How To Remove White Spots on a Laptop Screen

How To Remove White Spots on a Laptop Screen

A laptop is an essential part of life. It is used not just for professional purposes but also for entertainment. While using a laptop, white spots, is a common issue that we all face with laptop screens and TV screens.

There could be many reasons that can cause the occurrence of a white spot anywhere on any LCD screen especially laptops. In the case of a white spot, there is relatively a simple remedy that can help avoid the purchase of a new screen. This article will get you thought to how to remove white spots on a laptop screen by first detecting the problem and providing its solution.

White spot on a laptop screen

Different issues can result in a white spot on a laptop screen. If not addressed, it can ultimately lead to the purchase of a new screen. These issues can be of mainly two categories either software or hardware.

The issue in the hardware might result in replacement with the new screen and if the issue is software related that is relatively good news. Before purchasing a new screen, some solutions are worth a try that is presented in “How to remove white spots on a laptop screen”.

Reasons of while spot

There could be several actions that cause the appearance of a white spot on the laptop screen. It includes:

  • Pressure on the screen
  • Something pressing from the back of the screen
  • Sleeping on the laptop
  • Frequent use
  • Low-quality LCD screen
  • Heat generation

Among these, heat generation is the most common cause. It damages the lens in the LCD to display spots mainly white but other colors can also be emitted. It results in dead pixels or malfunction of reflectors for LED.

Two-minute test for detecting the cause of white spots

There is a simple technique that one can do to test the laptop screen irrespective of whether the laptop is new or old. This test can also be done before purchasing a new laptop to test any problem with the screen.

This test aims to check whether the screen has any slipping of rotary mirrors. This slip of the rotary mirrors is what can cause the white spot to occur. The test includes:

  • Make sure the laptop is activated, if not, contact the dealer to get it activated (If the laptop is not activated, the system will not allow further steps)
  • Choose a dark pattern or dark image for your screen from the display tab in settings.
  • If the color is consistent throughout the screen then it is good news.
  • If the laptop cannot be activated, use the dead pixel websites to test the screen.

Another simple test is to connect the laptop with an external media monitor can help test if the screen is damaged or not.

Effortless Fix

In case of hardware damage, there is no other solution but to replace it with a new one at the end. It can be done by the laptop’s service center. The price may vary by being in the warranty. Other than this, there are some simple solutions that one can try to fix the white spot before concluding to spend a handsome amount of money.

Address the pixel problem

There are two types of pixel problems that result in a white spot; dead and stuck pixel. A dead pixel is when a pixel is not working nor exhibiting any light.

A stuck pixel is when only one type of light is displayed and it is often white. There is no solution for a dead pixel whereas, there is a simple technique that can be used to fix a stuck pixel and worth a shot for a dead pixel.

For fixing a white dead/ stuck pixel, there are multiple websites and applications like “Dead pixel check” and “JScreen Fix”. These websites help and guide in checking the dead pixels using different solid colors.

These are free, easy to use, and help detect the presence of the problematic pixel.
Once the defective pixel is located, follow these steps to help resume the function of these pixels:

  • Turn off the laptop
  • Get a damp cloth to avoid scratches
  • Apply little pressure on that pixel area using the damp cloth
  • Turn on the laptop while the pressure is applied
  • Remove the pressure and check, it should be gone by that time.

This technique is harmless if done cautiously. It also has promising results and might save a few bucks. This technique can also be used on TV screens or any other LCD screen and it will work perfectly.

Service Center or Repair Shop

Reflectors are an essential part of the LCD system in the laptop screen. They are used for smooth and even transmission of LED light throughout the screen. Due to some reason, these reflectors might get loose and create this white spot.

If the white spot is caused due to reflectors for LED, it is advisable to call for a service center or repair shop to fix the problem rather than attempting it at home. It can cause more damage than removing the white spot.
Here are the steps that will be performed by the repairer and one can also follow at home if want to:

  • Turn off the laptop and remove the power supply if it is connected to it
  • Unscrew the laptop one by one carefully
  • Get out all the metal tabs and speakers carefully
  • Pass the metal board and search for the reflector
  • Remember the whole unscrewing process
  • Place the displaced reflector back in place. A small amount of adhesive can be applied to keep them in place.
  • Reassemble the laptop in reverse order and screw it up
  • The while spot should disappear

This problem can also occur on TV screens as well and the same process is done for them as well. In the case of these tests and solutions, the white spot is still present then the only solution is to replace it as the damage is irreversible.

Future Precautions

There are many precautions that one can take to prevent the reoccurrence of the white spot on a laptop screen irrespective of the kind of issue. These precautions will help avoid the need of buying a new screen. Major precautions include:

Screen protection via protective case

Laptop and especially laptop screen is viable to any pressure, drop, or even scratch while being portable at the same time. For this, it is advisable to use a protective case. This will help the screen from any external pressure that can affect the screen.

Avoid using a laptop while in bed

It is a common practice by many people to work on their laptops while sitting on the bed and even laying down on the bed. Never fall asleep on the bed with the laptop. This may damage not only the screen but also other parts of the laptop.

Additionally, the laptop gets heated, and placing it on a mattress doesn’t provide the heat to exit which can damage the laptop. Although, it is a tiny tip it is effective in saving a lot of money.

Avoid pressure on the laptop screen

Whether the screen is touch or not, slight pressure can damage the screen. If the screen is a touch screen, avoid pressing hard on it.

Avoid carrying any sharp and heavy objects in the same compartment of the laptop bag. In addition to this, never place a heavy object on the top of the laptop. It is very sensitive and easily gets damaged.


Does touching the screen damage the Laptop screen?
Gentle touch doesn’t damage the screen but if it is done with pressure, it surely will damage the screen. Yet, it is still not advisable to touch the screen.

Does pressure damage the laptop screen?

Yes, definitely. Any kind of pressure can damage not only the screen but sometimes other parts of the laptop. It is for this reason, there is a different compartment for laptops and their accessories in the laptop bag. It is advisable to neither sleep on it, place any objects on it, nor keep it with other things.

Can the LCD screen be fixed without replacing it?

Some techniques are mention in this article that is simple and easy to do. In case of any doubt, consult the system expert rather than attempting it by yourself and damaging it, or if the system is in warranty visit an expert.

What are the common reasons for white spots?

Some of the common reasons for white spots are reflector malfunction, stuck pixels, and dead pixels. Sometimes it can be a software problem. It is important to diagnose the reason before making any move.


White spots on a laptop screen are a common problem that can be caused by multiple reasons. The answer to the question “How to remove white spots on a laptop screen” has some simple techniques that can be tested and used before replacing the screen.
Investigating the root cause is important by doing simple tests before unscrewing it or applying pressure. This article provides a brief overview of the reasons and techniques that will help. A laptop is a sensitive device and should be handled with care. In case of any problem, consult an expert.


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