Why My Toshiba Laptop wifi Keeps Turning Off?

This problem may occur with many people usually this problem comes when you installing a new window. If your wifi keeps turning off then go to the “power management” section, change the setting that says “Allow The Computer To Turn Off This Device To Save Power.” and save it. If this is not working, simply reboot your wireless network and restart your Toshiba laptop.

How to turn on WiFi on Toshiba Satellite laptop

Instead of wire, you can use a wireless connection(wifi) on your laptop. If you are using a Toshiba satellite laptop Simply go to the control panel, click on network and sharing center, select the “change adaptor setting” and enable your wifi network. Follow these easy steps you can turn on the wifi on your Toshiba Satelite laptop.

How Do I Trouble Shoot My Wifi on Toshiba Laptop?

You can easily troubleshoot your wifi on Toshiba laptops simply go to the menu bar > Click on start button > Go to the setting > Click on “Open Network or Internet Setting” > lastly click on “Network Troubleshooter”. By following these steps the troubleshooter is on and detects all the problems and fixes them. 

There is a shortcut way to troubleshoot you can follow simply check out the lower right corner of the menu bar >  there is a wireless network icon > by clicking the right click a list appears > select the “troubleshoot problem”. 


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