How to Extend Chromebook Battery Life

How To Extend Chromebook Battery Life

Does your Chromebook lose its battery a lot? Are you tired of charging your Chromebook again and again? If your answer is a yes then you are at the right place as in this article, we will tell you How to extend Chromebook battery life.

There might be many reasons why your Chromebook drains battery very soon. It might be because you are overusing your Chromebook then it’s usage capacity. Or some of your applications may be very huge hence, they eat up the battery of your Chromebook. However, you shouldn’t worry anymore as today we will tell you some tips and tricks by you which will help you to extend Chromebook battery life.

Most of the Chromebook have lithium-ion batteries which can be recharged. These batteries are very common in electrical appliances and most of your laptops and tablets have the same batteries

Most of the Chromebook’s usually have a long-lasting battery life and the best battery life in a Chromebook is 12-hours. The reason why most Chromebook’s have a huge battery life is that it has a light operating system that uses less CPU and RAM hence, there is less pressure on the battery. Secondly, in a Chromebook there are less applications running in the background therefore, the battery lasts longer.

What are the reasons behind the Chromebook’s battery dying quickly?

One of the major reasons is that you are using your Chromebook more than its potential. Chromebooks tend to have smaller software than laptops and if you will be using your Chromebook’s as a laptop then it is obvious that the battery will die quickly. If this is not so and still the battery dies quickly then I would recommend you to take it to an expert as there might be a chance that your battery is not original or its pirated.

Ways to reduce battery usage:

Fix the brightness

The higher the screen brightness the more the Chromebook eats up the battery. To save Chromebook battery you should adjust the brightness to the lowest levels which are comfortable with your eyes. However, you should always remember if you work on a low brightness for a long time, you may harm your eye-sight. You can fix your brightness by pressing FN key and lowering or increasing it by pressing up and down key. In case you don’t want to do it you can also go to settings and adjust the brightness as per your choice.

Remove unneeded devices

If you want to save the Chromebook battery then you should remove any unwanted devices such as the phone you are charging or the headphones that you have connected However, if you are out and want to charge your phone through your Chromebook then you should do it while your Chromebook is powered on and unlocked as in that case the Chromebook’s battery will drain slowly.

Disable Bluetooth if not in use

Bluetooth is a very heavy technology which eats a lot of battery. If your Chromebook has Bluetooth connectivity and if you are not using it then i would recommend you to turn it off as the Bluetooth will drain the battery out of your Chromebook. To turn off the Bluetooth you can click the status area on the taskbar, then select the Bluetooth disabled option in the settings once you do all this your Bluetooth will be disabled and your battery will be saved. If you have any devices connected to your Bluetooth like Headsets, speakers or mouse then you should also remove them prior.

Disable Bluetooth if not in use

Aim for 20-80% battery

Most people believe that charging their Chromebook’s to 100% will make their battery life longer, however, this is not true. Most of the batteries are stable when they are in between 80-20% and when the battery is above 80% its usage shifts to protecting the battery from expansion and damage. Mostly, the battery life is rated in cycles which is that if you keep your charge in between 20-80% your battery will automatically be doubled.

If your battery will be below 20% or if it reaches 0% then your Chromebook might shut down permanently as once the battery reaches 0 it starts taking energy from the machinery inside your Chromebook hence, this causes irreparable damages. We completely understand how difficult it might be to keep your Chromebook in this battery range but this effort is very important for saving battery life.

Check your task manager

Task manager

It is one of the most effective ways to extend Chromebook battery life. Often in a Chromebook there are several applications and web pages running in the background. These applications can be Gmail, hangouts, Google drive and these applications consume a lot of your battery. To know if these are running in the background you should open your task manager and search about which applications are running in the background. If any of the apps running in the background are not in use then you can disable them. However, you should be very careful while doing so as disabling some applications may disrupt the Chromebook’s functions. If you are confused on whether you should disable certain applications then you can search about them or get professional help.


Charge your Chromebook during updates

It is very important to plug in your Chromebooks when the Chrome OS updates in the background. This is because when the software is updating it eats up a lot of battery hence, your battery drains early. Plugging in your Chromebooks during the updates will extend its battery life and will save the CPU resources. Therefore, whenever you update your Chromebook’s software keep it on charge.

Lock the screen when the screen in inactive

The longer your screen stays active the earlier the battery drains out. Often users don’t want to shut down their Chromebook’s as they are in the middle of something or their files and documents are unsaved. If this is so then you can lock the screen as in this way your Chromebook will eat less battery and your battery will last longer.

Turn off your Chromebook when not in use for a long time

The last and the most important thing that you can do to extend the battery of your Chromebook is to turn it off when not used for a long time.  In order to power off your Chromebook you have to press the power button until the screen locks and then you need to keep on pressing it until the Chromebook powers off. In this way your Chromebook won’t be losing its battery when not in use.

Reduce the keyboard backlit

If your Chromebook has a backlit keyboard than you can also reduce its brightness to extend its battery. The process is very simple, you just have to press ALT+lower brightness. In this way your Chromebook’s battery will last longer however, I wouldn’t recommend this step until and unless it’s very important as a backlit keyboard makes your Chromebook look very stylish.

Reduce Keyboard backlit

Turn off WiFi

This may seem a strange tip but it’s pretty useful when your battery is on its last stage. An open WiFi drains battery as it is supporting open tabs in your Google. Now you might be wondering how we will work if we turn off the WiFi so, most of the Google services do work offline like Google Docs, Google Drive and Email. To turn off the WiFi you will have to open the taskbar and click the WiFi option. Then you can use the slider to turn off the WiFi.


In this article, we have listed the 10 ways by which you can extend Chromebook battery life. All these methods are tried and tested and they will help you in extending your battery life. However, if your battery still doesn’t last long we would advise you to take it to a professional as there might be something wrong with the battery. We hope that this article has solved all your queries. Different Chromebook’s have different battery life therefore, before implementing any of the above tips you should know that which battery does your Chromebook have.

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