How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Note 3 to Computer

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Note 3 to Computer

According to Digital Trends, the Samsung Note 3 is one of the most famous smartphones handy for personal use and business. With the Samsung Note 3, like most smartphones, you can get videos and photos. But here a question arises how to transfer photos from Samsung Note 3 to computer. Though, before connecting between the phone and your PC, you must install and download the USB drive driver from the site of Samsung.

There are many files that you want to transfer from the Samsung Note 3 to your computers such as audio, photos, and videos. You can copy the exported card from your email network too, which helps to create a phone address book. Similarly, you can copy files from phone to computer.

If you just purchased a new Samsung Note 3 and you are confused about how to transfer photos from Samsung Note 3 to a computer? Thankfully, there are many different ways to transfer your files from your new Samsung Note 3 to your computer or laptop. There is a discussion below on How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Note 3 to Computer.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Note 3 to Computer?

Transfer Photos from Samsung

Step 1

Firstly, open the web browser on your computer and go to the Samsung driver download link in the resource. Click the tab “Downloads” in the middle of the layout, and then click the “Install Device, USB Driver” software link to install the software. You will now see an EXE file option. Save it to your hard drive. Click on the EXE file and obey the instructions to download the drivers on the computer.

Step 2

Now secure the micro USB connector into the Samsung note 3 on the USB sync cable. Connect the USB connector to the free USB port on the device. Displays the USB connection prompt on the phone

Step 3

Tap and keep the navigation bar at the top. Scroll down the bar to check the “Window Screen” menu.

Step 4

In the “Window Screen” menu, tap on the “As a Media Device and then Media Device (MTP)” option. The Samsung note 3 is registered as a removable drive on the computer.

Step 5

Open the File Explorer on the computer by holding “Windows-C”, and then go to “Search” and type “Computer” in the search bar. Now click on the “Search icon”. The list of computer links is on the left side of the display. Now click on the “Computer link” to open the File Explorer on the computer

Step 6

Click Register for Samsung Removable Drive. Phone contents are displayed as folders and files in File Explorer.

Step 7

Go to Photo Files to transfer to computer. Hold the “Ctrl” key, and then press on every photo file to transfer. When you click on it the selected file is highlighted.

Step 8

Click and press one of the featured photo files. Drag and transfer photo files to the desired area on your computer.

How to transfer files from the Samsung Note 3 through a USB cable?

transfer files from the Samsung Note 3 through a USB cable

Here is another way how to transfer photos from Samsung Note 3 to computer
1. Connect the computer and phone using a USB cable.

2. on the computer, appears the AutoPlay dialog box, open the option to view the folder/device to files.

  • If the AutoPlay dialog box does not appear, you can manually view the files.
  • Open the window screen and then press the phone icon, which is found at the bottom of this window. To view the files, open the storage icon.
  • The Android file transfer starts, as shown earlier.

3. Open the Target and Source folder windows.

  • Open the folder that contains the data you need to copy or transfer. The file can be located on the computer or phone. Then open the file where you want to transfer on your computer or phone.
  • Both folders open on the Computer screen or Windows Phone.

4. Migrate the file icon from one screen to another.

  • Drags and copies files from phone to computer or from computer to phone.
  • Move the data to the phone’s download folder if you want to be accurate.
  • On the computer, move icons from Phone Storage as appropriate to My Documents, My Photos, and My Videos folder. You can drag it further exact to the desktop and later choose where to store the file.
  • The same drag file technique can be used to transfer photos. Then you need to move the icons to the Mobile window, which works just like any other file window in Search.

5. Close the windows file and when you’re done disconnect the USB cable.

  • When a micro SD card is placed in your Samsung Note 3, rapidly windows display both auto-play dialog buttons. Both dialog boxes also work with internal storage and micro SD card.
  • The downloaded files on the phone are stored in the download folder.
  • Photos and Videos on the phone are stored in the DCIM/ Camera folder and music is saved in the music folder, organized by the artist.

Although this usual technique works, it’s a great way to transfer all data to the phone. You can also sync photos and videos to a computer applying for the Media program.

How to Transfer Files to Your Computer through an External SD Card?

Transfer Files to Your Computer through an External SD Card?

1. Connect the phone to the computer, using the USB cable with your phone.

2. Touch the status bar on the phone, drag it down to show the notification display, press the USB connection, and press USB for notification.

3. On your PC, Windows will connect to the AutoPlay device. When the prompt appears click “Open Folder” to see the files then presses “OK”. Depending on what software is on your device, such as Microsoft Apps, Samsung Keys, etc., other transfer selections may appear

4. When the Removable Disk shows, click “Open Folder” to see the data and then press OK. Many folders that are on your mobile phone will rise such as:

  • Files in a folder are stored in your phone’s memory.
  • Files in a folder are stored on your SD card.

