How to find out your laptop screen size without measuring?

How to find out your laptop screen size without measuring

You may want to know your laptop screen size without physically measuring it. In this article, we will you guideline on how to find out your laptop screen size without measuring it.

Steps of finding the screen size of a laptop!

1. Turn on your laptop

2. Press the “Fn” key and then press “F5

3. Hold down the Ctrl key and then use your mouse to drag out a rectangle that is as wide as you would like the screen to be 

4. Hold down the Alt key while dragging out a rectangle that is as tall as you would like it to be 

5. Release both keys when finished, and make sure there are no gaps or overlapping of shapes in between them 

6. Your laptop’s screen size should now display in pixels on top of your screen with numbers representing width first followed by height (ex.: 1366×768)

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Some other ways of finding the screen size of a laptop

Using a picture:

The easiest way is by using a picture or image that you already have saved on the computer and use the print screen function. This will copy an entire screenshot of what’s on your computer at any given time, including dimensions and ratios, so you can measure them with another ruler.

When printing out a photo from your laptop, make sure there are no margins set for it to be appropriately measured! If not, add 1 inch all around for printing purposes before taking a screenshot. Once printed off, the page should measure precisely what you need when viewing it from eye level.

Use Paperclip

You can also use a paperclip and hold it down on a space on your desktop or any other full-screen photo. This will also be captured as a screenshot. Then, you can measure it with a ruler to find out your laptop screen size without measuring (alternatively, you could take a screenshot on your computer first and then measure the dimensions of that image).

If you have a printer attached to your system, you can always use the screen capture function on your laptop. Some laptops come with this feature, or they may be installed as an additional software program. The back of the packaging will list your laptop screen size for guidance and reference.

Once printed off at 1-inch margins, measure across a corner of the printed page with a ruler. The diagonal length should give you your laptop screen size without measuring!

Using the icons on your toolbar

If all else fails, you can navigate to your toolbar and click on an icon that will give you your screen size in inches, cm, or mm, depending on the unit of measure. Under “settings,” there should be a display measurement option where you can choose between dimensions in pixels, inches, centimeters, or millimeters.

This may be the most accurate method to find your laptop screen size without measuring! The numbers will likely match up with another way you used, but keep in mind that it may not be exact. If there are small differences between all of these measurements, don’t worry too much about them, as they’re unlikely to affect your decision-making when purchasing a new laptop or when trying to decide what size laptop screen you already have.

The best way of finding out the screen size is by physically, but if your computer doesn’t have an option for dimension selection, there are still ways to find it out! Any print screens you managed to take should be able to tell you the screen size.

Using VNC viewer

Another alternative is to use an external monitor or VNC viewer for remote access on another computer. You can then configure it yourself by inputting various values of your own choice until you get the right numbers!

You should always check the size of your laptop screen before you buy an external monitor or docking station so that it will be compatible with your system. The easiest way to do this is by using a piece of paper and tracing around the edge of your screen for future reference.

Frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q. What if I don’t have a paperclip around me?

A. You can also use the dimensions of your keyboard dimensions to do some math. Most new laptops are 13 inches or smaller, so you can look for the edge of your laptop that falls within that range. Also, remember to add at least 1 inch all around for printing purposes, so it’s a good idea to make it print out at 14 inches.

Q. How much can I put under my laptop screen?

A. The general rule of thumb is as much as you need! Use the edge of the page as your guide until you find a size that allows for proper viewing from eye level without straining. If this is too much, try using the paperclip method.

Q. What is the normal screen size of a laptop?

A. The normal screen size of a laptop is 15.6 inches in diagonal length.

Q. How big should my external monitor be?

A. The average size of an external monitor for laptops is 17 inches in diagonal length.

Q. Can I use this method with the paperclip trick to measure the screen?

A. Yes! This will give you accurate results when measuring smaller screens since a paper clip will give you more room to work with.

Q. Can I use my phone to measure?

A. You can if your phone has a ruler on it! You can always get a friend to help out by holding it up for you if it doesn’t. Remember that the dimensions from your computer screen will likely be slightly different from what’s on your phone because there may be slight differences in how the screen displays colour.


This article will help you solve your query “How to find out your laptop screen size without measuring?”. You will learn about how to measure screen size by using various methods. And, you will also know about the frequently asked questions and their answers. Thank you for reading this article! We hope that you learned something helpful from this article.

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