How to replace a hard drive Ultimate Guide

Let me guess what can be the reason you are looking for how to replace a hard drive. Either the current drive experiencing some hardware failure and that’s why needs to be replaced or you primarily want to upgrade your primary hard drive to increase the storage capacity and speed of your computer.

For replacing a hard drive a little help is required always and it’s a very easy process or i can say calm down you can do this.

If the case is increasing the storage capacity simple add a second hard drive but there must be physical room in your desktop for installing this second hard drive.But if you are looking to increase space of primary hard drive then you have to replace the drive with a larger one.

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How to replace a hard drive ?

How to replace a hard drive

Before you start replacing a hard drive it’s good to backup your data to somewhere safe, then uninstall the old drive, install the new one and restore the data that you backed up.

These are bit more explanatory steps:

1) The first and the foremost important step in this process is to backing up your important data.The drive may not be the valuable thing but the priceless data is that you have collected and created over the years.

Backing up means copying your all data and files on any other large flash drive that is not still under usage.If you don’t take regular backups then don’t loose the opportunity to have a cloud backup of your all files and data before you lose them.

2) Now it’s time to uninstall the existing hard drive, Turn off your computer and then simply disconnect the drive and remove it physically from the computer.It means that remove the power cables and data cables or slide the drive out of the bay it is in.

3) Now reverse the steps for installing the new hard drive you took while uninstalling the hard drive.Place the drive on the secure place where the existing one was and easily attach the data and power cables with it.

4) Now turn your computer on and format the hard drive.Now it’s read to store the files.Now get your backup data drive and copy all the data in this new hard drive.

Hope you are aware of the types of hard drives you are trying to repalce like SATA, PATA or for tablet or laptop.A PATA hard drive is called IDE hard drive and this old school drive has 40-80 pin cables.A SATA hard drive is latest and new drive type with 7 pin cables.

Important: If you are trying to replace your primary hard drive that contains your windows operating system then it’s highly recommended that make a fresh installation of windows on your new drive.

The fresh installation can avoid you from the software related issues of from the data corruption which were existing on your previous hard drive.There are also tools avaialble to migrate your OS and data from one hard drive to another hard drive but the best and safest way is to make a clean and fresh installation and manaual data restore method.Replacing a Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet external Hard Drive is Easy.

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