5. Find the folder that carries the files stored in your SD card and press to open it.

6. Follow one of the following:
a. Transfer files from your computer to an SD card.

  • Find the files you transfer from your computer.
  • Cut, copy and paste the file you want to transfer to your SD card.

b. Transfer files from an SD card to a computer:

  • Before you begin, note that it may be essential to form a folder on the PC to save the files you transfer from the SD card.

7. When all done, disconnect your phone securely from the computer, then tape the “Disconnect” on the phone.

How to Use Cloud Storage Sync to transfer photos from Samsung Note 3 to Computer?

Cloud Storage Sync to transfer photos from Samsung Note 3 to Computer

1. Cloud storage is undoubtedly the most comfortable way to transfer files across all devices, but it has one downside that is limited storage space. Though high-quality photos take a lot of areas, you may have difficulty transferring huge albums.

2. Firstly, make an account in the available cloud storage area. Google Drive offers a great amount of space for users in 15 GB. Then you may install the “Google Drive” app on your computer and Samsung device. Samsung offers an open cloud storage area that works just like Google Drive.

3. Open the “Gallery” and select those photos you want to move, then click “Share” and choose “Save” to Google Drive.

4. Select your “Google Drive” account. If you are logged in to two or more accounts, select the folder where you want to save them, then press “Save”.

5. Now, wait a minute for it to sync. On your computer, go to your “Google Drive” folder, and find the area where you want to save the photos, and then transfer them anywhere on your system.

How can a file be transferred via wireless?

file be transferred via wireless

1. It connects your Samsung smartphone to your computer using a local connection of Wi-Fi. Once the connection is established, you can transfer all the photos and other data wirelessly from a Samsung device to a computer.

2. Even better, you may use a computer to command your Samsung gadget. Then open apps on your computer, swipe through images, obtain your messages, and do whatever you want on the phone.

How to use Samsung Flow to transfer files and photos?

Transfer files and photos

1. The Samsung Flow is earlier recognized as Samsung SideSync. It is simple to use and works with many Samsung devices. Here are some steps

2. On your Samsung phone, go to “Google Play” and install the Android application of Samsung Flows.

3. On your PC, go to the “Microsoft Store” and install the Samsung Flow Windows application.

4. Make sure the computer and phone are connected to the corresponding network, either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

5. Open “Samsung Flow” on your mobile phone. Then open the “Samsung Flow” on your computer/laptop moreover clicks “Start”.

6. Now open the “Samsung Flow” app on your computer. Approve the pass connection on your Samsung Note 3 device, then on your computer too. Once confirmed, means it is connected.

7. Once the connection is complete, you can start using your Samsung device from your PC. Now here is how to transfer photos from Samsung phone to computer applying Samsung Flow.

  • In the “Samsung Flow” app, pick the 3 dot menu symbol in the top right corner and select Settings.
  • The file transfer will not be finished without designate the “Downloads” folder using the change.
  • Once done, click the back arrow to come back to the home screen.
  • Now, press the “Plus” symbol in the bottom left corner.
  • Select the photos and browse to the image you wish to transfer.

8. Although simple, this method solely sends one photo at a time, which is not effective. If you want to send multiple photos at a time from your Samsung mobile device to your PC, try this:
i. In the “Samsung Flow” app, select the “Plus” button in the bottom left corner.
ii. Select “My Files” then “Images”, and check every image you want to transfer to your computer.

How to use FTP over Wi-Fi to transfer photos from a Samsung device to a Computer?

FTP over Wi-Fi to transfer photos

1. File Transfer Protocol FTP is an easy way to transfer photos and files between servers over the Internet. Doing this, you just need to download an application that can serve your device and FTP software that enables you to connect to your computer when the device’s server app is operating.

2. On your Samsung device, you may use a free app named Wi-Fi FTP Server. It is simple to use but non-intrusive. Once downloaded, it’s just as easy to tap the “Start” icon to switch on “Server Mode”.

3. On Windows, those who have no experience using FTP may use File Explorer’s FTP capabilities instead.

4. Now that your PC and mobile device are set up, you can transfer photos like this:

  • Open the Wi-Fi FTP server on your Samsung device and press “Start”. Give consent if asked.
  • For the FTP client on your computer, you need connection details such as Server URL, Username, and Password.
  • Once connected, you are able to search all the contents of your Samsung phone through the FTP. To find camera images go to the DCIM folder.
  • Use the FTP to download these images to your computer.

FTP to download these images to your computer


Here are some ways how to transfer photos from Samsung Note 3 to a computer. It is depending on how usually you need to do that and how many images you want to move, one of the above methods will work best for you. You can transfer photos from your Samsung Note 3 to your computer easily and quickly with the help of this article. Whichever procedure you choose, the entire method takes no more than a few minutes.

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