How To Find Screen Size Without Measuring?

How to find screen size without measuring?

The moment when you are asked what size the screen is? If you want to purchase a case for your laptop or when you want to replace or fix screen of your laptop. You need to know the size of the screen at that moment you probably do not have the measurements memorized, nor you have a ruler or any other measuring apparatus with you. Here I am sharing few informative hacks on how to find out size of screen without measuring it.

There are different types of measurement’s for computer screen’s depending on the need for the dimensions.

Using laptop’s model specifications:

One of the simplest ways using which you can find screen size of your laptop is to check your laptops model specification’s, now these specifications would either be on the casing you bought it in available from its user manual or you can also find it at the cover on the bottom of your laptop. The specifications should clearly state the screen size or in the last have the model number.

If you cannot access specifications from the cover or packaging of laptop the theirs is an option of quick search on your computers setting’s from where you can find the model information. The screen size can be found under the laptop properties usually this information is in the display settings folder. If you do not find information in this folder check it in the advanced display setting tab, but be careful not to adjust these if you do not understand what this information represent.

If you need the dimensions for purposes like purchasing screen guard’s or connecting to other screening device’s the you will need to have exact or accurate measurements, so a more appropriate search would be for a command line code will produce the specs for the tech savvy one’s. However, this may be complicated as you have to copy the code depending upon laptop’s model, paste it in the command prompt (this can be found by searching it on the search panel on your laptop) once you are done with copy paste the run the code. This code will give you the accurate or exact measurement’s depending on whether or not your drivers are up to date.

to find screen size without measuring

to find screen size without measuring

to find screen size without measuring


Using website or application:

The digital world has revolutionized technology. It provides us online rulers; online rulers are applications that help you measure elements on your desktop or laptop screen. To use this tool or application you will need to download and then install the software, it will save you loads of time as compare to searching for lines of code and specifications. Some applications require you to enter your current display resolution and some other specification’s the apps do the rest for you. However, most of the online rulers allow you to simply drag the edge of the display ruler from one corner to another corner to get the lengths of your screen.

Virtual ruler’s are a awesome option because you can convert to different measurement’s & calibrate it according to your need. You can also use them to measure different area’s of your screen as well as image’s & other object’s.

Like applications there are some great website’s as well that help you to measure screen size of your laptop. These website’s will need basic information like your current resolution, make & model of the laptop and other provision’s. Once these websites will get these require information then they will generate the measurements in few seconds. But this is of course not the most accurate method in some cases because of error’s that may exist within the website generator.

Use of any standard object to measure size:

Another way using which you can measure size of your laptop screen is by comparing it with any standard A4 paper (matching 13 inches) this means that you can measure the screen size of a laptop without using any measuring tape, depending on whether the screen size is large or small compared to paper size, it will be 11.6, 13.3, 14.1, 15.4, 17.3 inches laptops.

Viewing the Backside of the laptop:

Another way to find screen size rotate the back of laptop and search for label on your laptop containing model number of laptop and other specifications. It also includes the size of the display.

On some laptops, the size of screen is indicated by number in its upper right corner. Let’s take an example of H243HX which means that the size of screen is 24 inches.

Screen size calculator:

Screen size calculator help’s during the conversion of dimensions and size of the screen (in inches or in cm) into each other. The calculator helps to convert the dimension and size of the screen whether in inches or in cm into each other.

Projector screen size calculator works with your screens aspect ratio or provide custom dimensions. You can give either the diagonal size, height or width. Size calculator evaluates the appropriate size of screen for your environment by inputting your screen ratio & your seating distance from the viewing surface.

To simply find the size of screen or monitor online then use this tool, this will calculate size of monitor and returns the size of your screen in centimeter’s and inches. This tool is very helpful for tablets, laptops and computer monitors can be used on multiple monitors as well, also calculate the color depth of your monitor & the screen resolution width and height.

What is the best screen size for laptop?

In general laptop monitor’s go from 11’’- 17’’, being 14’’ or 15’’ the most common sizes. However, the ideal size for a screen will depend on the need of user.

If you are a heavy gamer naturally you will need a bigger screen or if you work in field of graphic design still you will need a bigger screen, in the higher specter of the available sizes.

Bigger screen means a bigger cost and price of maintenance & replacement.

What is the difference between size and resolution of screen?

The size of laptop screen & resolution of laptop are entirely distinct terms. Many people who do not belongs to any technical background confuse these two terms.

Laptop screen size is the measure of physical size of the laptop screen without including the bezels. The screen size is always measured in inches. To know the pixel per inch (PPI) it is crucial to know the screen resolution and screen size. Whereas screen resolution refers to the number of tiny pixels which make up the display. A laptops screen can be set to the different resolution’s regardless of what is the physical size of the screen.

You can change resolution of your PC and laptop in windows 10 or by only following few step’s. I am sharing steps below:

  • Search for display settings from the search panel.
  • Then scroll down and you will find the display resolution.
  • Here you can change the resolution of screen.

For example, when we talk about, iPhone devices, the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 have a similar screen size of 3.5 inches. The iPhone 3GS has resolution of 320 * 480 pixels, whereas the iPhone 4 has the resolution of 960 * 640 pixels.

The resolution of screen is the number of dot’s your screen can display, vertically and horizontally. This cannot be determined by the size of screen. Screen resolution Television, Monitor, Mobile device or any other display device is the number of pixel’s in X & Y dimensions. The screen resolution is generally measured as height * width in pixels.

The resolution 1920 * 1080 mean’s the 1920 pixel’s is width & 1080 pixel’s shows the height of screen. For example, the resolution 1366 * 768 mean’s that the display is being shown at 1366 pixel’s horizontally and 786 pixels’ vertically. If we say that screen has higher resolution then it means that object on the screen will be sharper and smaller.

Why is measuring screen size important?

While purchasing a laptop it is very crucial to measure the size of screen. Not only that it will also help you get to know about the different specification’s but also you will be able to judge if the laptop is up to your requirement’s or not?

There are people who might not need to perform heavy task’s & they might never get an difference between a core i5 and a core i7 laptop, but even if the person is not interested tech and he is not interested in knowing about the specifications of the device they still be interested in a high quality display & not a poor quality display, so when it comes to choosing a new laptop it is crucial for you to check the display quality before making purchasing it.  Whatever model you may get you should make sure that the size of screen is perfect to provide you the awesome display quality.

Find dimensions of your laptop:

There are several distinct types of conifer’s with different sizes of screen. There is no one size which fits all. The main thing which confirms the size of the screen is the size of the pixel’s, depends upon the requirements of person. If you want a laptop with high pixel’s then you will need a larger screen size and vice versa.

During the measurement of the screen size, it is crucial to note that you must avoid the plastic edge’s around your screen. These are not considered as the size of screen. On the other hand, if you want to measure the laptop screen for getting a laptop bag then you just include the plastic edge’s while doing the measurements.

The size of laptop screen must be measured from the one corner to the another one diagonally.

Calculate diagonal from height and width:

To calculate enter the measurement that you know which includes diagonal, height or width and the other two will be calculated. According to Pythagorean theorem the diagonal value can be found knowing the side length. Use online diagonal of a rectangle calculator to find diagonal of rectangle by entering the height and width.


Measuring the size of laptop takes only few minutes, now you know how you can find out size of your laptop without measuring it after you get the measurements.It is important to find the most effective way to find your laptop’s screen size without measuring because not everyone has always memorized their laptop’s screen size or it is not convenient for them to carry a ruler or measuring tape along them every time,.

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