How to Reduce Microphone Noise in Windows 10

how to reduce microphone noise in windows 10

Are you tired of the noise that’s coming in your microphone? Does the noise annoy you and effects your communication? If yes then you are at the right article as here you will get the way out of this problem.

As we all know in today’s world everything is digitalized and technological advancement has a huge role. Manny people have faced the problem of noise coming into the microphone in windows 10.

What is Causing Noise in the Microphone?

Are you tired of the noise that's coming in your microphone?

You might have noticed that when the singers record the songs in the studio there’s no noise in the recording. But when they perform on stage in concert, they have completely different vocals. The main reason behind all this is firstly the DISTANCE, In the concerts the singers are so close to the mic it seems as if they would just suck it but in studio while recording, they are half a meter away.

Secondly, in studio the singers are usually wearing headsets which work as a condenser which absorbs the noises but as in concert they don’t have that headsets hence the noise problem occurs. Thirdly, sometimes the mic precision is so high that its pickups minor noise as well.

Getting Rid of Noise in Your Microphone

There are many solutions to the question of how to reduce microphone in Windows 10. It totally depends on you which one you like to try.

1) Headset

Firstly, you can use headsets. Headsets play a role of condenser hence these help in absorption of the background noises but the thing to care is that the headsets shouldn’t be of cheap quality as cheap quality headsets would hardly prevent the noises.

2) Distance

Second tip you can adapt to prevent the noise is that you don’t put your mouth too close to the mic as the mic would then capture the breathing sound as well .

3) Go to Settings

  • For this at first you have to open the control panel then click onto the speaker icon on the bottom right
  • Select the sound section.
  • Click on the recording.
  • Tab it.
  • Then right click on the entry and open properties
  • Then adjust the microphone in the level.

Are you tired of the noise that's coming in your microphone?

Other Factors Influencing The Sound Quality Of Your Mic Recording

The Room Selection:

Smaller the room the better the result you will get. The room should also be away from the roadside or from the courtyard as the noise from outside can cause background noises in your microphone. Another most important thing in room selection is that if the room is carpeted then it would definitely show you the best of the result because the carpets are the best and the most effective sound absorbers. Lastly if you have chosen a room which consist many windows so don’t need to worry as you can simply put heavy curtains on it and it will play the role just like carpets do.


It’s also very much important as background noises would affect your audio. For a better audio and better result, you should close all the windows and doors so that no disturbance could occur. Some electronical devices cause some sort of noise so before recording you should turn off all the devices and fan etc. but if you cannot do so as you are working on laptop and you don’t have any extra table so you just need to put it on something like carpets because they absorb the noise. For recording you don’t have to hurry as it requires a lot of patience and silence so choose a time when there’s no rush and no noise coming from the neighbors, it would then give the best result possible.

Are you tired of the noise that's coming in your microphone?

Correct Level Control:

if you are using windows 10 then the problem might occur on onboard microphone. Right-click on the speaker icon to check for all recording devices, and mute unnecessary devices by properties option

Filtering Microphone Background Noise in Windows 10

If your aim is to know how to reduce the microphone noise in Windows 10. Firstly, you must check that the device is connected properly with the microphone sometimes it occurs that a damaged or old microphone causes buzzing sound.

Enable Microsoft Extension

Sometimes noise is coming but you cannot figure it out because everything you have done is according to reduction in noise but the main reason behind it is that the background noises in windows 10 increases because of low or negative signal-to-noise ratio but no need to worry as operating system can give you a useful setting in which you just have to activate.

Set the Correct Microphone Levels

Sometimes buzzing sound is caused if the microphones aren’t levelled for preventing the buzzing sound you must have to click the

  • Levels Tabs,
  • Go to the FIRST SECTION of Microphone
  • Set the VOULUME BAR to 100,
  • Then set the MICROPHONE BOOST BAR to 10.0Db,
  • Click the APPLY button and you are free from buzzing sound.

Changing Settings On The Communications Tab

Windows 10 includes various settings of sound system in it but a wrong setting might cause noise issue. So, to get a better experience make the changes.

  • In the Sound window, click on the COMMUNICATOINS (LAST TAB)
  • Then select the DO-NOTHING option
  • Click APPLY
  • Then Click Ok.

By doing and setting your volume system according to this you wouldn’t face any disturbance in your microphone.

Problems Faced After Upgrading from Windows 7 to 10.

Many people question and become worried that when they had windows 7 the microphone level was on 40 at, they had no issue with windows 7 but now as they have upgraded from 7 to 10, they have been facing microphone problem that the noise is sometimes too low and noise becoming louder when even they don’t speak, so basically its neither their fault nor windows 10 all the problems have solution and similarly these problems also have solutions.

Method 1:

Run audio sound troubleshooter, this will help to detect the problem and fix it.

Step 1: press WINDOWS KEY+R and click on CONTROL PANEL

Step 2: click on VIEW BY = CATEGORY and click on SMALL ICON

Step 3: click on TROUBLESHOOTING and click on HARDWARE AND SOUND

Step 4: click on PLAYING AUDIO and click on NEXT BUTTON

If you are facing the problem regardless of this method, try another one

Method 2:

you can update your audio driver and check


STEP 2: now click on AUDIO INPUT AND OUTPUT and right click on it and it would start updating audio driver.

Types Of Sound Proofing Objects:

1) Acoustic Foam:

This type is also known as studio foam

2) Sound Insulation:

These are made up of mineral wool, rock wool and fiberglass which is designed to fit in walls

3) Acoustics Boards:

These are decorative type of sound insulation and sound absorptions foams.

Windows 7 Comparison with Windows 1o in Audio

Windows 7 life has come to an end as it’s now very old but you can still use it through WINDOWS 7 EXTENDED SUPPORT, but still this support will only be available for 2 years. As for the audio system and noise in microphone there’s not much difference but I can say that windows 10 give you better and easier results. You will feel the difference if you haven’t switched on the operating system. Some people think that upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10 will give them everything perfect but it is not so because it depends on the driver. Those who use old pcs would have optimized drivers which are made for windows 7 so it’s obvious that how would that driver give the result on windows 10. There are differences in audio quality and microphone result in windows 7 and windows 10 but only those can figure out the difference who are working studios etc.


I have tried to figure out all the possible ways of reducing microphone noise in Windows 10. But sometimes it’s the problem with computer’s hardware and Microphone itself not with windows. Try to remove Noise by using all above-described reason and after that there is noise, visit some good repair center.

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