How To Partition a Hard Drive The Ultimate Guide

How To Partition a Hard Drive

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The very first step after installing a hard drive is to partition it. You have to partition it for put in use and then format it to actually store data. When you partition a hard drive in windows then you will section off a specific part of the hard drive for the operating system. Mostly that part can be the entire usable space but you also have the option of creating multiple partitions.

The partitioning process only takes a few minutes in windows so don’t worry if creating multiple e sounds time talking to you. There is always slightly changes according to windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 so not a big deal having a different window you will find it easy to perform partitioning. This process will be the same for an internal or external hard drive.

How To Partition a Hard Drive in Windows/Mac

If you want to install windows on your hard drive never go for Manually partitioning or formatting it’s not necessary. You can find these processes in the installation procedure, so you don’t need to prepare the drive yourself.

let’s get your hands dirty with how to partition a hard drive

1) Open Disk Management, in all windows the tool will be available to let you partition drives and number of other things.If you are Windows 8 or 10 users then go with Power User Menu for disk management. Command line is also an option in all windows but the computer management is best in most times.

2) After opening Disk Management, An Initialize Disk window will appear with the message “You must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager has to access it”.In case the window doesn’t appear there could be any legitimate reason. If you didn’t see it skip to step 4.

Note: For Windows XP, an Initialize an Convert Disk Wizard screen may appear. Simply follow the wizard, make sure not to check the Convert option of the disk and skip to step 4 when done.

3) You have to choose a partition style for the new hard drive. For a 2TB or larger hard drive select GPT, for a smaller drive than 2TB select MBR and then click OK.

4) From the drive map at bottom of Disk Management Locate the drive you want to partition.
Maximize your Computer window or Disk Management wizard to see all the unpartitioned drives list at the bottom which is not visible at the

Note: New hard drive will be found in the dedicated row labeled Disk 1 and will speak unallocated. If you see space a part of existing hard drive you to want to partition so you can find Unallocated next to existing partitions on the drive.

Important: In case the drive you want to partition is not visible you may not have installed it properly.To double check that turns off your computer that the hard drive is properly installed.

5) When you found the space which you want to partition, tap-and-hold or right-click where you want on it and choose New Simple Volume. You will see it as New Partition in Windows XP.

6) Now Tap on Next> onto New Simple Volume Wizard window that pops up. Now you will see Select Partition Type in Windows XP, and you will choose Primary Partition. If you want to create five or more partitions then you should go for Extended partition on a single physical drive. Then tap Next> after the selection.
7) Tap Next> Specify Volume Size window to confirm the size of drive you are trying to create.

Note: You will see the default size in Simple Volume Size in MB: file must be an equal amount of the Maximum hard disk space in MB: field.Which shows that the partition you are creating equals the total available space for the physical hard drive.

Tip: You can also create multiple partitions that will be independent drives in windows. For this simple make a calculation of how large and how many drives you want and then simply repeat the steps to create those partitions.

8) Then click on Next> step at Assign Drive Letter(C,D,E,F…) or Path as default drive letter which is OK for you.

Note: The very first drive letter is automatically assigned by windows which is D or E on most computers and skipping A & B.Then you can assign the following drive letter option to your desired things after that.

Tip: You can change the letter assigned to drive later when you want.Hope you know how to change drive letters in windows.

9) Now select Do Not Format This Volume from the Format Partition step and click Next>

Note: Free free to format the drive till now you should be confident about this. This guide focuses on partitioning the drive in windows so you can learn here how to format a hard drive if you want to.

10) On the screen of Completing the New Simple Volume Wizard, you have to verify your choices which can be

  • Volume Type: Simple Volume
  • Disk Selected: Disk 1
  • Volume Size: 10306 MB
  • Drive letter or Path: F
  • File System: NTFS
  • Allocation unit Size: Default

Note: Your and my computer and hard drive are not same so expect your Disk Selected, Driver letter or path values and Volume Size to be different than you see here. File System: Not because you are not going to format right now.

11) Now click on the Finish Button and the partition of a drive will be started by windows. This won’t take much of your time only a few seconds in most computers.

Note: Your cursor may look busy now. When you are able to see the New drive letter at the top of Disk Management listing then that means the partitioning process has completed.

12) Now the windows will open a new drive as the drive you partitioned is not formatted you so it’s not ready to be used. You will see the message like this “You need to format the disk in the drive before you use it. DO you wanna format it”.

Note: But this will not happen if you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista. If you are using Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows 8 then you may occur with this choice. If yes then follow along with the steps to get rid of it.

13) Click Cancel and then move on to step 14. But if you know how to format the drive the feel free to select Format Disk instead.

14) Check Out our guide on How to Format a Hard Drive in windows about formatting the partitioned drives.

Check out this buying guide of Best External Hard drive to select a top hard drive. It’s simple to partition an SD card, USB drive, and an external hard drive.

Advanced Partitioning

When you create a partition window will only allow you to do basic partition management not that many features but there are third party software’s for this purpose if you want to use them.

Check Out our guides about how to clone a hard drive and a detailed guide on how to wipe a hard drive to do it yourself for your best external hard drive.

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How To Partition a Hard Drive ( Detailed Guide ) Updated



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