How to Downgrade IOS 10 without a Computer?

how to downgrade IOS 10 without a computer

If you have the same query about how to downgrade IOS 10 without a computer? This is most likely the final tutorial you will read. After upgrading their iPhone to an unsecured or incorrect version, many people seek methods to downgrade iOS. Because the procedure may be time-consuming, most people suggest utilizing a computer to do it. However, there are instances when people want to downgrade iOS 10 without using a computer. This tutorial will answer the frequent question – how to downgrade iPhone without a computer – in depth.

Therefore, without even a backup, you may still downgrade to iOS 10 but only begin with a blank slate. You can also watch these videos to understand how to downgrade IOS 10 without a computer

These are steps for downgrade ios 10 without a computer.
⦁ Disable ‘Search my iPhone.’
⦁ Get your iPhone IPSW file.
⦁ Connect to iTunes using your iPhone.
⦁ On the iPhone, install iOS 10.4.1.
⦁ Restoring your Backup iPhone.

How can I downgrade without a computer from iOS 12 to IOS 10?

⦁ Install your PC software. After downloading Tenorshare iAnyGo on your PC, start it and then use a lightning connection to connect your iPhone.
⦁ Enter the information on your iPhone.
⦁ To the previous version, downgrade.

How can I go back to an earlier iOS version?

From iTunes backup

⦁ Download your device’s IPSW file and iOS 11.4 here.
⦁ Disable Check my phone or recover my iPad by going to Settings, hit iCloud, and turn the function off.
⦁ Plug into your computer your iPhone or iPad and open iTunes.
⦁ Hold Option (or PC Shift) and hit iPhone Restore.

Can I downgrade to unsigned iOS?

Usually, Apple stops signing the older version of iOS firmware after two weeks, following an iOS software upgrade release. Thus, upgrading or downgrading to an unsigned iOS firmware version may be extremely helpful.

Is iOS downgrade possible?

Apple does not unduly promote downgrades to a prior version of iOS, but it is doable. Apple’s servers currently still sign iOS 11.4. Unfortunately, you cannot go back anything further, which may be a problem if your last backup was done while running an earlier iOS version.

Downgradable ISO

How can I have my iPhone 6 downgraded?

Search your iTunes device icon and
click it > Select Summary Tab and select “Restore iPhone” (or iPad/iPod) and “Shift” (for Windows) and click “Restore iPhone (or iPad/iPod) ”
Select your previous iOS ipsw file and click “Open.” 7.

How can I reverse an iOS update?

Press and hold down the “Shift” key, and then click the “Restore” button at the bottom right side of the window should choose which iOS file to restore. Select the file in the “iPhone Software Updates” folder for your prior iOS version you retrieved in step 2. The files will have an extension “.ipsw.”

Preparations for downgrading Ios 10

Preparations for downgrading Ios 10

Take your phone backup.

Although downgrading is a complicated procedure, you may wind up losing data on your phone. Always consider taking your iPhone backup first to prevent this unpleasant scenario. You may use iCloud, iTunes to accomplish the same. You may thus be confident that your data is secure even if the downgrade procedure does not provide the anticipated outcomes.

Charge your equipment

The whole downgrading procedure may take along. It would be best if you thus kept in mind that the phone is charged at least 60-70 percent in advance. In the process, your phone may also overheat that should not be in bright sunlight or a warm environment.

Maintain sufficient space

Of course, if your iPhone storage is filled with no available space, the downgrading procedure may stop. To check the space on the smartphone
go to Settings > Storage.
If you wish, certain movies, pictures, or applications may be removed to create sufficient room on your iPhone.

Disable my iPhone

Find my iPhone in iOS 10 that lets us remotely find our smartphone. However, it may also sometimes alter the downgrade process. Therefore go to
Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone and switch it off before you continue.
To confirm your decision, you must enter your iCloud password.

Use a trustworthy solution.

Most essential, ensure your iPhone is downgraded via a reputable service. You’ll see many ways and shortcuts to downgrade iOS 10; but we’ll suggest to do proper and research and go for option that has good reviews. Although iTunes is Apple’s software, it is not advised since during the downgrading phase; it resets your device.

How do I remove an iPhone update?

Manually delete content

Remove an iPhone update

⦁ Go to Settings > General > Storage [device].
⦁ To check how much storage it consumes, choose any app.
⦁ Tap Delete application. Some applications, including Music and Videos, allow you to erase portions of your documents and information.
⦁ Re-install the iOS update. Go to Settings > General > Update Software.

Can iOS 10 downgrade?

This may surprise you, but a few apple devices may now be downgraded to iOS 10.3.

How can I force an iOS downgrade?

⦁ On the Welcome screen, choose the Upgrade/Downgrade option.
⦁ Select iOS upgrade/downgrade. Select 1 click for iOS/iPadOS downgrading and click Start Now.
⦁ Choose 1 Downgrade iOS/iPadOS click.
⦁ Download Downgrade Firmware.


Techniques to downgrade iOS either with or without iTunes are available. Based on what you like, you may use any of these ways to revert to a previous version of the iOS system on the iPhone or iPad device. And it may enable you to downgrade or update iOS easily.

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