How To Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It?

how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it?

A broken and cracked screen looks so bad especially if you are using it for school/college or work purposes. If your laptop screen is cracked and you are very anxious about how to fix it? So don’t worry, I will lead you in this article that how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it. Here are some ways, using which you can fix your broken screen.

  • What is a laptop screen built of?
  • How can a laptop screen break?
  • How to fix a cracked laptop screen?
  • Tools to fix crack laptop screen
  • Guidance before fixing the crack screen
  • Steps to fix crack laptop screen
  • The benefits to repair crack laptop screen
  • Final Verdict

What is a laptop screen built of ?

Laptop screens are made up of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that can come in a variety of shapes. Some of these include active-matrix displays, backlit screens, and touch panels. There are LCD panels that use the reflective qualities of light crystals because they don’t emit direct light. Typically, they are backlit by light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Moreover, just like a mobile phone, laptop screens can have a touch configuration.

How can a laptop screen break?

how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it-min

There are many reasons for a cracked laptop screen. Some of these are quite obvious to the average user, but some are completely unknown to most people. Therefore, it is important to know the causes for a cracked laptop screen.

  • The most common cause of a cracked laptop screen is the high pressure applied to it. This can happen when you accidentally leave the laptop or something difficult or heavy is removed from the device.
  • The second reason is the force or pressure, but it can happen if the laptop stays in a bag or enclosed space for a long time. Sometimes the screen can be broken while carrying or when we put a laptop it in a bag.
  • The third reason is, Laptops are made of fragile parts. Where the screen captures is the weakest part of the device. If you close or open the laptop aggressively and hastily, you can break the mechanism of capture that can destroy the laptop screen. This can cause one side of the screen to bend and thus cause cracks in it.
  • In addition to physical damage, the laptop screen may stop working for many other reasons, such as a video cables problem, intrinsic problem in the motherboard, display or exhibit high-intensity light.

How to fix a cracked laptop screen?

  • Don’t panic if you abruptly open your laptop and find the screen damaged or cracked. Sometimes things can not be as bad as they show. The first step is to estimate the damage.
  • An easy way is to connect the laptop to an outer monitor or television with an HDMI or VGA cable. Some newer models also have a screen sharing feature where you can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to share your screen with a different device. If your performance is working accurately on an outer device or the hardware components including the cabling and motherboard are working well then the problem is with the screen only.
  • If the display is also showing some issues on the other screen, then it means that there are issues with other parts such as motherboard, graphics card, or sometimes software issues.
  • Moreover, for small damages to laptop screens, you can use special liquid-like adhesives materials that are used to hold the optical panels. There are other treatments such as sandpaper, baking soda, and plastic bags on cracked panels, but this will only temporarily solve your problem. It is essential to know that the type of cracks on the existing panel is not very good, so you will eventually have to replace it with a new one, but there are some benefits to doing it yourself.

Tools to fix crack laptop screen

how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it

Table or other level work zone:

You will need a place to sit or stand if this is your thing with the surface area to take a chance at your workstation. This encourages you to clean up this messy lounge area table or work area.

Small Head great Screwdriver:

Not a bit different from the ordinary screwdriver of the eyeglass fix unit, still can work between this size and the appropriate size screwdriver. In case you do not have an attractive head screwdriver, try to find a magnet large enough to charge the driver’s head. This encourages the patch to stay on the head and makes it much easier to empty the patch and help it without rebelling because it falls anywhere.

Self-locking needle or pin:

This is to remove the spread stickers that are hiding the patches on the spreadsheet of your workstation, known as the bezel.

Plastic putty blade:

This is arbitrary and to help the pry to separate the screen bezel from the case. In fact, small nails usually work. In case you use another article, the guarantee is sufficient but it is not so fast that it will leave scratches or other proof of reference.

Small cup or another holder:

This is to keep small patches safe – and to protect them from investigators and children.

Guidance before fixing the crack screen

Before making the laptop screen, you require to admit some important steps. There are various things as well as measurements you need to check before fixing your laptop.

