How To Measure Laptop Screen Size

How to measure laptop screen size?

While buying laptops, everyone usually focuses on its processing and screen resolution. But these qualities of laptops directly depend upon its screen size meanslaptop dimensions. The screen size of the laptop defines the whole size of the laptop. Laptop screen sizes usually range from 11.6 inches to 17 inches. Every size of the laptop screen holds different qualities. Large size laptops such as 17″ screen size could be used as a desktop replacement. Medium-sized laptops with 15″ or 15.6″ laptop dimensions are portable as well as have good display and small-sized laptops such as 13″ screen size are highly portable. There is no standard laptop dimension because all dimensions offer different benefits, but 13″ laptops are considered as the best sized-laptops among all. The main query among the buyers is how to measure the screen size of laptops.

Methods to measure screen size of laptops:

There are two methods by which one can measure the screen size of laptops. Those are;
● By using measuring tape.
● Measure laptop screen online

Measure laptop screen size physically:

The SI unit for measurement of laptop screen size is inches. The most crucial point to consider while measuring laptop screens is to measure size diagonally. Screen size is measured diagonally from edge to edge to not add the outer casing of laptops that surrounds the screen. Never measure the size of the screen along with the height and width of the laptop because this will be not the actual size
of the screen.

The procedure of measuring laptop screen size:

Diagonally size is measured by taking length from the upper left corner to the lower-left corner. Diagonal is a straight line from one corner of any given polygon to the opposite corner. To measure diagonally, put the measuring tape from end to end diagonally but not include a bezel in it. This will show only the screen size of the laptop.

Measure laptop screen size diagonally

Measurement of laptop screen size for online backpack buying:

Laptop bags and cases are essential for carefree transfer and use of laptops. But to buy these bags, one has to give the complete detail of shape and size measurement of laptops. This type of measurement is also required to purchase a protective bag for laptops. But the question is how to measure the size of a laptop to buy a perfect bag. While measuring screen size mainly, there is no need to measure the bezel side, but when measuring a laptop case or bag
buying, one must measure the size of the bezel and screen size. This measurement is taken along the laptop’s length and width, including the frame of the monitor. Such measurements are also taken in inches and written side by side width and height, respectively. Always keep in mind that laptop sleeves or bags or covers buy in a larger size than the actual size. It will help in better fixing of laptops inside the bags or cases.

Procedure for measuring screen size for online laptop bags or sleeves buying:

To measure the laptops’ length for bags or cases:
1. Put measuring tape vertically from one end of the laptop, including a frame of the monitor, to the opposite extreme.
2. Use the same procedure for measuring the width of the laptop but put measuring tape horizontally this time.
3. As the measurement is taken for online backpack shopping, measure the laptop screen’s depth.

Besides taking proper measurements of laptop screen size and bezel, check compartments in the bag or case you are choosing for laptops.

Bag measurement guide for online backpack shopping:

Screen size measurement is essential to mention if you are buying laptop backpacks online. One can not check the size of laptop cases or bags in online shopping, whether they are fitted to laptops or not. So one has to be very efficient in measuring the length of laptop screens if buying laptop bags online. Different sizes of laptop bags are available online. From the size of a smaller laptop, 11.6″ to the larger laptop, 17″ laptop bags are available in the market. The maximum-sized laptop bag should be half or one inch larger in size than 17″ to quickly put the
laptop inside it.

Look for the specification to determine the screen size of laptops:

If you are not up to measuring the laptop screen size physically, you can easily find the screen size in the specifications of the item in the laptop’s display settings.
● Right click the trackpad of the laptop.
● On this bar, select the display settings.
● In display settings tap on the about option.
● It will lead you to all the specific features of laptops such as processor type, graphic card type, RAM, internal storage, max resolution of the screen, and item dimension.

Item dimension shows the length, width, and height of the item, respectively. For example, the item dimension of Lenovo x250 is 16 x 12.2 x 3.8 inches L X W X H, respectively. Such specifications not only save the time of the user to measure the screen size physically but also provide more accurate measurement because, in physical work, there are always chances of human errors. Such specifications that are given by manufacturers themselves in laptops are
more reliable and precise.

Measure laptop screen size online:

If you don’t have a measuring tape to measure the size of the laptop screen and also do not know how to check or spot the specifications on the laptop, do not lose hope. You can still measure the size of your laptop screen. For such determination of laptop screen size, one must have fast internet availability. Online searching for screen size further consists of various searching types such as:

  • you can search for the model number of laptops.
  • Specification of laptops on the original page of that laptop or a free delivery online shop page.

Measurement of laptop screen size can also be done by comparing screen size and screen resolution. These two are entirely different things. Screen resolution means the number of pixels present on fixed screen size. The higher the number of pixels, the more information can be displayed on the screen. If that same size screen has less resolution, less data will be displayed on the screen. So screen size has nothing to do with screen resolution. Screen size is fixed length, width, and height of laptops that can not be changed. As said earlier, the screen size has nothing to do with screen resolution, but small size laptops can not support high definition screen resolution. Still, luckily one can fix the pixel numbers on the screen according to the screen size.

How to measure desktop computer monitor screen size:

The procedure for measurement of the screen size of desktop computer monitors is the same that is mentioned in laptop screen size measurement. Its size also measures diagonally from the top right corner of the desktop to the left bottom corner of the computer monitor. While taking measurements for desktop screen size, please do not include the measurement of bezel in it.

Determining screen size from model number of desktop computer monitor:

If you don’t want to take measurements physically, you can still get familiar with the screen size of desktops. In this case, the model number of computers written on the backside of computer screens is read to find the size of a computer screen. These are written on a label that is attached to the computers near the battery panels. In some cases, to find the model number right-click on the computer, select display settings and in-display settings, select about, there you can find all information about your device, including the model number. The model number of Acer 201HL has a 20″ screen size mentioned in the model number, but this is not the case in all types of computers and all Pc brands. Some pcs have their screen size in their model number; some do not. Screen size is an essential factor because in laptops most of the work based on visual activity. Either doing a meeting, video call, taking a class, playing games or watching movies, the importance of good screen size can not be ignored while buying a laptop or buying a laptop bag for an already bought laptop. For buying laptop bags or cases one needs to be more conscious
regarding this work. There are various processes such as physical method and online method with which one can measure the size of laptop screens that all are mentioned above. Every person selects a method of one’s choice that is feasible for one to measure the size of the laptop screen. Hoping this article enhances some of your information regarding screen size measurement and helps you in buying one.

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