  • Check your laptop’s battery before fixing its screen.
  • Note the percentage of damage to the screen.
  • Carefully check the internal screen attachments of the laptop.
  • Properly monitor the outer display of your laptop screen.

Steps to fix crack laptop screen

how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it

  • First, plug the laptop into its AC adapter. And then the battery also requires to be removed.
  • Find large cover stickers and hide patches on the bezel. They are located on each part of the screen.
  • Use a key or sharp object to safely remove cover stickers without damage. After removing the cover, place it in a safe place, with its sticky side facing upwards to ensure its safety later.
  • Now you need to use a screwdriver to remove these exposed patches.
  • Now carefully remove the bezel from the screen holder. Putting a tiny object in the cut around the outside screen and exerting some force will give you the sound of being disabled.
  • By shifting the location of the screen upward and downward, it becomes completely free.
  • Remove the receiving patch with the help of an LCD.
  • Now place the face of the LCD below towards the keyboard side.
  • Avoid excessive power on the video cable on the rear side of the LCD screen and then disconnect it. Most laptops have this connector near their center.
  • Gently remove the cables from the screen. With a little force turn it over.
  • After completely removing the cracked LCD screen, set the new screen just like the previous one. The video cable needs to be reconnected to the connector, as should the tape and other cables.
  • Set and re-save the fresh screen inside the compact frame parts like the earlier screen.
  • In the case of the screen, turn on the above of each one to reset it.
  • By keeping the bezel back, you have to mindfully line it up moreover strain it back in the case of the back screen.

The benefits to repair crack laptop screen

how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it

That puts cash aside

During these disturbing occasions, you are more motivated to automatically create your own messy screen than to take your computer to a pro shop or take an alternative model. Fix shops focus on approved support and PC makers use similar laptop screens that alternative screen providers are selling.

It’s straightforward and easy

Changing your workstation screen is often more straightforward than previously thought. As a result of using this instructional screen swap video for direction, many groups of people have expressed their views, while at first hesitantly; they could not accept how easy the procedure was. Here are some testimonials for screen replacements from others who have changed their workstation screen using an online screen provider.

It leaves important time

Dirt-generated workstation screens clearly mean you can stay behind during school, college, or work cut-off hours. Moving your workstation to a mechanics shop means it can be out of management for a long time or weeks.

There is no risk of losing your workstation

It happens that items may disappear by post or send. If you send your workstation to a designated specialist, or they collect the PC from you – there is a constant risk of the PC disappearing, regardless of whether the matter is identifiable. The protection of the organization should be spread (as long as they are a real organization and they are protected), there is no protection of your information or personalities anyway.

It can benefit you

Surprise your peers or relatives with the special abilities you have recently purchased until they find out for themselves how basic the procedure can be. Maybe you can make some extra money for yourself and change the screens of your friends and coworkers in the work environment, or someone else you know.

It can ensure quality and satisfaction

You can’t trust the nearest auto shop with your PC. There have been a number of reported incidents of financial data, such as information security breaches and classification theft. While this is certainly unlikely to be the case as a group of fix shops, it does work to address a small shortcoming, (e.g., a change to a standard screen), and with work. There are some stories behind the return to the client. Their entire hard drive was washed clean. When you change your screen yourself, you can be guaranteed that the process will be completed permanently with proper quality and care.

Quality screen assurance

You will be permanently assured to take out the new, re-conditioned part of the plastic from any legitimate online PC screen supplier, and you will see the item and its quality before fitting.

Final Verdict

In this article, I have explained in detail not only all the requirements but also the whole procedure and steps for fixing your laptop’s crack screen. Now is the time to solve your laptop problem without going there and spending a lot of money on it. After reading this whole article “How to fix a cracked laptop without changing the screen” you will realize that repairing a laptop screen is not a big deal. This is a simple process that requires knowledge. And you will find this knowledge in detail in my article

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